Why Kids Should Learn Magic Tricks

If you're reading this as an adult, you don't need convincing about the value and enjoyment that magic tricks can bring to your life.

But what about children? How might learning card tricks actually be a good thing for kids? This article focuses on playing cards, but there's also information on the site if your kid is more drawn to money magic, mentalism, Zoom magic or pure sleight of hand. Keep them away from the flash paper and bar bets for now. And if they don't know what kind of magic to look into, you should take them to some magic conventions where they can experience all the different sub-genres first hand.

Here are 11 reasons to consider getting your kids to learn card magic basics.

1. It builds self-confidence
Many kids struggle with a sense of self-worth, and suffer from an inferiority complex. Nobody wants to be that kid that everyone laughs at, or thinks is stupid. Performing magic to family and friends is a wonderful way for children to learn to stretch themselves. It helps them learn to be unafraid to step into the public eye and perform for others. When their tricks succeed and their magic is received well, it can really give a positive boost to their self-confidence.

2. It engages them in a physical activity
We live in an era when too many kids are glued to TV sets and phones, and are permanently wired to the internet and social media. There's too much screen time and not enough play time in the real world. Anything that gets kids away from their screens is going to help them have a more healthy balance in their lives. Magic will help them do something with their hands and minds.

kids using their phones

3. It promotes human interaction
Many parents worry that being glued to a device leads to an lack of human interaction. Learning how to talk to "real people" is healthy and important, and performing magic requires this interaction. It's essential that kids learn how to interact well with others, and performing magic makes that happen naturally.

4. It makes you memorable
Being able to perform a few good magic tricks helps you stand out from the crowd. Not only can this help the child with low self-confidence, but it also can be a very useful skill to have later on in life. I have often used card magic to help connect me with both children and adults. It can add that extra dimension to your relationships in the world of business, or with family and friends. This special something can make you memorable and welcome.

5. It requires minimal equipment
Unlike many other hobbies and sports, magic isn't extremely demanding on the budget or time of parents. You don't need to become a member of a special club, drive your kids to practice on a weekly basis, or buy expensive gear and equipment. All that you need to start with card magic is a few decks of cards. You can get some books and DVDs, but there are even free magic downloads, like the ones we have. Even if you do decide to buy a book or tutorial video, you can often get a lot of mileage out of your dollar. A good resource will keep a teenager busy for a long time.

lots of decks of playing cards

6. It's easy to practice and perform
Magic is somewhat of a niche hobby. But it is not something like ten pin bowling or soccer where you have to be in a specific place to practise. . You can have a deck of cards in your pocket you're good to go. Playing cards is also a very common social activity. When a deck of cards is already on the table it is a natural opportunity to show a couple of card tricks.

7. It develops memory, logic, and critical thinking
An important part of magic is learning the difference between method and effect. What your audience perceives is different from the reality of what is actually going on. The reason is that when performing you are merely creating the illusion of impossibility. There are important life lessons to be learned from the need to work through the process of learning and performing magic. It forces kids to think about the difference between illusion and reality. It helps them analyze things, and to think deeply beyond what is presented at the surface. Such critical thinking skills will hold them in good stead later on in life.

8. It is a time-tested art-form
Magic is not a passing fad, like fidget spinners. Being introduced to magic immerses kids into an art-form that is centuries old. It's a classic performing art. It's enriching to a child's education and personal growth.

9. It's fun
Kids will genuinely have fun when they learn magic tricks. There's the pure joy of discovering new things, and of figuring out how things work. There's the satisfaction of learning new techniques and moves, and presenting them to entertain others. For me anyway, these are things that tickle my brain. I get a lot of satisfaction out of watching others perform, learning new tricks, and performing magic for others. It is something inherently rewarding -- and really, what other reason do you need?!

Get started now
There's no better time than the present. So find out how your kids can learn magic tricks online and get started today.