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Money magic concerns anything with bills or coins. Coin magic is wildly popular, and with good reason. It has the emotional hook Vernon worked towards built in. Adults care about money, and kids love seeing it vanish and reappear. Here, you'll learn how to do coin tricks and other money magic.

We believe completely in the Tango Magic line of coin gimmicks because it's the perfect balance of very solid quality at a very reasonable price. Their coin gaffs open up possibilities that would not otherwise occur. If you're not into gaffs, you need to see Ben Earl's coin magic work. Stunning, real world worker material we know you're going to love.

Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar) Accessory
Buddha Box Shimmed Lid (Half Dollar)
Accessory by Chazpro and Santa Magic - 39.95

A specially-designed shimmed lid created exclusively for the "Buddha Okito Box" or "Buddha Slot Box". This shimmed lid can...

Carneycopia Book
Book by Stephen Minch and John Carney - 59.95

A legendary book is FINALLY available again! If you want a perspective on how long this book has been out of print, just watch the trailer. We've...

Mysterious Plumber Trick
Mysterious Plumber
Trick by Daniel Diaz and Mago Flash - 29.95

A fresh and modern take on a coin magic classic. "Mysterious Plumber" by Daniel Diaz (aka Mago Flash) is a fun and unique take on a...

LCC Trick
Trick by N2G - 65.00

Make three coins vanish in an unprecedented way with "LCC". Four different coins are held in your hand. Two silver Morgan coins, one...

Statue Vanish Trick
Statue Vanish
Trick by Roy Kueppers - 74.95

The most iconic illusion of all time is now available in an amazing close-up version. David Copperfield made history when he vanished the Statue of...

Buddha Box Plug Accessory
Buddha Box Plug
Accessory by Chazpro, Santa Magic and The Magic Store - From $31.95

"Professional Buddha Box Plug" offers a surprise finish to your Buddha Box routine. Switch it with your normal Buddha Box and and your...

Buddha Okito Box (Quarter or Half Dollar) Trick
Buddha Okito Box (Quarter or Half Dollar)
Trick by Chazpro, Santa Magic and The Magic Store - From $44.95

Make coins vanish or penetrate through a examinable brass box with the "Professional Buddha Okito Box", the ultimate choice in premium coin...

Buddha Slot Box (Quarter or Half Dollar) Trick
Buddha Slot Box (Quarter or Half Dollar)
Trick by Chazpro, Santa Magic and The Magic Store - From $44.95

Coins impossibly vanish and penetrate through an examinable brass box with the "Professional Buddha Slot Box", the ultimate choice in...

Ryan Plunkett Masterclass Live lecture
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Ryan Plunkett Masterclass
Live lecture by Ryan Plunkett - 75.00

You’re in for a real treat this November as we welcome in one of the premier magicians and creators from Chicago’s vibrant magic scene, Ryan...

Threaded Trick
Trick by Avi Yap and Skymember Presents - 59.95

Avi Yap's fantastic and poetic rendition of the "Charming Chinese Challenge". "Avi's magic is a prime example of the perfect balance...

The Tunnel Trick
The Tunnel
Trick by TCC Presents, Jimmy Fan and Artisan Coin - 59.95

One of the most stunning and highest-quality Coin Penetration Tubes you'll ever find. The Coin Penetration tube is a classic magic prop beloved by...

The Table Pro Trick
The Table Pro
Trick by TCC Presents - 49.95

Thanks for David Penn and Paul Longhurst from the Wizard Magic Review for featuring the Table by TCC & Airship Magic Mfg. Both David & Paul...

Replica Copper Morgan Double Face Coin Accessory
Replica Copper Morgan Double Face Coin
Accessory by N2G - 19.95

Premium double face coin from N2G. Designed to perfectly match their N Series line of products. One side is a Morgan face. The other side is a Copper...

Mirror Heart Trick
Mirror Heart
Trick by N2G and Ken Tsoi - From $24.95

"Mirror Heart" solves one of the biggest problems with coin magic. It offers the meaning and emotion that is often forgotten about in coin...

Super Jumbo Chinese Coin Trick
Super Jumbo Chinese Coin
Trick by N2G - 54.95

One of the world's leading coin magic creators N2G brings you an amazing "Super Jumbo Chinese Coin" for all your favorite coin tricks....

RBG 2.0 Trick
RBG 2.0
Trick by N2G - 79.95

Following the release of the popular RBG, N2G continues to evolve the art of coin magic with "RBG 2.0". This is N2G's tribute to the...

Strolling Smiley Trick
Strolling Smiley
Trick by Meir Yedid and Michael Rubinstein - 29.95

A one-of-a-kind, seemingly impromptu routines that puts a smile on people's faces. This whimsical coin magic routine starts by borrowing a quarter...

Evanescent Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by The 1914 and Rooster - 14.95

A dozen powerful magic moments packed into an elegant three-minute routine using just three coins. "Evanescent" by Rooster and The 1914 is...

Glitch in the Matrix Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Glitch in the Matrix
Magic download (video) by Jim Krenz - 11.95

A quick, fun and super magical Matrix effect using just four coins and four playing cards. Download now or save big by getting “Glitch in the...

Jim Krenz Collection Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Jim Krenz Collection
Magic download (video) by Jim Krenz - 65.00

Four incredible effects from a true legend of close-up magic. Few magicians are as knowledgeable as Jim Krenz, who spent 15 years working at the...

The Coin Routine Magic download (video)
The Coin Routine
Magic download (video) by Krepa Magic - 11.95

A beautiful and elegant one coin routine that is truly a pleasure to perform. "The One Coin Routine" by Krepa Magic is a remarkable and...

CS Trick
Trick by N2G - 59.95

Now available in an half dollar version! The creator of many exquisite and high-quality coin magic props, N2G is proud to offer some of the most...

N3 Trick
Trick by N2G - 56.00

The cleanest, quickest and most visual coin change you'll ever see. A silver half dollar held at your fingertips instantly and visually changes into...

Normal Copper Coin Accessory
Normal Copper Coin
Accessory by N2G - 24.95

Five premium copper coins for a variety of effects. Designed by N2G and suitable for N3, N4 and Copper Coin STC.

Extra With No Extra Magic download (video)
Extra With No Extra
Magic download (video) by Henry Harrius - 13.95

Henry Harrius’ visually stunning Shadow Coins handling using just four coins. “‘Extra With No Extra’ is one of the cleanest looking barehanded...

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Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)
Copper/Silver/Brass is a classic magic...
No Sense
"No Sense" is a coin effect of the finest caliber. Not only is the magic...
Triad Coins
Imagine what it would look like if you could REALLY vanish coins into thin air. Then...
Exact Change
Just like the best tricks in magic, the effect is a simple one: a soon-to-be-stunned...
Candy Cash
This insanely visual trick was one of the most talked about effects at the 2020 Blackpool...
400 Lux (Download)
Causing your money to multiply is, perhaps, the most iconic...
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Money Magic

Money magic is the term for magic tricks using, well, money. Could be regular coins, gaffed coins or bills. Dai Vernon famously taught that good magic always has an emotional hook. And, you can’t get much stronger an emotional hook than money. You can get money magic that is good for close-up magic, stage or parlor magic, virtual magic shows and even mentalism. Making money appear or disappear using flash paper is always popular. If you perform mainly with playing cards then some coin tricks make a nice change. Coin magic is always a good start when you want to learn magic tricks and sleight of hand.