Where Can You Go To Learn Intermediate To Advanced Coin Tricks?

Coin magic is one of the most popular in all of magic, and the last ten years have seen a major shift in the development of coin magic. At Vanishing Inc. we’re committed to helping you advance in your quest of coin magic mastery.


What is “intermediate to advanced” coin magic?

Intermediate to advanced coin magic can be classified as coin work that involves difficult palming techniques (such as Edge Grip), or holding out several coins in one palm, or doing full coin routines without the luxury of gaffed coins.

Who are magicians that do what would be considered “advanced” coin magic?

There are several names you should seek out in your quest to discover advanced coin magic. First and foremost, the late, great David Roth. He is the greatest coin magician who ever lived, and all of his work is worthy of careful study.

You should also seek out the work of Rune Klan, Curtis Kam, and Kainoa Harbottle. All three use advanced techniques, but have not lost sight of what beautiful coin magic ought to look like. Their material (all of it available on Vanishing Inc.) will deliver not only strong magic, but reliable and audience-tested coin magic as well.

Where are the best places to learn “intermediate to advanced” coin magic?

Video provides an extreme advantage in learning difficult coin sleights. Unlike card magic—which is often simply about mathematical procedures, or the ordering of playing cards—coins always rely on knacky moves that are so often easier to understand and learn in video format. The coin magic downloads we offer on our site make this process easy and affordable.

How do you know if you’re ready to try more advanced coin magic?

If you’re familiar with Classic Palm, Downs Palm, Backclip, and Mutobe Palm you can handle virtually all sleights thrown your way. If you know how to seamlessly open a flipper coin in real performance situations, and how to nest and un-nest a coin shell, you are a candidate to learn advanced coin magic. If you’re in more need of basic training...that’s okay too! There are plenty of resources to get you up to speed. Start with the New York Coin Seminar products, and you’ll be a master coin manipulator in no time.