Our Most Popular Money Magic Tricks

Coin magic tricks have fascinated spectators everywhere. Here at Vanishing Inc. we’ve released several best-selling pieces of money magic and here’s a selection of our “greatest hits”.

Triad Coins

Joshua Jay created “Triad Coins” as a way to show your hands empty, produce three coins one at a time and then slowly, clearly and magically make them all vanish, leaving you bare handed once again. The plot is as old as the hills, but the method here is beautifully thought out. There are coin sets on the market that allow you to similar things that cost ten times the price of “Triad Coins”. And, the problem with any trick like this is the vanish of the last coin. Josh’s solution to this is utterly wonderful and it really does leave you completely empty handed. No funny grips, no hand washing, you’re clean.

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Lux 400

Kyle Littleton wanted to create a way to change a bunch of single bills into a larger denomination. Yes, sure, there are many amazing ways to do this like Hundy500 that rely on a gimmick going back to Pat Page’s Flash Cash days. Kyle wanted to do it with regular bills. Yes, you read that right. Regular, examinable bills. No gimmick at all. Sounds impossible? Sure does, but Kyle teaches his wonderful solution to this and the best bit is it’s not that hard to do!

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Rune Klan is our favorite magician. He has it all. Crazy good chops, a crazy sense of humor and a crazy way of looking at plots and making them his own. “Klink” is a Coins To Glass routine - but like no other out there. Every move feels natural and justified, the handling is simple and clean and the magic moments come thick and fast. You should download this today and start learning it! (Note: you will need a “turtle”) to be able to perform this.

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Rune’s back. And boy oh boy is this good. You produce a half dollar, then another, then they vanish and reappear, and as a kicker, they change into two Chinese coins. Rune is a master of coins, and he teaches this killer routine in every detail.

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Pure Imagination

Scott Robinson has hands that make magic look real. In this download, you’ll lean his neo-classic Differences, an amazing three for one coin transposition, plus Loose Change which is Scott’s impromptu handling of Digital Dissolve by BJ Bueno and Steve Dusheck.

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A classic plot in coin magic. A silver coin repeatedly changes for a (usually) copper coin. Now there have been many, many different handlings of this plot but this routine from Creative Artists and Yuxo from Vietnam is the most impressive we’ve ever seen. The coins just seem to melt into each other. It’s fluid and flawless, and although it will take some practise, every details is covered in this amazing download.

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