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Pure Imagination

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Magic download (video) by Scott Robinson ($12.00)

IMAGINE causing a card to disappear SLOWLY and VISUALLY. IMAGINE performing the vanish with just three cards. IMAGINE doing it with no gaffs.

At Vanishing Inc. we are honored to be working with underground legend Scott Robinson. We begin our collaboration with one of his finest creations: a card vanish that has fooled and inspired many of the top magicians in the industry. The effect is as simple as it is beautiful: a signed card disappears between two others, and then appears a moment later. The fine finesse points and subtleties used make this an extraordinary piece of magic worthy of study and use

Along with two tricks using this amazing card vanish, you'll also learn Differences: an incredible three for one coin transposition (requires a gimmick coin that you likely already own) and Loose Change; an impromptu handling of Digital Dissolve by BJ Bueno and Steve Dusheck.

Running time: 24 minutes, 18 seconds.


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I love it. The vanish, the reproduction, it's an idea that I've worked on and thought about for many years. I'd get excited when I'd hear or see that someone else also had ideas or solutions. But none of them were key, not for me. Till now. And the routine is just right. It's good in your face magic. What I think has great value for many is that he gives two different methods that accomplish the same end. One uses a simple helper while the other is au natural, just 3 cards. You have to love an effect that is dimensional and makes the saying 'trick photography' come to mind.

Then there's two coin effects. Not the reason I grabbed this. I didn't even watch that far into the demo. But they're there and only make things better. The 2nd, routines ending is one of the better ideas I've seen. The change is so visible.

How many times, we open a book with many ideas & effects and use none of it? From this one short download, I find myself with two new effects under my belt and I 'aint even broken a sweat.... . I give this 10 stars, but since there's only 5 stars available I guess that will just have to do.




In case you have not heard Scott's name before, this selection of tricks a really nice mixed introduction to Scott's material. If you want the short version I'll just say that for $10.00 you can't possible find better bang for your buck that his trio. If you're interested in a bit more elaboration, here we go...

I recall when a buddy of mine brought home some sparse personal video footage of what was impressing the guys at 4F during his visit. This footage was my first exposure to the Willy Wonka Card Trick. I can still recall the exact moment the effect hit me like punch in the face. I've been in magic for more than 20 years and to be comradely surprised and stumped doesn't come as easily as it once did. This trick with just three cards really exemplifies just how Scott takes an existing idea to lifts it whole new level. This trick will fool any audience you could possibly be aiming for, period.

Differences is a trick I've seen Scott perform live several times. Each time I've seen it completely blow away rooms full of magicians as well as laymen. I added it to my work immediately after Scott first released it and I have zero doubt that everyone else who has an interest in coin magic will do the same. This is one my favorite coin routines, hands down - nice presentation for real people and an ending that will have dropping jaws no matter where you perform.

Loose Change is a very tight sequence that seems impossible to the laity, and is ready to go any time and any place. You can't have enough material which can be done with something a sector brings to the table. This is the type of trick that make you really register as a miracle worker to real people.

I'll finish by saying that there are just a handful or people who I always look forward to seeing what they are working on because they are creative on a whole different level than most everyone else. You can find guys who can put together respectable variations of common premises quite easily in magic. But I have to admit that Scott is one of the guys who make you sit back, rub your head, and wonder where the hell his muse is coming from. I could quite literally give you a lengthy list of effects from Scott which are amazingly creative. Again - not mere variations on a plot, but approaches that are truly inspiring you one's own creative process. I for one can't wait for the "big book" of Scott's magic that's in the works, but until then get your feet wet with a disproportionately low priced download that contains some top-notch thinking.

Shannon Clark



I really like the well thought out structure of all the routines.
The work on the Willy Wonka card trick was worth the price alone.
The Video quality was ok. But what got me was the crystal clear point A to point B teaching method.
I would buy more releases from Mr. Robinson in the future.
Skott Hughes



I picked up this download because the Willy Wonka Vanish really caught my eye. It catches other's eyes in a major way, too! The rest of the material is excellent as well. I use the Loose Change bit constantly--it's so impromptu and gets a terrific reaction.


Dr. Joaquin M.

I cannot believe I forgot to review this. I have been using this one for a while now, and even though I am not a cardician, I love it!

I had to rework a part of the handling to suit me, and I always get great reactions with it. I cannot quite decide which handling I like better - the impromptu involves no clean-up afterwards, but the prepared version is so clean it is eye-popping - very well thought out and routined!

I am a coin specialist, so I really enjoyed his work with the coins that is offered here, especially his impromptu handling of Digital Dissolve. If you are a coin worker and do not perform card effects at all, this video is worth the price for that alone. The reverse is also true. I highly recommend this!



Highly recommend all of Scott's material. Extremely visual & as near to real magic as I've seen in a long time.



Scott Robinson's magic is great! There is not one trick on this download I would not or have not done. Do not even think about not buying this one!!!



I have been doing magic for decades now. I have performed close up professionally and have been a magic demonstrator so I know what good magic is and looks like. This is great magic. I don't think I can really add more than has already been said by other reviewers, however I really felt I wanted to add my 2 cents worth. Scott has a really powerful set of effects in this download that will NOT disappoint. I, like everyone else was immediately taken by the "Willy Wonka Card Trick". This is as magical a looking card trick as you could ask for. The premise is cute and the magic is strong. You get 2 versions of this effect in case you are a purest and don't like to use gimmicks. The coin effects are just as good. So if your not sure...on the fence about whether to get this. Get off the fence and buy it. You will be glad you did. It's a great purchase for only 10 dollars. If I was selling these in a magic shop and demoing these I would be selling out everyday. I could sell the heck out of this download. Do yourself a favor and buy a download you will actually use. Have fun. Ciao!



Just Brilliant! This is great value for money but, more importantly this is great magic. The reactions you get with the willy wonka card are fantastic. Love it.



This is the best $10.00 I've ever spent. I purchased this originally for the Willy Wonka effect which I might add is the coolest, but the impromptu digital dissolve is what really got me. I originally abandoned the effect for the same reason Mr. Robinson did. The gimmick wasn't something I wanted to carry around. By making it usable with any coins this is truly the effect you can carry in your pocket and perform anytime someone wants to see a small miracle. I have paid much higher prices for DVDs that had one effect and a number of "fillers." There are no fillers in this. You really get your moneys worth and then some.



Scott Robinson presents three effects in this excellent download: two versions of "the Willy Wonka card trick" and two great coin effects. One of the reviews above goes into more detail on each of the effects, so I won't repeat that here. But it is worth re-emphasising that all of the effects are well thought out and have a visual element that looks amazing; for $10 it is a bargain. I hope Mr Robinson releases more of his work in the future!



I'm not a big coin guy, I originally purchased this for the Willy Wonka card trick, but every one of these effects are excellent. I'm working on Differences diligently, and Loose Change is a great impromptu effect. This download is worth wayyyyy more than what I paid.



Superb download. Those interested in the coin effect "Differences" might want to know that this version is the original (and much harder) version. A much simplified version is included in Scott's awesome new book, also called "Pure Imagination".



A great download, you get two card illusion, by using three cards for each one, two different coin tricks, scot isnt using any gimmck coins fot these routines, enjoyable to watch, easy to do.



That was great magic I wan,t to thank you for sending that i would have definetly paid to see that real workers.thank you







Pure Imagination by Scott Robinson