Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)

Gimmicked coin by Jack Carpenter
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Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)

75.00 usd

Gimmicked coin by Jack Carpenter (75.00)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass) - magic
Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass) Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass) Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass) Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)

Copper/Silver/Brass is a classic magic effect for good reason: it's a highly entertaining and deceptive coin routine where three different coins vanish and re-appear under apparently impossible conditions. It has been a feature effect in the repertoires of many of the best close-up magicians for decades. But how can you improve a masterpiece?

Jack Carpenter has with his "Carpenter Coins" set, produced by Vanishing Inc. In this routine, you start with a Mexican Centavo, an imitation Chinese coin and a half dollar and make each one cleanly jump from your pocket back to your hand. Then, two of the coins transpose with another, before finally all vanishing and re-appearing in your pocket. In all, there are seven moments of killer magic in just two or three minutes!

You receive a coin set consisting of precession-made coin gimmicks (using real coins) in a handy carrying case. And if you already perform our Charming Chinese Challenge, or No Sense, you'll be pleased to know that the coin is made in the same style, by Vanishing Inc.

"Carpenter Coins" has all the hallmarks of a perfect routine for walkaround and close-up performers: you end the routine totally clean, it resets instantly, has no angle restrictions, and contains many visual, deceptive moments of magic. Best of all, the routine is easy to do and you learn every move in Jack Carpenter's detailed video explanation.

"This trick has been my “secret menu” coin trick ever since Jack taught it to me a couple of years ago. And I don’t DO coins. It’s easy to learn, it’s strong as hell, and it knocks a lay audience on its butt. … And I don’t DO coins!"Antonio Cabral

Jack's routine stems from the work of Jim Boyd, David Neighbors, John Mendoza, Jim Boyd and many more.

Note: This does not come with the purse


Customer reviews for Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)



I like the routine very much, it’s an effect that I can do meaning that it’s not too difficult. Coins can be hard too work with sometimes, what I’m trying to say is that for me a magician who started off pretty much with cards back in the nineties learning from card college I’m more confident with cards than coins in front of an audience. So I can really appreciate the simplicity of this routine. The coins are very well made and look real nice. Mr Carpenter does a very good job explaining the ins and outs of the routine. I really enjoyed this set of coins and the routine.



One of the best coin magic items I have ever purchased. I use this as a staple in my close-up routine. It was well worth the price. I later bought and recommend that you purchase the large "Quiver" coin purse to add to the routine. This change purse I use to produce the coins, show the purse empty and after vanishing the coins I have the spectator open the purse the produce a duplicate set of the coins. I highly recommend both these items.






Carlos Javier



I really love this set of Carpenter Coins. The coins are beautiful and the gimmicks are perfect. I also really liked the video instruction as Mr. Carpenter is clear and as advertised, the effect is not hard to learn. Great value here.

Jeffrey Marks



Love this effect. The video instruction of Carpenter Coins is easy to follow and it is a solid routine that I think Laymen will love.

Jeffrey Marks



Great buy! Also a great, multi-part routine is included that is easy to learn!



The price is really good for what you are getting. The gimmicks are nicely made, and you get a really good routine that goes along with it. Jack said that the coins do most of the work for you, but there is still a bit of sleight required to get it to look as good as his. But these are not difficult sleight and it's a good gateway into coin magic



There are many reviews on Carpenter coins, many are positive and many are negative, (It must be clear that I absolutely do not judge the reviews that are written). I received it yesterday (as a birthday gift, super fast delivery) and I can say
Simply Fantastic,
1st for the Quality compared to the Purchase Price
2nd for the routines that can be performed (which are very simple).
And if you do it correctly as explained in the instruction video, you can end up giving the coins to examine at the end.
So for me 5 stars well deserved.
And 10 stars go to all Vanishing staff, always maximum availability for any doubts or advice they can give you by choice of purchase and maximum availability for any problem on the gimmick purchased. Thanks Vanishing.

VI Monthly


Excellent set of CSB coins. I agree with what Jack says in the demo -- at this price you should really buy two! Also provided is a full routined performance that is fairly straightfoward and relatively easy to learn. That said, I think the presentation in the performance is pretty weak ("I'd love to show you a trick with two coins but I can't seem to get rid of this third coin." Really??). The good news is that the full performace is provided in the ad video, so you can decide for yourself if it's for you even before purchase. But in any event, once you learn basic handlings and moves, you can create any routine you'd like, and there are many others out there to view and be inspired from. High quality set at an unbeatable price.



I’ve been performing and buying CCB for twenty years. It’s a classic and multiple phases. The quality of this set is really good but not as high quality as some of the sets that are a lot more expensive. perfect routine for walkaround and close-up performers: you end the routine totally clean, it resets instantly, has no angle restrictions, and contains many visual, deceptive moments of magic. Best of all, the routine is easy to do and you learn every move in Jack Carpenter's detailed video explanation. I’ve been purchasing from Vanishing since they started and I believe they are the best all around magic shop.



This is a Great Routine! I cannot wait until they arrive. It is a classic presentation and several ideas that I may be able to do. I give this Five Stars! The instructional video was well explained.



The gaffs here are very nice and it's great to get the extra gaff not included in standard Copper/Silver/Brass sets, which can be used for many other routines.

The teaching is fine, but could be a bit more detailed. That being said, I'm pretty new to coin magic and was able to get it all worked out with a bit of focused practice.

Jack's routine is excellent, which adds even more value to this nice set. Highly recommended.



A standard CSB set has become increasingly difficult to get. This is a very nice set for the money.

I think the best routine in recent years for the CSB is Jindui Nishikawa's "3 Coin Trick With A Shot Glass", from the June 2014 Genii. It requires a glass, but the additional item is part of this set. It's worth a look.



Honest review
The coin set is very well made his routine is very good. The video that you download or use the vanishing app is excellent. A beginner can do this and if you are coin worker like myself from the 80’s You probably have the gimmick and several CSB sets. I can tell you that doing CSB routines is amazing to the audience. You can expand your routine with a few extra items. My personal routine that I use can go from just a few minutes to over 15 minutes. There are many routines out there. My only suggestion is get the set learn the routine then make the routine your own.



Love this so much I have ordered a second set as a spare



Love the set, very nicely made together with a cracking routine! Buy it!!


Antonio M.

This trick has been my “secret menu” coin trick ever since Jack taught it to me a couple of years ago. And I don’t DO coins. It’s easy to learn, it’s strong as hell, and it knocks a lay audience on its butt. … And I don’t DO coins!



Great set. Good price. Great instructions from Mr. Carpenter himself. *****



YES!!!!!! Finally got my hand on this set. Vanishing Inc. released a small number at Magifest. I've been waiting for years for VI to do another coin set. Triad was great. So is this. GET IT! :D



Got mine at Magifest this year. What a coin set! And Carpenter is solid too. Good routine. Like this a lot. Cheap as well I thought but I'd never seen a set with the extra gimmick on sale before.



Mr. Carpenter has come up with a great product here. The set is very good and unique. I did have one of the gimmicks come apart on me and leave it to our friends at Vanishing Inc. - they replaced it with no questions asked.
The routine itself needed some updating (if you ask me), which was not a problem. I studied Jack's routine and loved the idea... so I updated it to be filmed without the volunteer. ie - the routine doesn't need the extra hand if the coins "behave" on their own. This was done is a Shadow Coins style to make the coins appear instantly. It was quite easy to use Carpenter Coins for something that was more "me".
All in all, it was a good purchase and I'm glad I got them. It is worth any "coin guy" to have this set. The coins are awesome and the routine is good as is, and easy to manipulate to make it your own. --Christopher David



I've always wanted to own and perform CBS so I considered the purchase and this comes to be my first CBS set. I had a issue with the coins enclosed so a replacement is on the way. Though I'm not a coin guy (can't thus compare the quality with other similar coin sets, i.e. Johnson's, Tango's and so on) I still need to say the effects you can get are astounding and the assistance I got from Vanishing Inc. was absolutely top class. The instructions are simple and detailed as well (perhaps some closer shots of Carpenter's hands during the explanation might be more helpful on coin management, as also pointed out by another reviewer). Waiting to get my hands on the new set and hoping to deal with a good working set, I can confidently give my recommendation.



For the price, I can't complain too much about the quality of the set.

And I think Jack's routine is one of the stronger versions of CSB out there.

However, the Kennedy s***ll has poor coverage on my set, and there is a noticeable clink when everything is nested. So my handling is cosier than I would like.

Still glad to have purchased.



The coins are well made. The tutorial is ok at best, I would’ve like an in depth over the shoulder view of the tutorial and a better lighting as the copper and silver are hard to distinguish from each other. I would have to squint every time he makes a move as its hard to see clearly what’s going on. Overall it’s a good product, and pretty good CSB routine in my opinion, a lot of possible ideas can be accomplished with this set. Need a lot of practice on this one, as you might need to re watch the video over and over again to get down the moves, and as I mentioned, the copper is a bit hard to distinguish from the silver. But I think it’s worth it if you’re someone who’s willing to put in the work and get it right.



I love this product the new take on CSB is great. My only problem is in my opinion the gimmick is easily visible but that can easily be avoided by keeping your hands in motion throughout the routine.



Although some reviewers have had issues with the quality, at this price I am very happy with my set. This CBS set works very well and allows you to perform incredible coin magic with complete ease. I don't use Jack's routine, I actually use Paul Vigil's routine which can be bought as a download elsewhere, but if you get that, this is a fine set of coins to use it with.



FULL DISCLOSURE: I got this set secondhand off of eBay from someone who claimed that "This was purchased as a back-up and never used." Make of that what you will.

The routine is simple and to the point, and I am definitely throwing it into my set! It has a key gimmick that is NOT typically associated with CSB routines, FOR FREE I might add, making this highly versatile and collectible. The Chinese coins themselves are top notch, and I definitely commend their attention to detail.

The reason I can't give this 5 stars is because for some reason, the set I got was somewhat mismatched. To put it nicely, how the gimmick part slipped past quality control is one of those lost secrets of magic. The maker consciously selected the coins used, and built the set, and multiple people I ASSUME signed off on it post-inspection. Without spoiling the effect, it's as if someone gimmicked a bicentennial half, put it in a coin set with normal eagle halves, and expected nobody to notice the difference. In this case, the fact that they SUCCEEDED in slipping something that egregious to the customer puts a dent in the credibility of this product and I would highly suggest you to re-evaluate your quality control process and inspect future sets more rigorously. I am however happy to report that this is an easy fix, but it will require some numismatic digging to correct this instance.



Positive: The gimmick is really well made. Great value for money. Nice routine.

Negative: The teaching is too rushed. It would have been helpful to have close up/over the shoulder explantions of some of the moves. There really is no excuse for saying , 'I hope you can see this' when a simple replay would have shown that actually, we can't fully see what he is doing.



These coins look awesome and are made great. Sometimes though, creators and distributors go too far with their claims and their add copy. While it is said that these coins do all the work, that's clearly not the case. There is always this weird move being done with your closed hand. Just calls too much attention and practically screams "burn my hands."



Great idea ... seriously ... so great I purchased 2 (one for b/u) planning on this being a goto effect. Unfortunately, the gimmick looks distinctly and noticeably ... well ... gimmicky. If no one looks at the edges ok ... if you keep in motion ok ... if your audience is distracted ok ... but if anything disturbs these - the magic is lost.
The J******n CSB set I have seems much higher quality ... but, the Carpenter set allows for more/different effects (as well as standard CSB stuff).
If you can see a performance in person and like it, I'd say consider it ... but video doesn't show my issues/criticisms (just the nature of the media ... nobody is intentionally hiding anything) ...
I want to like this and will keep on playing with it ... if I find a routine that hides my issues I'll use it ... but, for now it's just for practice.

VI Monthly


I was a bit disappointed in the workmanship of the coins. The "traditional" CSB part (you get a fully working CSB set plus an additional gimmick) uses the tail side of a Kennedy. On the head of a Kennedy half there is a strong line in the design that is right where a line needs to be cut in this gaff. That has made the gimmicks I've seen that used the heads side more deceptive because they had the natural camouflage of the strong, existing line working for them. Add to that that the cut seems less precise (the fit is more loose than I am used to and the line more visible) and that the very tops of the letters in "United States of America" are cut off and I think this is less deceptive than other CSB gimmicks that are on the market (and from mass manufacturers).
This may be less problematic for the Carpenter routine because they are seeing another side of the coin more frequently, but I think it is a real issue if (like me) you purchased the set for an existing CSB routine where that side is more prominent. I get the value proposition from a cost perspective and see that they were trying to put so much value into a set that a purchase was a no-brainer, for me the quality isn't at the level where I would use it as a tool in a paid performance, and that means the money is essentially wasted.
The "other" gaff looks deceptive and will fly, but the walls are thinner than the Johnson version I compared it to, which both results in a tinnier sound and greater risk damage if dropped.
As an entry level set for someone to experiment with there may be value, but I don't think the quality is high enough to use these for the paying public. My suspicion is that a lot of these will sell because of the value proposition, but that most will sit in drawers or end up on secondhand magic Facebook groups.
This is a good idea, but it deserved to be better made.



The routine sold with this set is okay, but nothing special. The coins are just okay too. Owning a Lassen TT has spoiled me. That said, these coins do the work nicely, I'm just being a snob.

David Neighbors has some routines for this. If you want to see how far you can take it, look up the Luis Piedrahita Cerebus routine on YouTube.


Community questions about Carpenter Coins (Copper/Silver/Brass)

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Simon asks: Could I have three extra ungimicked copper coins?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Write to customer service about questions of this nature.
    • 2. Chris answers: It looks like VI is now selling these separately.
  • Brian E asks: I'm very interested in this, but curious if these are like the Gregory Wilson's split focus John Kennedy's triple sp--- coins?

    • 1. Agustin answers: Totally different!
    • 2. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are different;.
    • 1. Agustin answers: Totally different!
  • Ben asks: Can vanishing provide a normal matching half dollar for a small additional price, so you can end clean?

    • 1. Daren answers: I asked this last night and they just pointed me in the direction of searching for it on their site, the only half dollars I can find are the ones they sell in a block of 20
    • 2. Randy answers: I've bought many, many Kennedy half dollars at my local bank. They are pretty readily available if you keep asking.
    • 3. Randy answers: I guess NYC (or my branch of Bank of America in NYC) has more of them. I've gotten at least 50 Kennedy half dollars from them over the last few years (for a miser's dream routine). Once or twice they even asked me, "How many do you want?" So I would recommend at least asking your local branch (or branches) every time you visit just to check.
    • 4. Chris answers: You can't assume your local bank will have half dollars. I once (in one day) went to 8 different banks locally and (between them) they had *one* half dollar, not a roll, just one single half dollar. They explained that they don't keep them in stock, because no one around here (Sacramento CA) circulates them.
    • 5. Ryan answers: Hate to recommend any other site.... but Ellusionist sells individual halves, in their accessories section, I get mine from Woodforest banks, located In Walmart. They still circulate halves, gold dollars, and 2$ bill you just have to ask
    • 6. Randy answers: If your local bank doesn't have them, and you only want a couple to add to your set, I just ran an eBay search and they currently offer Kennedy halves for $1.48 with free shipping ("Buy it Now" option), or possibly less if you bid on the auctions that start at 1 cent:
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  • Royce asks: Can a beginner do this? Does this trick require you to wear long sleeves?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup! No sleeves required.
  • Mark asks: Can I get hold of some ungimicked chinese coins from yourselves, ones that will match the Carpenter Coins - it will help expand the utility of the set for other routines I have.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Not at this time. Sorry!
  • Chris asks: Can this set be used to perform all the standard Copper/Silver/Brass Routines (i.e. it at least has those standard gaffs that will work in a similar way?)

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, it can be used for any standard C/S/B routine..
  • Royce asks: I assume the coins can't be examined correct?

    • 1. Daren answers: at the end they can
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  • Trevor asks: My question vanished??? I will try again: Is this the same principle as the "Chinese bit" by Eddie Gibson??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope - the routine and set is different.
    • 2. Chris answers: This is an enhanced (extra gaff) CSB, but not in the way (center plug) that the "Chinese Bit" is gaffed.
    • 3. Craig answers: I think Dave Neighbors answer is "yes." See above.
  • Randy asks: how difficult is routine for someone NOT already very skilled with coins

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Low to medium skill level in my opinion.
  • Chris asks: To be clear, as I think people are misunderstanding this, is it correct to state that this is not a "standard" CSB set. Carpenter's Coin's includes an additional gaff, not included in standard CSB sets.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That is correct.
  • John asks: I understand that Carpenter Coins are more than a regular CSB set. But before I take the plunge and order. I’d like to know, in addition to the routine supplied, are there other routines that can be done with this particular coin set? Thanks all.

    • 1. John answers: Sorry all. Question 8 answers my query!
    • 2. David answers: I have And an DVD with 10 more Routines ! And a PDF with 3 More ! :) Best David Neighbors The Coinjurer
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  • Pedro asks: Is everything included to do the effect gimmick/coins or does one need extra regular coins?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You will need a normal half dollar in addition to the supplied set.
  • Kenneth asks: Any plans for this set to be available in dollar size coins? Gave up on halves years ago

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No plans at the moment. Sorry!
  • Steve asks: Any chance this set is available with silver coins?

    • 1. David answers: From what i understand it a clad Set !
    • 2. Steve answers: Perhaps I was not clear. I'm interested in a Walking Liberty, Ben Franklin, or pre-clad JFK coins used in this set.
    • 3. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There's a silver, copper and brass coin. And a special extra gimmick.
    • 1. David answers: From what i understand it a clad Set !
    • 2. Steve answers: Perhaps I was not clear. I'm interested in a Walking Liberty, Ben Franklin, or pre-clad JFK coins used in this set.
  • Stephen asks: The description suggests the chinese coin matches those in Charming Chinese Challenge. My CC Challenge is dollar size and my understanding is that Carpenter Coins are half-dollar size? Have I misunderstood or is the Carpenter Coin Set available in Dollar size (would be delighted if it is!) Thanks. Stephen

    • 1. Philip answers: The description says "in the same style" which I think suggests same design. But it is clear this is half dollar size set. So I presume the same visual style but smaller.
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  • Chris asks: Can you do a basic scotch and soda as well with this set?? Using 2 coins?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You cannot.
  • Rene asks: Can you guys add 3 more Matching Chinese coins like the one used on this set on my order ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would need to purchase those separately. Please email for this type of question.
  • Robert asks: OK you say a beginner can do this. Is there palming involved. for someone who does not do coin magic how much practice will this take??

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is no palming involved, the gimmick does the work for you. You would just need to practice the routine, he moves are not difficult. I can't really say how long it would take for you to learn the routine, but most people can learn it quite quickly.
  • Jim asks: Hi, I use the coins a lot but some of the black paint is starting to come off... What type of paint would you recommend? Or is using black nail polish okay? I guess carefully using very little paint on a brush would be the best way to apply it? Also, so the outer shell doesn't talk would it be good to get Teflon, or do you recommend something else inside the shell...

    • 1. James answers: Enamel paint is my recommendation. Nail polish may work. Teflon can help, if you can get it thin enough.
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  • Dylan asks: Once the Chinese and brass coin has disappeared, being left with the silver half dollar. Are you able to make that disappear using catch. I'm interested in buying both products, just want to know if catch can be used with this size coin.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The coins are a bit too big to use with the catch gimmick.
  • Moosa asks: im new to magic are all the coins gimmicked

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Only one coin is gimmicked and the other are normal.
  • Lawrence asks: Is this the set used in Pure imagination book for those c/s coin tricks .

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