Magic by DooHwang

SCOP (Super Clever Open Prediction) Trick
SCOP (Super Clever Open Prediction)
Trick by DooHwang - $15.00

A project nearly a decade in the making, SCOP (Super Clever Open Prediction) is a revolutionary new take on the classic Open Prediction card magic...

SLiP Trick
Trick by DooHwang - $65.00

Harness the power of psychokinesis anytime you want with this practical and powerful gimmick. "SLiP" is a small and portable device that...

Aim Switch Magic download (video)
Aim Switch
Magic download (video) by DooHwang and Hansu - $9.95

A super fast and invisible card switch. Your audience will never know what happened! Korean card magic specialist Hansu is proud to reveal the...

Perfectionism Trick
Trick by DooHwang and AB - $29.95

A free choice creates perfection. "Perfectionism" by AB is a super fair and fun packet trick in which the audience's free choice helps you...