Magic by DooHwang

SCOP (Super Clever Open Prediction) Trick
SCOP (Super Clever Open Prediction)
Trick by DooHwang - $15.00

A project nearly a decade in the making, SCOP (Super Clever Open Prediction) is a revolutionary new take on the classic Open Prediction card magic plot from the creative mind of Doosung Hwang. SCOP is incredibly easy to perform and doesn't require any difficult sleight of hand. Unlike other Open...

Aim Switch Magic download (video)
Aim Switch
Magic download (video) by DooHwang and Hansu - $9.95

A super fast and invisible card switch. Your audience will never know what happened! Korean card magic specialist Hansu is proud to reveal the innovative technique behind his Aim Switch. This versatile card magic sleight can be used for everything from switches to color changes and forces. You'll...