Magic by John Kennedy

Mind Power Deck Trick
Mind Power Deck
Trick by John Kennedy and Tim Conover - 39.95

Often copied, but NEVER duplicated. THIS is the result of what happens when two of the finest thinkers in magic (Conover and Kennedy) collaborate....

John Kennedy Mystery Box II Trick
John Kennedy Mystery Box II
Trick by John Kennedy - 69.95

John Kennedy perfected the signed card in box routine a decade ago with Mystery Box. Not only did he offer a self-working handling that didn't even...

Hold Your Fire Trick
Hold Your Fire
Trick by John Kennedy - 29.50

Imagine picking the flame off a lighter! The trailer gives you a perfect sample of what you can do with this terrific new concept. This is what we...

Clink Caps Trick
Clink Caps
Trick by John Kennedy - 20.00

Three bottle caps vanish one at a time and appear with a loud clink inside a clear glass. It looks like real magic! You'll receive three beer caps...

Stir Fry Trick
Stir Fry
Trick by John Kennedy - 39.50

New and improved! Toss a coin into a cup, stir, and then "fry" your audience when the coin penetrates the bottom of the cup! Stir Fry works with any...

Mojoe 2.0 Trick
Mojoe 2.0
Trick by John Kennedy and John Kennedy Magic - 59.95

The epitome of organic and casual magic! "Mojoe is an absolute killer. Simple, clean, PERFECT!" Dan White Imagine being able to sit at a...

Marble Trick
Trick by John Kennedy - 29.95

John Kennedy has created a brand new gimmick that enables you to make an ordinary glass marble roll as if by magic! No threads, magnets, or...

Stealth Retractor Trick
Stealth Retractor
Trick by John Kennedy - 72.00

We are obsessed with John Kennedy's creations and his latest - Stealth Retractor - is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to perform levitations or...

Jump! Trick
Trick by John Kennedy - 199.99

John Kennedy's amazing hit trick Jump has been unavailable for years but we have managed to get a very small number of them for our customers. You...

Translocation Trick
Trick by John Kennedy - 19.95

Since it was first created in the 1970s, John Kennedy's "Translocation" has been one of the most beloved coins across routines every...

Clearly Out to Lunch Trick
Clearly Out to Lunch
Trick by John Kennedy - 59.95

John Kennedy has created a novel new method for the "Out To Lunch" principle that gives it the ultimate level of deception. With...

Acrobatic Matches Trick
Acrobatic Matches
Trick by John Kennedy - 29.95

Bring a box of matches from your pocket and explain, "This is a very strange box of matches. Notice the rubber band around the box. It's there to...

Tractor Beam Trick
Tractor Beam
Trick by John Kennedy - 120.00

This is a trick that would be at home in a sci-fi movie. You bring out an intriguing looking black laser pointer and explain that it is actually a...

Power Reel Trick
Power Reel
Trick by John Kennedy - 98.00

With the Power Reel you will make silk handkerchiefs, streamers, dollar bills, etc. fly through the air like magic! Power Reel pulls in up to 80 feet...

Strange Brew Trick
Strange Brew
Trick by John Kennedy - 59.95

You're sitting in a coffee shop with friends, sipping your brew. No one knows that you are carrying the Strange Brewgimmick, which you will secretly...

Beneath Trick
Trick by John Kennedy - 20.00

A chosen card appears beneath your cell phone like magic! "Beneath" is John Kennedy's new card under phone effect. The clever gimmick allows you to...

Black Box Trick
Black Box
Trick by John Kennedy and John Kennedy Magic - 349.95

Make objects move, jump, and fly like real magic. "Black Box" by John Kennedy is a specially-designed electronic prop from John Kennedy....