Clink Caps

Trick by John Kennedy
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Clink Caps

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Trick by John Kennedy ($20.00)

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Clink Caps - magic
Clink Caps Clink Caps

Three bottle caps vanish one at a time and appear with a loud clink inside a clear glass. It looks like real magic!

You'll receive three beer caps along with the simple gimmick. You can use your own bottle caps if you prefer - any caps will work with the gimmick.

Clink Caps works great with a glass or a coffee cup because your audience will hear the caps arrive even if the cup isn't clear.

John teaches everything on the online instructions. Alternate handlings are taught such as covering the glass or cup with your cell phone or a deck of cards while the caps arrive. You will be greatly rewarded with this world class audiovisual item added to your repertoire.


Community questions about Clink Caps

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  • Antonio asks: Impromptu? Or is there a gimmick to it?

    • 1. One answers: There is a gimmick, but you can use your own cap.
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  • John asks: can you use your own glass?

    • 1. John Kennedy (creator) responds: Yes, you use your own cup or glass.
  • Alan asks: I note the gimmick sits in the first cap, will it only fit in teh supplied cap or can it fit into any sized cap.

    • 1. Philipp answers: From looking at the video I would say it is not made into the cap, so you can easily transfer the „gimmick“ and set up your own caps. Nice idea btw.
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  • Vernon asks: Can this be used with your own aluminium caps?

    • 1. Tony answers: Yes, you can
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  • Robert asks: is the lighting important to doing this trick . ?

    • 1. Tony answers: Nope
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Clink Caps by John Kennedy