Magic by John Kennedy Magic

Mojoe 2.0 Trick
Mojoe 2.0
Trick by John Kennedy and John Kennedy Magic - 59.95

The epitome of organic and casual magic! "Mojoe is an absolute killer. Simple, clean, PERFECT!" Dan White Imagine being able to sit at a...

Amazing Shrinking Deck Trick
Amazing Shrinking Deck
Trick by John Kennedy Magic - 39.95

A classic effect is available again. The "Amazing Shrinking Deck" by John Kennedy is a visual and fun magic trick with playing cards that...

Flight Deck 2.0 Trick
Flight Deck 2.0
Trick by John Kennedy Magic - 298.00

Cover a cup or glass with a deck of cards, then make coins vanish and magically arrive with a loud clink inside the glass! Repeat it as often as you...

Mid-Air Card Stab Trick
Mid-Air Card Stab
Trick by John Kennedy Magic - 45.00

Stab a signed card in mid-air with this upgraded version of John Kennedy's classic card stab effect. A playing card is signed and lost in the deck....