Amazing Shrinking Deck

Trick by John Kennedy Magic
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Amazing Shrinking Deck

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Trick by John Kennedy Magic (39.95)

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Amazing Shrinking Deck - magic
Amazing Shrinking Deck Amazing Shrinking Deck

A classic effect is available again. The "Amazing Shrinking Deck" by John Kennedy is a visual and fun magic trick with playing cards that is nothing like any card magic trick you've ever seen.

A deck of Bicycle Playing Cards is removed from its box and spread on the table. You then ask if anyone can figure out how the normal-sized playing cards came out of such a tiny box? Everyone is shocked to see that you're now holding a miniature card box.

As you scoop up the deck of cards you explain how it would be impossible for these cards to fit in that case. That is, of course, unless they were tiny too. You spread the cards on the table and now they're Mini Bicycle Cards.

Remove a card from the spread and place it aside. Say, "I can change them back, but it happens quickly, so watch closely." Scoop up the deck and give it a shake—it grows back to poker size right before everyone's eyes!

Point to the miniature card that you placed aside and say, "Now for the last one..." Wave your hand and it instantly expands to poker size!

"Amazing Shrinking Deck" leaves you with an ordinary deck of cards that can then be used for all your favorite card tricks.

Made from professional quality Bicycle Playing Cards by the United States Playing Card Company. Available in Red or Blue.


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Card tricks are my specialty. I tell the audience I can do tricks with coins, illusions with a rope, but miracles with a deck of cards. After blowing people away, I close my show with the Triple Miracle and offer $500 if anyone can figure it out. I do the Triple Miracle with a brand new deck to prove that I don't use trick decks or a stacked deck. I don't normally use gimmicks in my act. In spite of that, I purchased the shrinking deck because it looked so cool. I have used it several times for kids and adults and it always gets a good reaction. It is a high quality product and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. It doesn't take a lot of skill to do the trick. I have now added this effect to my standard routine.


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