Trick by John Kennedy
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Trick by John Kennedy ($29.95)

In stock. Order in the next 1 hour, 30 minutes and it will go out today!
Marble - magic
Marble Marble Marble Marble Marble Marble

John Kennedy has created a brand new gimmick that enables you to make an ordinary glass marble roll as if by magic! No threads, magnets, or electronics are used.

This precision gimmick is durable and built to last. And it's so compact that you can store it inside your card box along with the deck! Just perform your favorite card tricks and bring the gimmick into play when you need it.

Marble can be performed seated or standing, and no special clothing is required. You could even perform it naked, although that may distract from the effect!

You will receive a beautiful 7/8 inch (22 mm) "bumblebee pattern" marble along with the special gimmick. If you like you can substitute any standard 7/8" - 1" (22 - 25 mm) marble. Also included is a YouTube video where John teaches his favorite two-phase routine...

A card is freely chosen and then shuffled back into the deck. You bring a glass marble from your pocket and place it on the table, explaining "This marble is going to find your card."

Now you divide the deck into several piles. "Watch," you say as you wave your hands over the marble. Suddenly it begins to move, slowly and eerily rolling behind the piles of cards. Then it comes to a stop.

"The marble has chosen this pile, so one of these cards must be yours. Now let's see if it can find the exact card." You spread the pile of cards face down on the table and again wave your hands over the marble. In a spooky manner it rolls along and then suddenly stops.

"It stopped right here behind this card. If this were your card, wouldn't that be amazing?" Of course everyone agrees. And sure enough when you turn the card over, it is indeed the chosen card!

You will also learn a routine inspired by Gregory Wilson where the marble rolls ON TOP OF THE CARDS and stops on the chosen card!

NOTE: Your audience should watch Marble from front and side angles only, not rear or extreme side angles. Certain types of tables and countertops will not work with Marble. Everything is fully explained in the instructions.


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  • Vernon asks: Is the gimmick fragile or made of thin material? If this is the case, how durable would it be for say a travelling restaurant magician and could you perform on a white cloth covered table. Say for example when doing convention or business magic. I'm assuming the angles can be managed in this scenario.

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    • Roy asks: Do you have to be sitting down?

      • 1. Jim answers: No. You can be standing.
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