John Kennedy Mystery Box II

Trick by John Kennedy
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John Kennedy Mystery Box II

69.95 usd

Trick by John Kennedy (69.95)

In stock - very few available.

John Kennedy perfected the signed card in box routine a decade ago with Mystery Box. Not only did he offer a self-working handling that didn't even require so much as a card fold, but he gave professionals a way to end ANY card routine by revealing a signed card in an attractive wooden box, WHICH WAS IMMEDIATELY EXAMINABLE.

Well, he has finally brought out a definitive and improved edition. It works the same way, but it is now smaller on the outside, in a slick new "Pagoda" style colored in black and grey. This is truly a modern classic: both of us (Andi and Josh) use the Mystery Box in walkaround situations—and we had to work VERY hard to secure a quantity of these directly from Mr. Kennedy.

In effect, a card is freely chosen and signed by a spectator, then shuffled back into the deck. The whole time, a small black box is sat on the table and the performer never touches it. He asks someone to remove the lid and they see a folded card inside. The performer very cleanly dumbs out the folded card and places the empty box on the table. The folded card is the signed selection.

There are many reasons why this brand new version is the best:

  • The box is made from impact resistant ABS and built to last a lifetime. It has a stylish two tone black and grey color scheme.
  • It's smaller and sleeker than the previous versions, yet has the same space inside for the folded object.
  • The folded item looks real because it is real. The gimmick allows you to use real cards, real money, etc. instead of a printed fake. The "3D" folded look is perfect in this new version!
  • The box has the most precision hidden gimmick of any previous version and can be completely examined with no clue to the mystery.

John Kennedy's Mystery Box comes with a folded Bicycle playing card gimmick inside.


Customer reviews for John Kennedy Mystery Box II



I had high hopes on this product and when I got it I was so happy because it was exactly what I was hoping for. Done it every time I been doing magic for people and it always getting great reactions. Yes I heard from other people magician that’s it’s in plastic and it’s been a little downside but I don’t think so. When I do this trick for kids they can relate to a plastic box it’s a toy for them as it is for me. So it’s been very appreciated by kids to. Awesome tool for your daily magic.

VI Monthly


This may offer versatility that the original lacks, but it looks like a plastic toy. The original wooden version, though not an "everyday" item, could credibly lay claim to provenance other than a magic shop. A brilliant prop, but if all you need is to reproduce a folded card, the original looks "classier" and evokes considerably less suspicion.


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  • Johnny asks: Hi Mr.Kennedy, What makes this better than the wooden one they seem to be the same only different look. Does it do something different. I love the original awesome effect.

    • 1. James answers: Same effect and method—the only difference is that the box is made out of a different material.
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