Cool Magic Tricks

OK. You’re looking for cool magic tricks. Want to get into sleight-of-hand? Got the card magic basics down and want to go further? Lucky old you! You're in the right place. But, what makes a magic trick cool? Let’s talk about that.


What Makes A Magic Trick Cool?

Magic is, normally, inherently cool. You’ve got the ability to show people the impossible. That’s pretty darn cool, right? OK, there is a bit of dorkiness associated with magic, and there ain’t never going to be anything cool about a playing card vest or a kid wearing a cape. But, David Blaine is cool. Dynamo is cool. Even, dare I say it, Criss Angel could be viewed as some people as cool.

Blaine really helped change the image of magic, and made it cool again. There were decades of magicians wearing bad suits, doing cheesy, hack lines and performing the same cookie cutter tricks as everyone else. “Hold out your hand, no the clean one” isn’t going to be cool no matter who is saying it. But Blaine burst onto the scene in jeans and a t-shirt, used no cheesy patter and just performed miracles. He really made magic cool again, so we all have something to be thankful for with that. He performed card tricks with playing cards and turned them into miracles. He did mind reading and made people really believe he could read their minds. He could even take a simple coin trick and make people think they were seeing real magic. No flash-paper just a low-key attitude and a cool approach.

So making a magic trick cool is really more about you are a performer than the trick you choose to do.

Fashions In Magic Change

100 years ago, what would be thought of as a cool magic trick is not necessarily what someone today would think is cool. What happens today at magic conventions isn't what happened decades ago. Vanishing an egg in a bag was all the rage back then. Today, if you brought out a little weird bag, and put an egg in it and made the egg vanish, it’s not going to be “cool”.

Or is it?

Think about this, there’s really nothing new in magic. We stand on the shoulders of giants, and most of the basic plots of magic haven’t really changed. You make something appear. You vanishing something, you make something defy gravity, etc. So what makes it cool? YOU! What if you take those old tricks and change them? What if it’s not an egg, but something else egg-shaped? A pool 8 ball for example? What if the bag was made from pool baize? Same trick, essentially, but now there it’s brought up to date. Never stop thinking about how you can take something old, and update it. That’s the real secret to making something cool.


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Learn What Not To Buy

That may sound weird coming from a magic store. Our livelihoods depend on your buying magic from us, right? There are people employed here with families that need feeding. Yet, we’re saying it’s important to know what not to buy. Here’s why. If we sell you magic that is low-quality, not suitable for you, or plain bad what do you think will happen? That’s right, you won’t buy from us again. So we’d genuinely prefer to lose a sale of a new “cool” trick if we don’t think it’s right for you and to keep you as a customer forever.

We’ve got a team of Support Wizards who are just an email away and are waiting to help you learn magic tricks. New shiny trailers are put out almost every day of the latest, cool, must-have trick. And you’ll be tempted to buy it. But, every single magician has a drawer full of junk. Tricks they’ve bought on a whim that were either shoddy or not right for them. We don’t want to sell you magic for your junk drawer. We want to sell you magic you will love. So email our Wizards any time for an honest view on a trick. We’ll try and guide you to only buy magic we think you’ll use.

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So those are the ways we try and help you learn what magic tricks not to buy.