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Trick by Skymember, Avi Yap and Sultan Orazaly - $39.95

CGI level visual magic has been taking the magic industry by storm lately, but it is either too angle sensitive or insanely hard to pull off in real life situations. What if we told you that you can perform a super visual and impossible coin change, that doesn't require any knuckle busting...

The Vault - Tom Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 1 Magic download (video)
The Vault - Tom Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Volume 1
Magic download (video) by Tom Mullica - $14.95

Impromptu anywhere, anytime magic at it's finest!A curated list of impromptu miracles taught by a master! Tom Mullica Teaches you some of his favorites. Effects included: Perpetual Balls The Cookie Mystery Waters of India Stretching a Hank Ring, Rope, & Pin The Bouncing Fruit The Spirit...

Promnesia Trick
Trick by Alakazam UK and Grame David Fishwick - $21.99 NOW $16.71 (SAVE $5.28)

Promnesia is a power house packet effect from the mind of Graeme David Fishwick. Promnesia has multiple changes and multiple moment of visual impact. This is a packet effect you will love to perform and it is adaptable! Once you learn the handling you can adapt this effect to totally change the...

2 TO 1 Rope Trick
2 TO 1 Rope
Trick by Aprendemagia - $15.00 NOW $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

This effect, when using a thin string or fine rope, has existed for centuries. Today it has been rescued by Ling-Fu, who uses a large diameter rope! This allows the effect to be performed in all kinds of shows and venues, from close-up magic, parlor, large stages, or even a track field! In an...

Passport to Gaff Decks Book
Passport to Gaff Decks
Book by Phill Smith and DMC - $20.00

The Passport to ELITES Pro Gaffs is a compact book covering 6 original, exciting effects using the incredible DMC ELITES Pro Gaffs deck, from the repertoire of creators Drummond Money-Coutts and Phill Smith. Pocket sized, in a unique Passport format, the book details the presentation and handling...

Post It Surprise Trick
Post It Surprise
Trick by Sonny Boom - $25.00

The spectator selects a card, and the performer tries to guess the card. He takes a small sticky note and sticks it on the back of the top card of the deck. After some concentration, he writes down a card to reveal's not the chosen one. But, the magician takes the card with the sticky...

PSI Cube Trick
PSI Cube
Trick by Vernet Magic - $39.00

Impossible Prediction System This is not a trick; this is a system to make impossible predictions. When you learn the main concept you'll be able perform many effects where the prediction appears in an impossible location. You can even create your own routines; your imagination is the limit! This...

Mental Dice Trick (pre-order)
Mental Dice
Trick (pre-order) by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $295.00

You’ll feel like James Bond when you use Mental Dice in your act. These high tech cubes will allow you to instantly know what number has been rolled on not one, but three different colored dice. Instantly. Sure, you can present it as a simple “I know what number you rolled” routine, but there are...

Blue Illusion Trick
Blue Illusion
Trick by Mark Mason and Yarden Aviv - $35.00

"Shut up and take my money." Eric Jones "Shut up and take my money." Eric Jones BLUE ILLUSION IS AN EYE-POPPING MOMENT OF MAGIC, WITH NO COVER. "I must say that this looks so good. It is by far the cleanest ALL-AROUND color-changing card box I have ever...

Abandoned Trick
Trick by Peter Eggink and Dennis Reinsma - $29.95

Abandoned is not just an effect: this utility card box is cleverly constructed and allows you to secretly control and retrieve the spectator's signed card instantaneously! Here are some ideas: Card to... Have a card selected, signed and returned. Show the box empty and place all cards in the box....

ESP Test Kit Trick
ESP Test Kit
Trick by Steve Cook - $45.00

Steve Cook has done it again with the ESP Test Kit. This brilliant effect is a mix of Mentalism, Remote Viewing, Psychometry and Precognition. Imagine having a spectator place the five ESP symbol cards into separate envelopes. They place one envelope in the supplied ESP Test Control wallet and one...

Sovereign Sandwich Trick
Sovereign Sandwich
Trick by David Jonathan - $15.00

A Unique, Hands-Off Evolution of The Sandwich Plot! Welcome to the first routine of its kind where the spectator makes the sandwich as they shuffle the deck! Here is exactly how the effect plays out: The performer displays the two black kings - our "target cards" The spectator shuffles...

Paisley Metallic Green Playing Cards (Christmas Gift Box Set) Deck of cards
Paisley Metallic Green Playing Cards (Christmas Gift Box Set)
Deck of cards by Dutch Card House Company - $19.95 NOW $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

The Dutch Card House Company is thrilled to launch the fifth release in its popular Paisley Playing Cards line. After the previous Magical Gold Edition proved to be a massive success (earning more than 300% of its funding goal), there is no doubt that Paisley Metallic Green Playing Cards will be a...

Invisibag Trick
Trick by Joao Miranda and Rafael Baltresca - $49.95

From the creative minds of Rafael Baltresca and João Miranda comes a specially designed bag that allow the performer to vanish a borrowed object and make it reappear anywhere! invisiBag is VERY easy to perform with right out of the box and will certainly BOOST your creativity to the next level! To...

Trick by Paul Gordon - $40.00 NOW $30.40 (SAVE $9.60)

NEW! This NEW deck of game/trump size ESP cards is gorgeous. Designed by Paul Gordon himself. You receive two regular sets (marked backs for both left-handed and right-handed magicians) plus double-facers (both same sides), double blanks, double backers, blank facers and special five-on one card....

The Vault - The Trix Magic download (video)
The Vault - The Trix
Magic download (video) by Joel Dickinson - $12.00

Joel has been perfecting these mind-blowing tricks over many professional performances. The effects are well thought out and are pure eye candy. "All I can say is that The Trix is one of my favorite magic purchases this year." "Joel has released another excellent product and the...

Astro Signs Trick
Astro Signs
Trick by Kaymar Magic Company UK and Mike Austin - $35.00

Astro Signs is a pet routine of master magician Mike Austin, and one that he has honed and tweaked for over twenty years. Now, it is an unbelievably clean book-test and star sign revelation, all wrapped up with a commercial presentation and a gorgeous, custom-printed prop! A spectator looks up...

The Virus Card Trick
The Virus Card
Trick by Mark Leveridge - $29.95

Liam says... The Virus Card has got to be one of the most commercial tricks I've ever learned - I saw Mark Leveridge at a dealer demo night when I was literally just getting started in magic, and this was one of three tricks I bought - it fooled me, it was easy enough for me to do, and it played...

Pro XCM Demon Playing Cards Deck of cards
Pro XCM Demon Playing Cards
Deck of cards by LLC Handlordz and De'vo vom Schattenreich - $14.00

Funded in less than 2 hours on Kickstarter, everyone who gets their hands on Pro XCM Demon Playing Cards can simply say one thing—HOLY ST! The blazing follow-up to the legendary Dominion PRO XCM Playing Cards has finally arrived! Launched as part of the Prox XCM (Xtreme Card Manipulation) and...

The Bitcoins Trick
The Bitcoins
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $19.95

In the past, coin magic always lacked fascinating stories unlike card magic or any kind of magic. The introduction of coins has always been more or less awkward and out of place. The most we were able to do is to say nothing or talk about "grandpa's coins" at the beginning of coin...

Genii Magazine December 2019 Magazine
Genii Magazine December 2019
Magazine by Genii Magazine - $6.15 NOW $4.67 (SAVE $1.48)

GENII THE CONJURORS' MAGAZINE VOLUME 82 NUMBER 12 December 2019 FEATURES Derren Brown's Secret by Chloe Olewitz Tenyo 2020 by Richard Kaufman The Genii Convention 2019 by Chloe Olewitz COLUMNS Genii Speaks by Richard Kaufman Now Performing The Eye by Chloe Olewitz The Chamber of Secrets Billiard...

Derren Brown Playing Cards Deck of cards
Derren Brown Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Theory 11 - $9.95

Partnering with legendary magician and mentalist Derren Brown, theory11 presents a remarkably lavish deck of cards commemorating the psychological deception of illusion. Like a beautiful antique book, Derren Brown Playing Cards are laced with opulent detailing and gold foiling that you’re going to...

CLICK by Manoj Kaushal Trick
CLICK by Manoj Kaushal
Trick by Manoj Kaushal - $35.00

CLICK is a slick device that lets you capture the future. Anything and everything that your spectator is thinking can be predicted with precision. The best part is... the prediction is a photograph. Not yellow posts Not business cards Not phones... It's a freaking photograph! You ask your spectator...

At The Table - December 2019 Live lecture
At The Table - December 2019
Live lecture by Pablo Amira and Mike Powers - $9.95

First up this month all the way from Chile, Pablo Amira brings his powerful mentalism At The Table. Not only is he a mentalist, but he's also a psychologist, a creative consultant, and an author of several books and best-selling effects. He's been passionately creating and performing for well over...

Bare Mini Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Bare Mini
Trick by The Other Brothers - $25.00

Our hit trick, "Bare," is back in a new and improved design. People LOVED "Bare." It has been featured on television magic specials in eleven countries, yet some magicians voiced a desire to be able to have it with them ALL THE TIME. This is where "Bare Mini" comes...

Our top-selling new release: Interpreting Magic