Magic by Gary James

Pro Show Holder Trick
Pro Show Holder
Trick by Gary James - 35.00

Great way to perform a magical production! Pro Show Holder holds a shot glass, fruit, beer bottle, pool ball, deck of cards, etc. Loop for belt with...

Pro Secco Trick
Pro Secco
Trick by Gary James - 39.95

A production holder for flutes and small bottles. They truly seem to magically appear - looks great! It can also be used in reverse to vanish a...

Pro-Secco Deluxe Trick
Pro-Secco Deluxe
Trick by Gary James - 69.95

Pro-Secco Deluxe is a professional production device that allows you to easily produce or vanish champagne flutes or small bottles with 100%...

Pro 4 Wallet Accessory
Pro 4 Wallet
Accessory by Gary James - 59.99

Four distinct outs, any of which can be produced from seemingly one singular compartment. Add in an envelope and double-faced cards, and the...

Pro Marker Trick
Pro Marker
Trick by Gary James - 39.95

Quickest and easiest Note or Card to Marker Pen. Packs small and plays huge! You can even load it while the spectator holds the pen! Comes with one...

Z Fold Multi-Wallet Accessory
Z Fold Multi-Wallet
Accessory by Gary James and Pro Show Magic - 49.95

Unlock innovative new possibilities with the next generation of Z-fold magic wallets. The "Z Fold Multi Wallet" by Gary James and Pro Show...

Interchange Trick
Trick by Gary James - 55.00

A versatile gimmick that you can carry with you everywhere and use to perform impossible location effects, vanishes and appearances at a moment's...