Sure Lock

Trick by James Kellogg Jr.
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Sure Lock

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Trick by James Kellogg Jr. (549.95)

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Sure Lock - magic
Sure Lock Sure Lock Sure Lock Sure Lock Sure Lock Sure Lock Sure Lock Sure Lock

10,000 possible outcomes, and you are right every single time! “Sure Lock” is a reputation maker for any professional mentalist or magician. The smash hit from Magifest is now available worldwide!

“This thing is a freakin masterpiece!” Colin Mcleod

A number is named or created. No forces or restrictions. It’s a totally free choice that, impossibly, is also the only working combination for unlocking a lock. You don’t need to do any guesswork or mental-guiding either because “Sure Lock” is completely under your control and unlocks on your command.

Lock predictions are an all-time classic among mentalists. Yet, they’ve often had a limited amount of potential outcomes or used convoluted methods. There’s never been a lock as powerful and effective as “Sure Lock.” They can name any of the 10,000 possible combinations and it works every time!

Three different triggering modes are available to suit any performance. It is also instantly repeatable with different numbers, meaning it is as practical for table-hopping as it is on stage.

Three years in the making, “Sure Lock” was designed from the ground up by magician and master locksmith James Kellog Jr. to look and feel like a real lock. You can let your participant hold it and try all different combinations. But, it will only unlock when you want it to.

Whether you want to lock a ring on the padlock and allow your participant to magically win it back or put a lock on your prediction chest to add an extra kicker to your confabulation routine, the possibilities for “Sure Lock” are endless. It is truly the ultimate mentalist utility gimmick. You’ll even receive some simple and powerful routine ideas to get you started.

”Sure Lock” Key Features:

  • Unlocks on your command
  • They can freely name any of the 10,000 combinations
  • Up to 3.5 hours of continuous use on a full charge
  • Three triggering modes: Instant remote unlock, remote time delay, RFID card instant unlock
  • Remote works from up to 30ft away

There’s never been a mentalism padlock as powerful and effective as “Sure Lock” by James Kellogg Jr. This is a premium quality prop for the professional performer. Get yours today!

“I am so impressed with this!” David Penn

“It is like magic; it is incredibly well made!” Sean Heydon

“This is perfect, you solved all the problems!” Jeff Kaylor

“This is Brilliant!” Peter Turner

Please note: Only the black version of “SureLock” is available at this time.

10-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

“SureLock” was meticulously designed so you never have to buy another lock again. As such, it is supported by a 10-year limited warranty from San Diego Magic Shop. If your lock ever breaks or stops working, they will work directly with you to fix or replace it.

This warranty is managed through San Diego Magic Shop. So, if you experience any issues with the functionality of your lock, please contact San Diego Magic Shop directly at


Customer reviews for Sure Lock



Very disappointed in how this is made. The black rubber boot does NOT cover all ports, in fact the pin hole size on off switch hole is visible and you can even see a red LED thru it when it is plugged in(not an issue during performance). If the spectator is holding the lock when it unlocks, they will clearly and obviously FEEL the small motor inside release what must be a solenoid type mechanism. In total silence you can audibly hear it, but it requires listening carefully. The charge port is ridiculous. The tiny 1-2mm (not 3mm) diameter pin charger has to be pushed in so hard, that if you are slightly off angle you will eventually break it. And it is an incredibly snug fit, which the video says is by design so it doesn’t fall out. But why would you ever need to hang the thing upside down while charging? Makes no sense. Also, guess what the ONLY thing that is specifically NOT covered by the manufacturer warranty?!! The Charging PORT! So they know they have a problem and a poorly designed, not robust, engineering flaw in this aspect. The lock also feels loose inside and light weight for its size. Clearly the electronics take up space and they did not account for any attempt to mimic the proper solid feel of a real lock by adding ballast weight. I will probably return mine since it will not withstand simple scrutiny.


Community questions about Sure Lock

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Shay asks: The lock comes with what ? 1 remote ? or couple of them ? what you basically get if you buy this beautiful thing?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You receive the lock and remote as well as a few other things to help with the other features.
  • Richard asks: What does the RFID option allow you to do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unlock the lock.
  • Marc asks: doesn't a lock with a charging port give away that there are electronics involved with lock or is there a way that it stays hidden?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: All locks come with a black sleeve that covers all ports and any holes that could be exposed.
  • Rich asks: Is there a non obvious method to keep the battery from draining when not in use, as in, it's "off" when unlocked?

    • 1. James answers: Great question. Yes, there is a 90-minute built-in timer. When the lock is not used for 90 minutes the lock will automatically turn off. Every time the lock is used the timer resets to 90 minutes before it turns off. Also on the previous question. The black rubber boot that fits over the lock hides all ports and looks normal because many real locks have the same rubber boot.
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  • Brian asks: Is there a way to still open the lock in the unlikely event the electronics fail?

    • 1. Tim answers: No there is not. The tutorial says the lock must be charged
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  • Piers asks: Q. When the lock is 'unlocked', does the clasp need to be pulled to open, literally, or will it just slide open with gravity? The former would be preferable...

    • 1. Tim answers: It will slide open with gravity, or very easily if lifted up. The hasp does not have the typical “hook” or “notch” that a normal padlock has. its a dead giveaway that its magnetic or solenoid based as an electronic release mechanism, and you can feel (and even hear if its quiet) the small motor both disengage (unlock) and engage (relock) the hasp when triggered to do so. Especially if held in your hands, you can easily feel the release mechanism operate thru the black rubber boot, which by the way contrary to a review above, DOES have a small pin hole thru which you must poke an activator similar to a SIM card key, in order to power on the lock.
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