Fortune Calendar

Trick by TCC Presents and Terry Chou
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Fortune Calendar

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Trick by TCC Presents and Terry Chou (From $59.95)

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Fortune Calendar - magic
Fortune Calendar Fortune Calendar Fortune Calendar Fortune Calendar Fortune Calendar

Multiple amazingly unique predictions in one gorgeous, practical tool.

"Fortune Calendar" is a one-of-a-kind mentalism prop from Terry Chou and TCC. Using this special "desk calendar", you'll be able to predict a random selection of items from up to 4 different helpers. You have the complete freedom to predict anything you want.

For example, you could have different audience members flip through and select foods. The lunch in your box then perfectly matches their random choice. It's a fun, memorable prediction that leaves a much stronger impression than simply writing down your answer.

This is just one of many possibilities. It's extremely easy to use and can be customized however you see fit.

Two versions of "Fortune Calendar" by Terry Chou and TCC are available. The standard version offers a more traditional calendar look while the walnut version has a wooden base.

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Customer reviews for Fortune Calendar



I recommend this to you, but there are a few things you need to know before you purchase. Let me give you the cautions, then tell you the good stuff. The cautions: First, there is a good amount of arts and crafts here where you have to assemble all four notepads and secure all the images you have chosen on each of the pads. It's a fair amount of work. Second, the stand is a bit wobbly in the base. It's easily fixed with a piece of tape or bit of paper, but I'm unsure why they manufactured it that way. Not a big deal; an easy fix. Third, with the pads secured to the stand, it is hard to effectively riffle through and show the different images or words. You can do it, but it's just a bit awkward. Go to :40-:50 on the preview video to see what I mean. Nothing awful, just not a clean display of the different images. Fourth, the instructional video is only 6 minutes long. It just shows how to assemble it and the very basic idea of how it works. For me, this is not a huge minus since I consider this a utility that lets me develop my own routine around whatever theme I want, but they are certainly not teaching you a lot of creative possibilities. Craig Petty this is not.

Now the good news is this is a really nice effect that's easy to do, should work every time, is very visual, and is likely to get good reactions. If the name Sven rings a bell, you've used this kind of gimmick before, especially when you were in your magic youth. Having four pads is what makes this utility work so well. With ten options (e.g., a cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder, Big Mac, etc; whatever routine you choose) on each pad, you can rightly say that there is a 1 in 10,000 chance that they will have picked the exact same selection you chose in advance (1 over 10 to the 4th power for you math nerds). When it's a match, you'll get a great reaction. I like the flexibility and versatility to create a routine that fits you and your unique style. Consider this a 4.5 Star review. Recommended.


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