The Ultimate Guide to Magic

Book by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay
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The Ultimate Guide to Magic

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Book by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay (34.95)

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The Ultimate Guide to Magic is the new gold standard for beginner magic books. Offering the perfect blend of hard-hitting, easy-to-do magic tricks and vital foundational techniques, this is the perfect book to give or recommend to anyone looking to learn magic tricks.

As magicians, we all know people who love magic and want to learn how to do it themselves. The Ultimate Guide to Magic is the perfect gift for family, friends, and clients who want to add some magic into their lives.

This easy-to-follow guide to becoming a magician was written by professional magicians and Vanishing Inc. Cofounders Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. Determined to create the magic book they wish they had when they first started, the duo developed a fresh, novel way for people of any age to learn magic tricks easier and faster than ever!

30 killer professional-quality tricks are taught, including contributions from some of the most respected professional magicians in the world like Jim Steinmeyer, David Roth, Pat Page, Don Alan, Ed Balducci, Martin Gardner, and Bob Hummer. Each one takes just a few minutes to learn, allowing eager new magicians to start amazing friends and family instantly!

From card tricks and coin tricks, to mentalism, and even a unique card-to-banana routine, there is an amazing variety of magic taught. The book also includes many important principles and techniques like the Cut Deeper Force, the Out to Lunch principle, the PATEO force, the Parity Principle, and more. There's even full detailed crediting and history too!

No stone is left unturned with the detailed explanations and crystal-clear photographs in this beautiful 116-page hardcover book. As a special unique feature, each book is also sealed with a mini padlock to protect the secrets. Only the magician who owns it can unlock it.

Beyond teaching the core secrets, The Ultimate Guide to Magic showcases how to effectively perform each trick the right way. This is a crucial differentiator from TikTok or YouTube exposure videos filled with improper technique taught by amateurs.

The Ultimate Guide to Magic is an affordable, modern resource that shatters the barrier to entry for magic for those of any age. By learning directly from professionals, the next generation of magicians will build the foundation needed to grow into the best possible magician. The more hands this book gets into, the larger role it will play in improving the art of magic.

Whether you’re gifting it to your son who could use a boost of confidence, a niece looking to amaze all her friends, or even just a coworker who could use some help with their public speaking skills, there isn’t a single person who wouldn’t benefit from the invaluable lifelong skills that come from learning magic.

Grab a copy of The Ultimate Guide to Magic for the aspiring magician in your life today!

The Ultimate Guide to Magic Contents

Rolling Wrists
Despite following along with you, nobody in the audience can bend their hands quite like you can.

Heightened Sense
Predict a stranger’s exact height with perfect accuracy.

Cracker Conjuring
You toss a cracker into the air and impale it in midair with your finger.

Amazing Autograph
A participant names a card from a special deck of cards where each playing card is “autographed” by a different celebrity. You predict which celebrity they’ll choose.

Mind-Reading Meal
You hand out five paper plates and ask five people each to write down their favorite meal. The plates are then taken back and mixed up. As if stepping directly into their minds, you are able to work out who wrote each meal.

The Cut Deeper Force
A super easy and sneaky card magic technique that allows you know in advance which card a person will cut to. There are an endless amount of ways to use this versatile move!

Decoding Thoughts
Someone chooses a card while someone else draws random, squiggly lines all over a blank sheet of paper. You are able to interpret the drawing to show what card your friend chose.

Card to Banana
A chosen card appears inside a banana.

Torn and Restored George
You tear the portrait from a dollar bill and then immediately restore it.

Cutting to Four Aces
Your friend cuts the deck into four packets and discovers that they have somehow managed to magically cut to the most powerful cards in the deck...the four Aces.

A Sure Bet
You bet the contents of your wallet you can correctly predict a freely chosen item. Several friends help compile a small collection of nearby objects like cell phones, credit cards, etc. After these items are whittled down to one, you show a prediction that seems to be wrong. But then you’re proven right once they open your wallet.

You borrow several objects and place them in a row on the table: a watch, nail clippers, a pen and a coin. Through a fair process of elimination your friend chooses one: the coin. You then reveal that the objects themselves spell out the word “coin.”

$100 Prize
As much a shocking prank as a magic trick, you discover a $100 dollar bill inside the layers of a random, unprepared, borrowed, drink coaster.

Slippery Sleeves
You produce a tall glass of liquid...from your jacket sleeve.

Fugitive Coin
You make a coin magically change in their hands!

Blind Luck
You and a friend test your luck by each taking half a deck of cards under the table and blindly selecting a card for each other. When the chosen cards are turned face up, it’s revealed that you both managed to choose the red Queens!

Ring on String
This looks like real magic, but is actually just some super easy sleight of hand. You’ll make everyone’s jaws drop with this one!

You heal a “blister” by making it visually melt off of your fingertip.

Pocket Aces
After letting someone else shuffle a deck of cards, you put it in your pocket. Then, by touch alone, you’re able to reach into your pocket and quickly find the four Aces.

Coin through Table
You hear and see a coin pass through a solid table top.

Fingertip Mindreading
You ask all of your friends to think of one of their fingers! You then correctly identify which finger they are thinking of.

You cause a borrowed ring to defy gravity and magically move on its own as it works its way up a stretched-out rubber band.

Mysterious Magic Square
This is an amazing display of mental dexterity, in which you seemingly do impossible calculations using a number chosen by someone else. Don’t worry though, no difficult math is actually required.

Note Way
You ask someone to hide a dollar bill under one of three upside-down cups, and then invite them to mix the cups while your back is turned. You then turn back around and hover your hand above the cups, trying to sense where the bill is. Amazingly, you’re able to get it right every single time.

Change Machine
Someone selects a card, which is then lost in the deck. You explain that you will try to find the card, and if you can’t, you’ll buy them anything from a nearby vending machine. You attempt to find it... and get the wrong card! So, you insert the playing card into the vending machine’s money slot and the card magically changes to the selection inside the machine!

Milky Coffee
You’re at a restaurant with a black coffee. You take a coffee creamer and somehow make the cream vanish from inside the container. Then, when you stir your coffee, the milk magically appears inside.

Water Cooler Moment
Despite holding a glass of water upside down, you’re magically able to make the water stay in the glass.

Heads or Tails
Your friend randomly drops some coins onto the table and then, while you are looking away, they mix coins up so that there’s no way you could know the heads/tails orientations of the coins. They then cover one of the coins with their hand, and when you turn back around, you are able to see right through their hand and tell them if the coin is showing heads or tails.

A Total Trip
You show some blank postcards and ask someone to write down the name of their dream destination. Without ever looking at the postcard, you are able to read their mind and figure out exactly where they would love to visit.


Customer reviews for The Ultimate Guide to Magic



Just buy this! This book made me smile because it's not just for beginners, it's for anyone who loves magic. There are some hidden gems in here for the professional performer. First class in production.



Calling anything 'The Complete' or even 'Ultimate' is a dangerous, in magic, thing to do. I bought this book before assessing its contents, it was not therefore the book I was expecting. However, there are some fine effects in here, several I have already put to use. The explanations are good and the production values are excellent. You will notice the book is closed with a padlock. Tarbell's original course was initially supplied with a lockable steel container and I suspect the thinking is pretty much the same (which is something I applaud. Someday, I hope the parameters and components of magic will all be identified with a suggested reading list as to where the enquirer should be headed but then, I am too much into the theory! For a youngster who wants introducing to several principles and some fine Effects, I'd say they will enjoy and hopefully treasure this book. 4 out of 5 from me.



Nicely produced. Must the best book on the market for a young (and old) beginner. I have really enjoyed reading the book and would highly recommend this to any beginner to explore. The photos are nicely done, the text is clear and all the tricks are excellent. I can recommend this book.


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  • Jose asks: Are these the same tricks from The Ultimate Easy Magic Course videos?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Nope. There's a lot more here. You can see the full contents above.
  • John asks: maybe I wanted to buy the book if there was an index available

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The contents are listed above
  • Les asks: I have a grandson age 10. He's pretty smart, reads and writes well and has a so/so interest in magic as I have bought him some beginner tricks in the past. My question is originality. How much of the book simply repeats beginner type affects or would this book be a step up in introducing new material? Respectfully

    • 1. Micah answers: The book starts with beginner affects but it gradually gets into hard material. It's a great book for someone who is just starting out. I even use some of the tricks in my shows. I hope this was helpful.
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  • Bradley asks: Does this cover any stage or parlor magic, or only close-up?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's a beginners' book for close-up magic and mentalism. Zero stage or parlor.
  • THOMAS asks: Can you please provide a table of contents? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The content of the book is listed above
  • rex asks: does it get frustrating having people ask the same question over and over? I can only imagine.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sometimes ;) but we enjoy helping customers.
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