Magic For Beginners

Ever wanted to learn magic? Whether you want to perform a trick for some friends, or start a career as a professional magician, we've got you covered. We've picked a selection of the best tricks that are performed by famous magicians, yet are easy to do!

Become a magician: learn from the best

Magic is the perfect hobby and we're here to help you get started. While we stock one of the world's largest collections of magic tricks, on this page we have selected the very best ones to get you started.

While most magic tricks take practice and dedication, the ones above are a little easier. Each trick comes with detailed video tuition to ensure that you can learn it quickly and easily.

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We've written a series of articles to get you started:

What is the best way to start learning magic tricks?
How to learn magic online
How to learn magic for adults

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Card Magic Downloads

Card magic downloads

Everyone loves card tricks! Grab yourself a good deck of cards and start learning right away.

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Coin Magic Downloads

Coin magic downloads

Ever wanted to learn how to make a coin vanish? Or make coins secretly move from one hand to the other? The world's best coin magicians will show you how.

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Close-up Magic Downloads

Close-up magic

Close-up magic is the kind of magic done right in front of people's eyes with everyday objects. We've got plenty of them to get you started.

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