Bicycle Elite Playing Cards

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Bicycle Elite Playing Cards

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Deck of cards by Penguin Magic (From $3.95)

Some options in stock. Order in the next 30 minutes and it will go out today!
Bicycle Elite Playing Cards - magic

This is simply the best feeling deck of Bicycle playing cards you'll ever own—and you won’t have to pay an absurd price to get them. These playing cards are built AND priced to support the needs of working professionals.

When they were initially released, Bicycle Elite Playing Cards completely changed the game for magicians, cardists and gamblers. In fact, living legend magician Michael Ammar has dubbed this deck of cards as his “all time favorite out-of-the-box working deck!”

So, what makes Bicycle Elite Playing Cards so special?

Bicycle Elite Playing Cards are manufactured by the USPCC on an ultra-thin luxury stock with an elite embossed finish that makes them insanely flexible and durable—most notably offering increased resistance to the warping that can be caused by high humidity. These incredible cards are ready for your favorite magic trick, cardistry routine or card game right out of the box. As they are also traditionally cut, they handle, shuffle and fan like a dream without ever needing to be broken in.

Printed with a classic Rider Back design and tucked into a traditional box, Bicycle Elite Playing Cards will never arouse any suspicion from your spectators. Yet, in the hands of the right performer, these things can be lethal. Especially when you consider the fact that each deck also includes two identical jokers, a double-backer and a blank-faced card.

Bicycle Elite Playing Cards are available in either Red or Blue. You can select individual decks or full bricks when you checkout.

Card stock: Crushed
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: No
Custom faces: No
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: Yes
Includes matching jokers: Yes


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Customer reviews for Bicycle Elite Playing Cards



The Elite deck edition is excellent, the cards in your hands feel smooth and you can do any magic effects you want as soon as they are opened, I recommend these cards 100%.



Great value deck off playing cards, included in this deck is one double back and one blank face gaff card, which is great, no black tab, which is a great idea, you still get the cellophane seal around the tuc box, which is great for keeping the odd gaff card in.



This Bicycle Ellite deck is a great deck to handle, plus if you like doing the farrow shuffle, then this is in my opoinnion the deck to use.
Plus you get two jokers, that are both in colour, and two different gaff cards
No black tab, so no more sticky or damaged tuc box, and you still get the cellophane wrap around the tuc box, so you can keep your gaff cards there.



Wow! These are some of the best cards I’ve ever felt! They came broken in!!!



Best bang for the buck on playing cards I've ever gotten. Great quality. They (almost) stack up to the Gold Seal for perfect table, one-hand, and one-hand table faros. As far as regular faros, they almost faro themselves. They go in like butter.

Bicycle Elite Playing Cards by Penguin Magic