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Bicycle Elite Edition Deck of cards
Bicycle Elite Edition
Deck of cards by Penguin Magic - From $3.95

"My all time favorite out-of-the-box working deck!" Michael Ammar "As soon as I felt the way the Elite Edition Bicycle cards felt, I had to try mixing the black cards with the reds from a normal deck of Bikes. Suffice to say I'll be getting a lot more of these decks...

NFW trick Trick
NFW trick
Trick by Penguin Magic - $19.95

If you have to ask what the name stands for, you haven`t seen it done!Effect: You display a packet of four face up Jokers. As you count through them, one Joker turns face down. As you count through again, another turns face down. The effect is repeated with the next two cards, until all four...

Read Between the Lines Book
Read Between the Lines
Book by Gazzo and Penguin Magic - $22.95

Gazzo is recognized as one of the world's foremost street entertainers and magicians. For over 25 years, he has been performing his unique style of magic throughout the world. From the streets of Boston, USA and London, England to Cruise Ships and Las Vegas, Gazzo is held in high esteem by his...

Westminster Playing Cards Deck of cards
Westminster Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Penguin Magic - $7.95

Westminster playing cards are the ultimate collaboration between England and the US. Designed by Phill Smith (creator of Stegosaurus and the DMC Black/Gold Marked deck), the Westminster deck is inspired by the gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey and offers a timeless look combined with a...