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Trick by Penguin Magic
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Charge Card

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Trick by Penguin Magic (19.95)

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Charge Card - magic
Charge Card Charge Card Charge Card Charge Card Charge Card

NOTE: This is not a real method to charge a phone. It's simply a powerfully convincing illusion.

A magic trick that emulates something we all wish we could actually do! With one quick tap, your phone appears to instantly receive a full charge.

"Charge Card" is a magic trick allows you to step into the future and create the illusion of charging your smartphone from a low battery all the way up to a full charge in seconds. It's so convincing, it had some of the top tech people in the world completely baffled after it went massively viral, earning more than 12 million views on TikTok and YouTube. Many articles were written debating the technology is real.

And now, you can carry this viral sensation in your pocket everywhere you go.

After showing how the battery on your smart phone is low, you remove your "Charge Card". It looks like a credit card with a circuit board on it. This is placed across the phone. A green charge line then appears and then starts to drain as the "charge" is "transferred" to your phone.

"Charge Card" works on both iOS and Android.

  • No special apps or extra gimmicks required
  • Nothing to recharge or replace
  • Super easy to use

Once you complete the simple 5-minute set up, you'll be ready to perform "Charge Card" anytime, anywhere. Just carry it in your wallet and you'll be able to convince your friends that you've gained access to some seriously amazing futuristic technology.

"It's like having your own personal Carbonaro Effect in your pocket. I love it!" Michael Carbonaro, The Carbonaro Effect

"It's an interesting moment of almost-possible seeming technology that people find fascinating. I will sometimes ask a stranger to rub the card on her sweater. Then I'll use the charge she captured to charge my phone." Andy from The Jerx

"My favorite things are good food, great magic and amazing technology. Charge Card combines two of them in the best possible way. I was so fooled the first time I saw it, I said I had to buy some immediately for myself and my tech-crazy friends. While I never expose magic secrets, I have shown it to so many people who were convinced it was real, I had to explain it was all an illusion because they would not stop hounding me to find out where they could buy their own." Cyril Takayama

NOTE: Your phone does NOT actually charge. This is simply a powerfully convincing illusion.


Customer reviews for Charge Card



Easily carried and ready to go at any moment . Hyper Visual !



This is one of those things where people ask if it’s real or if it’s a magic trick. They’re completely baffled and can handle my phone and the card and not even get close to how it’s done.
I use this as a lead up to digital force bag and other mentalism routines.



Not as shown in the trailer (they never are) but once set up with a bit of messing around the effect can be performed. Not happy about handing the card out you would need a pretty good excuse!


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  • Roel asks: Does this trick works on other peoples (spectators) phone or just on the phone of the owner of the card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can use it on any phone that you have it setup on, so if you want to use a friends phone, they would need to be in on it.
  • Sage asks: hello, i have some questions about this product

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email us at with any queries you have
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