Bicycle Elite Marked Cards by Penguin Magic

Deck of cards by Penguin Magic
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Bicycle Elite Marked Cards by Penguin Magic

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Deck of cards by Penguin Magic (9.95)

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One of the best everyday use marked cards for any magician from professionals to hobbyists. Designed with Maiden Backs to look just like the Bicycle Playing Cards magicians use on a daily basis, these “Marked Cards” by Penguin Magic will make you never want to use a normal deck of cards again.

We have to hand it to our friends over at Penguin. They absolutely crushed it with these “Bicycle Marked Cards”. They are an incredible blend of functionality and affordability.

Marked playing cards are a criminally overlooked card magic weapon because many magicians worry they will get caught. “Bicycle Elite Marked Cards” completely squash all these worries by looking and feeling identical to the Bicycle Playing Cards you’re likely already using. The same decks of cards your audiences uses for card games or sees on the shelf at the store.

The bold marking system can be quickly read at a glance, even from a distance. In fact, at first, you probably won’t believe that the spectator’s can’t see it. But, the way it’s carefully blended right into the natural design elements makes it practically invisible to the untrained eye. The fact these don’t look like a weird trick deck of playing cards automatically disarms your audience. We’ve even used these at magic conventions and they’ve gone unnoticed until we mentioned they were marked.

These “Marked Cards” don’t just look like an ordinary deck of cards, they’re also priced very similarly. Meaning you can, and should, use them just like any other deck of cards. They’ll be your new favorite everyday carry for close up magic performances.

Even if you don’t perform effects with marked cards, having a marked deck is one of the best safety nets in all of card magic. Pair it with an Invisible Deck and you’ll always have a way to save yourself when a trick goes wrong.

“Bicycle Marked Cards” are printed on Elite Stock by the United States Playing Card Company. This is the same incredible stock used on the super popular "Bicycle Elite Playing Cards". It offers perfect flexibility combined with smooth handling. The traditional cut also allows you to shuffle these cards like a dream.

Each deck comes with two downloads teaching you the best magic tricks with marked decks and how to get the most out of your marked playing cards.

As a special offer for the most serious card magic performers, there is even a version that comes sealed in Mnemonica order. That means you can take an unopened deck, have a spectator break the cellophane and then launch right into your favorite stacked deck routines.

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Customer reviews for Bicycle Elite Marked Cards by Penguin Magic



Great marked deck, once you no were to look it's easy to see the reader back marking system, comes ready stacked in mnemonica order which is great, also comes with two very useful videos one on how to use the deck, the other are full demos and routines, both are worth watching.



Great deck easy to see the reader marking system once you no we're to look.



the quality of this deck is excellent, the Elite finish is simply crazy to use as soon as you open the pack, the markings are easy to read in all directions, and at the same time very discreet. none of my spectators have noticed it so far, even though I deliberately leave the cards lying around on the table. The tutorial is full of good ideas, complete and entertaining.



Great deck! I will be using these in all my performances now. The instructional materials from Rick Lax & John Armstrong provide some incredible effects to get you started!



A classic reloaded. The red back design is visually appealing and the marked cards are easily readable. The mnemonica order is a bonus for those familiar with the system, making it a versatile choice for both performance and practice. The cards are durable and shuffles well, making them a reliable choice for card tricks and games. Overall, a great value for the price.



Usual VI standard - Good communication. Delivered on time.



Very easy to read marking system. Unless a spectator takes the cards and explicitly looks for markings they are unlikely to notice it, so you can use this deck just as you would a normal one. The only thing to avoid would be doing some kind of routine that makes it too obvious the cards might be marked, because if your spectator decides to check they will find it. I don’t think this is a disadvantage at all if you perform properly though.



Great Mnemonica stack deck, easy to read marking system, comes with two cribs in bold print, which is great.


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  • Christopher asks: Are these rider back or maiden back?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Maiden backs.
  • Nicholas asks: Hi there I ordered 2 decks of makes cards and received rider backs and I have no idea where any markings are HELP N

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  • Janner asks: what exactly does "Mnemonic order" mean?

    • 1. Neal answers: See the book titled Mnemonica.
    • 2. Rehan answers: Mnemonica order refers to the memorised deck order (or stack) devised by Juan Tamariz. It is one of the most popular and widely used memorised stacks in magic (The Aronson stack, devised by Simon Aronson, is another popular memorised deck order).
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  • Rodney asks: Can they be inspected

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They sure can!
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