Bicycle Invisible Deck

Accessory by Murphy's Manufacturing
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Bicycle Invisible Deck

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Accessory by Murphy's Manufacturing (7.50)

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The Invisible Deck is the most iconic gaffed deck miracle ever created. Now do it with Bicycle cards!

Believe it or not, it was actually difficult for a while to obtain QUALITY invisible decks in the Bicycle brand. This is of course preferred, since you want familiarity above all when using a gaffed deck. Bicycle is the most popular brand in the world.

The roughing material used on these decks is perfect: not so sticky that you can't separate the roughed pairs, but not so light that they spread unwillingly. 

his invisible deck comes with clearly-written instructions by the late, great Daryl. 

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Customer reviews for Bicycle Invisible Deck



Good Shipping. Clean and Well made Deck. Definitely will buy again when needed.



These playing cards are wonderful and I can't wait to receive it in the mail



An absolute delight of a deck! Get a big pop from your audience with very little effort!



The "Invisible Deck" is a powerful and versatile magic tool that will enhance any magician's performance. The deck is well made, easy to handle, and delivers stunning illusions that will leave your audience in awe. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the "Invisible Deck" is a must-have for your magic collection. Highly recommended!



I've been doing magic for about 4 years and had heard of this deck a long while back, but never bought one. I made my own ( which, using the above rating system was " Below standard") but now I finally bought one. I can't put it down! There are limitless possibilities!
Thanks VI!



Love the quality of the Invisible Decks. I got a couple more of these just for the different applications of this deck. Nice to have a couple of decks prepared so you can grab one right before you walk out the door.



My package came as ordered. I've read reviews of other decks using this principal that fall short. Some say that the cards are cut poorly or the gaffing doesn't work properly. I can say that mine looks and performs exactly as it should. I recommend it for a must have walk around item. There are so many good routines out there to learn and if anything it is the best universal "out" for selected card tricks. A classic!



This is a classic deck, and paired with Craig Petty's visible project, you can have some seriously deceptive and entertaining card magic.

The Bicycle quality is the standard for working decks and these are no different. Excellent and reliable consistent feel, finish and colors make these THE most trusted and expected cards for magic.



This is a great deck that every magician needs. The effects you can perform with this are baffling. This is what real magic looks like in the eyes of the spectators.



Very good quality, arrived in good time, easy to use, simple instructions. One thing that could be better would be if the deck arrived in order, i.e. the even cards all facing one way and the odd cards facing the other instead of half and half. This is easily fixed when you get it ( just flip half the deck 180° ), however. I would really recommend this to any new magicians who want to have an easy-to-use effect.



If you've never owned an ID, you're in for a treat. The versatility of this deck is stunning. Sure, the classic presentation given in Daryl's instructions still elicits gasps from laymen. But check out Josh Jay's Handpicked Astonishments and Craig Petty's recent Visible project with The 1914 for mind-blowingly creative, alternative presentations and uses for this deck. This Murphy's version tends to be over-r'*&%%ed in my experience, making the moment of reveal a bit more difficult to do smoothly. The ones you get with Visible are far better (plus you get 4.5 hours of high-quality material). Better still experiment with creating your own for a deck perfectly adapted to the nuances of your handling style.



it is what it is, i mix in an invisible shuffle, in which the participant cuts the invisible flips and shuffles, so u can quickly show both sides if needed, work it out how you will. also i have two one red and one blue, in separate pockets to go as far as letting them choose the color of the deck. take it were you want, cool effect though. minor math skills needed. cool to have a mirage in ur pocket for a switch, or reg deck, as it always goes, get creative


Community questions about Bicycle Invisible Deck

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  • Danila asks: When ordering this deck, is there a magic deck itself? or is it just a video download?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is a special deck of cards we will ship you. (And it's many magician's favorite special deck of cards!)
  • Neal asks: It's almost impossible to separate the cards. Is there anything I can do make them less sticky/rough so they'll come apart easier?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you email our Customer Support Wizards a video, they will be able to advise you personally.
    • 2. Jim answers: As you practice, they should loosen up.
  • Gregory asks: The cards barely stick together, and every time I spread the cards, backs show.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is likely you're not applying enough pressure as you spread them, but in case you have an unusual "bad" deck, please contact and someone will take care of you.
  • Larry asks: I’m ordering Brainwave deck today, so soon I’ll know exactly how it works. That said, is this Brainwave deck different from Invisible Deck? That is, can I do Invisible Deck trick with Brainwave deck? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While the Brainwave Deck and Invisible Deck are similar in effect and method, the decks work differently and you cannot use the Brainwave Deck for the Invisible Deck.
  • Rodney asks: I saw another video that you can do this trick with any deck of cards. Why would I need this deck specifically for the trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are methods to achieve this plot using a regular deck, but most involve memorising a deck. If you have a mem deck down pat, then consider (but he even teaches a version without needing to memorize a deck. However, for pure, easy, simple magic, this gimmicked deck will serve you incredibly well.
  • Matt asks: Does this come with instructions? Thanks!

    • 1. Matt answers: Never mind, it say’s it on the package
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