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Bicycle Invisible Deck  - magic
Bicycle Invisible Deck Bicycle Invisible Deck Bicycle Invisible Deck Bicycle Invisible Deck Bicycle Invisible Deck

The Invisible Deck is the most iconic gaffed deck miracle ever created. Now do it with Bicycle cards!

Believe it or not, it was actually difficult for a while to obtain QUALITY invisible decks in the Bicycle brand. This is of course preferred, since you want familiarity above all when using a gaffed deck. Bicycle is the most popular brand in the world.

The roughing material used on these decks is perfect: not so sticky that you can't separate the roughed pairs, but not so light that they spread unwillingly. 

If you're looking for the best resource to LEARN the Invisible Deck, our own Joshua Jay's Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck on DVD (HANDPICKED_invis) is the way to go. This invisible deck comes with clearly-written instructions by the late, great Daryl. 


Community questions about Bicycle Invisible Deck

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  • Danila asks: When ordering this deck, is there a magic deck itself? or is it just a video download?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is a special deck of cards we will ship you. (And it's many magician's favorite special deck of cards!)
  • Neal asks: It's almost impossible to separate the cards. Is there anything I can do make them less sticky/rough so they'll come apart easier?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you email our Customer Support Wizards a video, they will be able to advise you personally.
    • 2. Jim answers: As you practice, they should loosen up.
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Customer reviews for Bicycle Invisible Deck



This is a great deck that every magician needs. The effects you can perform with this are baffling. This is what real magic looks like in the eyes of the spectators.



If you've never owned an ID, you're in for a treat. The versatility of this deck is stunning. Sure, the classic presentation given in Daryl's instructions still elicits gasps from laymen. But check out Josh Jay's Handpicked Astonishments and Craig Petty's recent Visible project with The 1914 for mind-blowingly creative, alternative presentations and uses for this deck. This Murphy's version tends to be over-r'*&%%ed in my experience, making the moment of reveal a bit more difficult to do smoothly. The ones you get with Visible are far better (plus you get 4.5 hours of high-quality material). Better still experiment with creating your own for a deck perfectly adapted to the nuances of your handling style.



it is what it is, i mix in an invisible shuffle, in which the participant cuts the invisible flips and shuffles, so u can quickly show both sides if needed, work it out how you will. also i have two one red and one blue, in separate pockets to go as far as letting them choose the color of the deck. take it were you want, cool effect though. minor math skills needed. cool to have a mirage in ur pocket for a switch, or reg deck, as it always goes, get creative

Bicycle Invisible Deck by Murphy's Manufacturing