20 Stylish Custom Playing Cards

With new decks of cards being released every day, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most stylish and unique playing cards for any magician, cardist or playing card collector.

These are not the rarest cards in the world (yet), we just think they're the most stylish. What part these cards will play in the history of playing cards is not known yet, but when someone writes an article about fun facts about cards, surely some of these will be featured in the future?

One thing is for sure, if you invest in decks like this, make sure you know how to store and display them!

1. Memento Mori Playing Cards
One of the best-selling custom decks ever, this stunning low-poly deck from Chris Ramsay reminds us to remember our mortality. It’s distinct colors and skull design are symbolic of our need to make the most of our fleeting time on Earth.

Every element of this deck, from the backs to the faces, is customized. Even the pips break free from traditional playing card design.

Since Ramsay is a magician, these decks were also printed by the United States Playing Card Company on premium Bicycle stock to ensure they perfectly shuffle, spring and fan right out of the box.

Memento Mori Playing Cards

2. Kubik V2 Playing Cards
The eye-poppingly vibrant Pantone Fluoro colors of these playing cards will help any magician or cardist stand out from the crowd. As the special backs also glow under a blacklight, you’ll be able to dazzle audiences with truly unique card tricks and flourishes. This is especially true when you factor in that these playing cards are printed by Cartamundi on premium crushed stock with a True Linen B9 finish.

3. Star Wars Playing Cards
Two versions of these incredible playing cards were made to celebrate the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The blue Star Wars Light Side Playing Cards are themed around rebel and resistance heroes, as well as Jedi knights, and feature an amazing Millenium Falcon back design. Each one also comes with a set of fully-customized court cards featuring legendary Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Ray and more.

The fierce red Star Wars Dark Side Playing Cards are laced with evil detailing from the Death Star to TIE Fighters and the symbols for the First Order, Sith and Galactic Empire. This deck of cards also has its own totally unique set of face cards that centers around a Darth Vader King of Spades and features sinister characters like Kylo Ren and Palpatine.

Both versions of Star Wars Playing Cards come wrapped in their own distinct embossed and foiled tuck case that will look amazing in any playing card collection.

Star Wars Playing Cards

4. Derren Brown Playing Cards
Iconic magician and mentalist Derren Brown spent two years working closely with theory11 to carefully craft every precise detail of this lavish deck of cards. It’s opulent illustrations are paired with gold foiling to create a luxurious design that resembles an ornate antique book.

Printed on quality stock by the USPCC, these premium playing cards embody Derren’s passion for advancing magic as an elegant art form.

5. Sunrise Playing Cards
Inspired by the beauty of a sunrise at sea, this remarkable deck of cards was the first release from Fran CG and Sunrise Cards. Even though they have a minimalist design, these playing cards are packed with an exceptional amount of depth and detailing, particularly the pink and teal color scheme. Fran worked tirelessly to ensure this aesthetic accurately reflected the vibe of a summer evening.

Infused with metallic silver inks and manufactured by the USPCC on their signature crushed stock, these delightful playing cards are limited to just 2,500 decks.

6. Six Strings Guitar Playing Cards
Designed by Ade Suryana, in collaboration with Murphy’s Magic and Kardify, this exquisite deck of cards combines music and magic like never before. With its vintage fonts, intricate back design and totally reimagined court cards, this deck of cards exudes elegance.

Each deck is also printed by the USPCC and packed into a Clover St. Press tuck box with copper foil inscriptions and textured letterpressing.

Six Strings Guitar Playing Cards

7. Jazz Stripes Playing Cards
Modeled after the iconic Jazz Stripes cup design from the 90s, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a time machine every time you pick up these playing cards. This deck doesn’t just look great though, it’s also been printed by Cartamundi on Superlux B9 stock for premium performance. The distinct wavy lines on the borderless backs allow you create stunning visuals with every cardistry flourish, spread or fan.

Each deck also includes an exclusive Ace of Spades, unique Jokers, and comes packed in an awesome cigarette-style card case with spot glossing and silver foiling.

8. Bitcoin Playing Cards
This impressive deck of cards from Patrick Kun was fully funded on Kickstarter in less than 12 hours. He worked closely with IPO52 and artist Billy French to create a breathtakingly elaborate design that also houses an unbelievably deceptive marking system. While the trained eye can identify the suit and value of any card with just a quick glance, these marked cards are imperceptible to anyone else.

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co. with their innovative Stud Finish this unique deck of cards is as functional as it is beautiful. (However, we wouldn’t suggest using these marked playing cards to cheat at your next poker game).

9. Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz Playing Cards
These eye-catching metallic pink cards were specifically crafted for those who seek to break free from the norm. Their sleek color and design pays homage to the nostalgia of 1950’s casinos and exudes elegance and confidence.

Despite its vintage aesthetic, these cards feel fantastic in your hands thanks to a remarkably flexible and snappy crushed Bee stock. Combine this with two included gaff cards and Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz Playing Cards are perfect for any card trick, cardistry flourish or card game.

Cherry Casino Flamingo Quartz Playing Cards

10. Blueberry Mint 2 Luxury Playing Cards
After raising more than $500,000 from over 5,600 backers on Kickstarter, it’s safe to say that Blueberry Mint 2 Luxury Playing Cards from 52kards are one of the most popular decks on this list. These elegant cards are the epitome of quality and luxury.

Printed on plush, casino-grade Bee stock with a traditional cut, they offer unrivaled handling. They also feature a multi-directional Mint Marking System, a double-backer and two identical Jokers for added card magic possibilities.

11. Remedies Playing Cards
This exclusive release is Daniel Madison’s first deck manufactured by the United States Playing Card Company in years. Madison worked closely with Daniel Schnedier to create this special addition to the Black Roses Playing Cards series.

Remedies Playing Cards are filled with hidden card magic secrets and built-in magic tricks (including a custom gaff designed specifically for performing Madison’s iconic Angle Z trick). From the custom pips and indices to the unique detailing on the court cards—including the unique Daniel Madison King of Diamonds—this is an amazingly collectable deck of cards.

For extremely passionate playing card collectors, there are even special Private Reserve Remedies Playing Cards available.

Remedies Playing Cards

12. Chess Club Playing Cards
Designer Vivek Singhi dedicated more than 2 years to crafting this beautiful deck of cards and ensuring it offered an unmatched blend of unique aesthetics and incredible practicality for any magician or cardist. Every detail, from the distinct back design, to the reimagined suits, face cards, Jokers and custom tuck box, was drawn by hand.

Each one-of-a-kind deck is printed on premium crushed stock by the USPCC and fully marked for the suits. It also comes with access to 2 bonus downloads for an exclusive card trick and a flashy false shuffle.

13. Hollywood Roosevelt Playing Cards
The immaculate Hollywood Roosevelt Playing Cards allow playing card enthusiasts to capture Hollywood’s illustrious history in the palm of their hands. This exquisite deck of cards was meticulously designed to exemplify the style, history and luxury of the iconic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel that has catered to countless icons from Marilyn Monroe to Charlie Chaplin for nearly a century.

Hollywood Roosevelt Playing Cards

14. Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards
One of the most successful playing card Kickstarters of all time, the remastered Modern Feel Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards and Vintage Feel Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards are beloved by magicians, cardists and playing card collectors alike.

While their design is identical to the original Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards (which are one of the most expensive and sought after collectable decks of cards in the world), their handling and feel was specially crafted to suit the needs of modern magicians and cardists. With multiple versions and colors available, there is a deck of Jerry’s Nugget Playing Cards for everyone.

15. Sumi Original Craft Playing Cards
The remarkable Sumi Playing Cards were taken to astonishing new heights with the Sumi Original Craft Playing Cards. This stunningly visual and elaborate tribute to classic Japanese Wabori Tattoo Art is bursting with symbolism and features jaw-dropping illustrations of Ukiyo-e elements, mythological creatures and Heroes of the Marsh.

Only 1,200 of these decks were ever made. Each one was printed by the USPCC on crushed stuck with a traditional cut and comes packed in a custom-numbered German stock card box with foil stamping, multi-level embossing and letterpressing.

16. Gilded Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night Playing Cards
With only 300 decks ever made, this is the most limited edition deck of cards on this list. Created by Lynn Patricia, this special deck of cards allows you to admire every detail of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic “Starry Night” painting in a totally new way.

Each deck is printed on classic stock with an embossed linen finish and gold gilded edges by the USPCC. However, the standout feature of these playing cards is undoubtedly the fact that it also doubles as a challenging puzzle. A unique piece of “The Starry Night” can be found on each card. When all 52 cards are put together, it creates a poster of the painting that can be framed and used as a centerpiece item in your card collection.

Gilded Vincent van Gogh The Starry Night Playing Cards

17. Ace Fulton's Casino Femme Fatale Playing Cards
These are a limited edition release within the popular vintage casino-inspired Ace Fulton Casino playing card series from Dan and Dave Buck. They combine a retro style with a modern look and finish and feature a breathtakingly gorgeous black-and-pink colorway accompanied by Arrco-style Court cards, a custom Ace of Spades and matching Jokers.

Each deck is printed by the USPCC on The Buck Twins’ signature thin stock and comes packed in a premium letterpress box.

18. Invocation Playing Cards
Jackson Robinson’s Kings Wild Project is known for creating some of the most beloved custom decks of cards, and this hand-illustrated masterpiece is no exception. Invocation Playing Cards are an unbelievable combination of exquisite design and technical achievement.

Two versions are available: Invocation Copper Playing Cards, which are infused with dazzling metallic copper inks and printed on traditional cut stock by the USPCC, and Invocation Platinum Playing Cards, which are decorated with silver cold foil and printed on B9 stock by Cartamundi. Both editions come secured in a jaw-dropping letterpress and embossed tuck case from Clove St. Press.

Invocation Playing Cards

19. Gold Goblin Playing Cards
Created by Toomas Pintson, one of the most respected playing card designers in the world, Gold Goblin Playing Cards feature an eye-popping back design that was exclusively crafted to enhance every flourish. In particular, these shiny metallic gold and black inks help create mesmerizing fans such as thumb fans, giant fans, pressure fans, twin fans and more.

Each deck of Gold Goblin Playing Cards is manufactured by the USPCC and packaged in a matching tuck box with a gold foil seal.

20. The Dapper Deck
The Dapper Deck is a remarkably elegant deck of cards that was exclusively designed to offer magicians a luxurious, yet affordable, alternative to standard playing cards. Printed by the United States Playing Card Company on soft-crushed stock, these premium playing cards offer the optimum and dependable performance magicians need. Each deck also comes with a double-backer, blank-facer and matching jokers for extra card magic potential.

You can purchase The Dapper Deck in either Orange or Navy Blue. Both colors are wrapped in a matching die-cut tuck case with chic interior printing and a custom seal.

Dapper Deck

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We'd not recommend any of these decks if you're planning on trying to cheat at cards - they draw too much attention to themselves.

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