The Dapper Deck (2019 USPCC Edition)

Deck of cards by Vanishing Inc.
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Card stock: Regular
Card finish: Air Cushioned
Printed by: USPCC
Box seal: Yes
Custom faces: Yes
Includes a blank facer: Yes
Includes a double-backer: Yes
Includes matching jokers: Yes

Printed by USPCC
Printed by
Card finish
Air Cushioned
Card stock
card stock
Custom faces

The Dapper Deck (2019 USPCC Edition)

8.00 usd

Deck of cards by Vanishing Inc. (From $8.00)

In stock. Order in the next 10 hours, 14 minutes and it will go out today!

When it was first released in 2012, The Dapper Deck was an absolute smash hit that sold out almost immediately. After years of requests, this incredible deck of cards is finally available again with some amazing improvements.

While they might look like a premium collectable, The Dapper Deck was built for professional magicians looking for a chic and affordable alternative to standard playing cards. That’s why we have shifted manufacturers to the USPCC so these playing cards can be printed on an incredibly soft and smooth crushed stock that offers the optimum and dependable performance magicians need.

Each deck also includes a blank-facer, double-backer and matching Jokers for added card magic value.

On top of improving their functionality, we wanted The Dapper Deck to be even more elegant. So, in addition to its handsome design, each deck is secured in an incredible die-cut tuck case with new luxurious interior printing and a custom seal that won’t be found on any other Vanishing Inc. deck of cards.

Get yours before they sell out again!


Community questions about The Dapper Deck (2019 USPCC Edition)

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  • Andrew asks: I got this deck as a present, so could you tell me about the marking system? I have only that deck now, no instructions and explanations yet..

    • 1. Andrew answers: I’m just a blind, sorry, no need in instructions anymore... sorry
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  • Wong asks: I love using this deck. but frankly, can you lower the price. pengxxx is not the producer, but they sell it cheaper than you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They're selling the older version, not printed on USPCC stock. We also offer a Price Match Guarantee so if you ever find the same product on a site for less than we have it at, we'll match the price. Hope that clears it up!
  • Greg asks: Sorry just got these, missing nstrixtions on the marking system?

    • 1. Tony answers: The marking is very easy to read so it does not include the instruction If you can't find the mark, please email to Vanishing, they will be happy to help
    • 2. Tony answers: The marking is very easy to read so it does not include the instruction If you can't find the mark, please email to Vanishing, they will be happy to help
    • 3. Greg answers: Sorry found this immediately, no problems. Thanks
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  • Jeff asks: Are the Jokers the same as the original or did you change? Personally I like a more elaborate joker design especially when doing a routine with them.

    • 1. Tony answers: The Jokers are the same original version
    • 2. Tony answers: The Jokers are the same original version
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  • Jeff asks: Also, the deck I got which is a couple years old, the boarder width is very inconsistent. Was that corrected? Thank you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It sounds like you had a slightly misprinted deck before, which can happen with any deck. The ones I've seen have all been good, if you need specifics please email and I can send a photo of the most recent one I opened up.
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Customer reviews for The Dapper Deck (2019 USPCC Edition)



Beautiful card design, gents! I assume this is Andi's handiwork? As a pseudo-fashionista, I'm a big fan of paisleys, so how could I not love these?! My order is in! I must ask the obvious question: after going through all the work to develop these gorgeous backs, how could they NOT be marked? In any event, excellent work, guys.



Even though I wrote an earlier review BEFORE I received your new Dapper Decks, I feel compelled to let you and your customers know what an EXQUISITE deck this truly is! The backs are elegant, as are the court cards and aces. The built-in marking system is not only devious, but the read is super fast and easy. No counting or searching - just glance at the back and you've got it. Also, the card stock is firm but pliable, the cut feels great in the hand, and the finish is silky smooth. I tell you all this because I am NOT a card guy, but I am a pro and I LOVE these cards! I can't wait until you create a gaffed deck of various cards to match. As always, you guys set the standard. Thank you and keep up the fine work. Cheers.



Very nice deck with pretty backs. Some cards (as well as the AoS) have patterned pips, which is a nice touch. The marking system is quite brave but that doesn't mean that people are any more likely to notice it.



This is a brilliant deck of cards and have just become my favourites!



Beautiful art, super-thin borders, lovingly-recolored classic royalty, bulletproof stock—a great workers' deck, especially if you like your cards stiff.



Defintely in top my Top 3 decks --
- Gorgeous design
- Smooth handling and perfect thickness
- Simple and fast marking system
- A workers deck with the right amount of style infused with standard courts and pips



Unlike Mark here, I AM a card guy. I collect cards—but I'm picky. I don't just grab every Tom, Deck, or Hoyle that comes out. I'm on the lookout for panache, uniqueness, and of course, quality. I also handle all my cards; they don't just go in a case or on a stand. Therefore, when I say that these are, by far the highest quality cards I've ever held in my hand, I'm not just building hype or trying to score points with Andi & Josh. "Exquisite" is not a term I throw around easily, but that is the best term to describe them. I'm getting one, maybe two bricks of these as soon as possible. Thanks Vanishing Inc. for your impeccable taste and commitment to real quality.



I am a card guy and I gotta say:
-Love the back design
-Love the stock
-Love the faces
-Love the tuck case
-Love.... well, I LOVE EVERYTHING
The marking system is so discreet but obvious at the same it even fooled me, a card magician with 8 years of experience. I had to CALL them (Vanishing Inc) to know how to read them (By the way, Tim was super helpful and comprehensive). Excellent deck, buying a brick ASAP



Just got mine. Everything is perfect, except I couldn't find any markings. I went to the movies and all. Not a hint. Until I finally found it. So simple and yet so invisible. Great work!



This is an excellent product. I have many special decks and this one feels right, has easy to use marks and is very attractive. The Dapper Deck is a must for every magi.



The back design on these is lovely; a very classy look that extends to the subtly recoloured courts and occasional paisley pips. The marking system was surprising; it's shockingly simple and, well, artless, but the back design is busy enough that if you're not looking for it, you probably won't see it. Love getting a double-backer and a blank with the deck, gives plenty of options.



These are beautiful and they handle so nicely. Really pleased with these in every way - I'll be ordering more!

2021 update: these are still my favourite non-standard (i.e. not Bikes or Phoenix) cards.



I'm not a card guy. These cards are amazing to handle. The cards are thin and easy to riffle or shuffle. No need to break in the cards.



I love these cards. Smooth, elegant, faro-ready out of the box, and discreet markings.
My one criticism is that the box says “vanishing cards” on it. Lay audiences already suspect trick cards when they see good card magic without it being advertised on the box. Even though the cards are technically examinable, the vanishing cards label doesn’t seem necessary.



I love the video add for this fun deck, and yes it's a reader back, and it's easy to read, once you no were to look, even the joker is a marked card, which is a first for me, but very usefull to have, I like the aces and the odd pip with the simular colours as the backs, this is a good quality fun deck to own.



Like somebody else, I love paisley designs, so winner for me. I have 3 bricks of them :)
Love design of the aces (each has a large pip), great for tricks with four aces.

My personal wish list to make these even better:
* Mnemonica order
* Either an option for no markings or an alternate more hidden marking system (I personally don't use it and kind of hesitant to hand cards out for inspection)
* Other colors than just orange/blue



Just a random follow up comment since somebody commented on the Jokers being marked.
The double backer is marked as well, and technically the blank face is "uniquely" marked also. It's the only card that is missing a marking :)



Love the design and feel of the cards. The design reminds me of shirts for the 70s as well as my Jerry Garcia ties. People still comment on my ties, and I imagine they'll comment on the cards when I go back out to perform live. Wish I'd been able to get the matching tie and pocket square. Hope you restock. Until then, I'll be buying more decks. :)



I love these cards. The paisley design is very cool and the colours are striking and contrasting but still tasteful.

The stock these cards are printed on is great and they feel great. I have a few of these decks and I’m always happy to display them in my home and show people some magic with them.

An added gimmicked card in there too for doing some extra magic tricks.



These are beautiful, elegant cards that are lovely to handle even if you do not use the reader back feature. I bought both colours. Vanishing Inc. kindly sold me one of the silk ties that used to be in the (now out of stock and very expensive) Dapper Deck Deluxe set. It is great fun to wear the tie and see if anyone notices that the navy dapper deck matches the tie. I wasn't interested in the matching silk square that was in the beautiful luxury box because I never wear a handkerchief in my outer breats pocket. Andi and Josh may have thought that was ‘the most fashion-forward’ thing to put in the set, but it doesn’t suit everyone’s persona. However, the tie works for me because I usually perform in a setting in which I am wearing a formal, navy suit. The cards are now printed on USPCC stock. They are nice and springy and flexible, a delight to handle. The tuck case stylishly matches the deck. It is in a trendy matt finish but feels quite low-brow and flimsy for such a classy deck of cards. What about the marking system? This is well concealed. It made me laugh out loud when I read in the Q & A section that some people complained they needed instructions! The markings are so discreet, this is understandable. It took me. a while to see them. But once you’ve seen where to look, the marks are beautifully clear. It is a reader back style. If you have good eyesight and you are working in a well lit room, you will find it very easy to read the cards. If, like me, you are old and wear glasses, you do have to focus carefully on the right part of the card to get your peek. In some situations, I find it necessary to use a gypsy peek so that I have enough time to get an accurate reading. I find Phil Smith’s system on the DMC Elite playing cards works better for me in some situations. I can read those from several feet away and no-one has ever spotted that the deck is a marked deck. Coming back to the Dapper Decks, I highly recommend them and they are very much cheaper than the Elites. You could buy both colours to use as an alternative to red and blue 'bikes.' Or why not buy a brick or half brick of each and use them as your signature decks?



I love these cards I’ve only just handled them and they are amazing. When I first received them, I thought maybe the marked part was in the curls of the paisley pattern, but then I found them, and they were quite obvious. This begged the question of weather or not the layman would notice, so I tried out the marking system on my brother who also does magic, I had to point to directly at it for him to see where it was!!! However I don’t think this is a deck of cards that you would want to hand out or giveaway to any spectators, because of this. I would also be worried about leaving a card with a spectator even for a short time, because the marking system is so obvious, Although it may have more difficult to design, it may have been a more discreet reader back if you had included the markings in the curls, besides that I have not criticism. Thank You!!!



I wanted to try these cards because I liked the back design and thought they would be great for both card magic and cardistry. Once, I felt these in my hand I fell in love. I have gone back multiple times to purchase more decks. I’ll admit, I do not care for nor use the marking system. But, who cares?! They feel and work beautifully. I love them. For that price?! The buyer is getting a great deal.



I ordered 3 decks of these cards as I was interested what the marking system was and I liked the look of them.

The marking system is amazing and practically invisible to anybody who doesn't know what there looking for, they are really easy to read also, no funny shapes or anything straight to the point.

The cards themselves are also amazing, they feel amazing straight out of the box, I hardly had to break these in. The backs look amazing also in both colours and the faces are also amazing.

I really love the pips and picture cards in this deck, will be using these alot and can't wait to get more.. Great value for money

Highly recommended for any card magician

The Dapper Deck (2019 USPCC Edition) by Vanishing Inc.