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Heart's Desire Tavern Puzzle Accessory
Heart's Desire Tavern Puzzle
Accessory by Tucker-Jones Tavern Puzzle Collection - $25.00

This amazing puzzle is the toughest tavern puzzle we offer. It is not recommended for beginners. The Heart’s Desire Tavern Puzzle has a difficulty...

The Vault - LinXus Magic download (video)
The Vault - LinXus
Magic download (video) by John Stessel and Martin Adams Magic - $29.95

Visually melt solid through solid at your fingertips. "You should be burned at the stake. This is too good!" Michael Ammar John...

Inside Out Book
Inside Out
Book by Ben Earl - $79.95

Ben Earl's "Inside Out" is a deeply personal book filled with radical new approaches for creating powerful magic. It will alter your...

Molecules Trick
Trick by Dave Loosley - $35.50

A surefire, practical real-world effect that can be easily carried in your pocket and is bound to be your new favorite everyday carry....

Mosaik Book
Book by Diego Voltini - $36.00

A devastating Rubik's Cube prediction that can be done with any regular cube, even a borrowed cube. With "Mosaik", a participant is...

Wooden Coin Tray Trick
Wooden Coin Tray
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95

With this clever prop, the magician can multiply the number of coins in a spectator's hand with no sleight of hand. Simply slide the coins off the...

Phantom Hand Trick
Phantom Hand
Trick by Meteorite international LTD - $160.00

A unique, breakthrough invisible thread device that will help you easily perform invisible thread effects from animations to floating dollar bills,...

Surprise Change Trick
Surprise Change
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $35.00

A dollar bill instantly and visual transforms into an chocolate egg. This sweet trick is brought you by Gustavo Raley. "Surprise Change"...

Dovetail Puzzle Box Puzzle
Dovetail Puzzle Box
Puzzle by - $21.99 $17.50 (SAVE $4.49)

This gorgeous puzzle box is composed of just two solid birch wood pieces. Yet, the invisible secret mechanism holding them together makes it tricky...

Tinker's Bell Tavern Puzzle Accessory
Tinker's Bell Tavern Puzzle
Accessory by Tucker-Jones Tavern Puzzle Collection - $25.00

This fun metal puzzle is an homage to the classic “tinker” or traveling “handyman” that, centuries ago, would go from village to village making...

Thy Will Be Done Trick
Thy Will Be Done
Trick by Alexander Marsh - $25.00

A powerful feat of mentalism you can carry in your wallet. Brought to you by Alexander Marsh and The 1914, "Thy Will Be Done" is an...

Liberty Vanish Trick
Liberty Vanish
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $29.95

What was one the largest trick ever performed, David Copperfield's vanish of the Statue of Liberty, is now a pocket sized illusion. The good news is...

The Vault - Presage Magic download (video)
The Vault - Presage
Magic download (video) by Michael Blau and Ethan Zack - $9.95

Presage is a devious tool allowing you to predict a thought of word or card. From the minds of Michael Blau & Ethan Zack, two up and comers in...

Stab Happy Trick (pre-order)
Stab Happy
Trick (pre-order) by Abstract Effects - $25.00

The classic card stab effect has been re-designed for close-up and street magic performers. A card is selected, signed and returned to the deck and...

Carat XSC Single Deck Display Accessory
Carat XSC Single Deck Display
Accessory by Carat Card Cases - $9.00

The Carat XSC Single Card Display is designed to proudly display your favorite poker size playing card without the fear of it getting soiled or...

CelebriKey (Batman) Trick (pre-order)
CelebriKey (Batman)
Trick (pre-order) by Matthew Wright, Marvelous-FX Ltd and Jamie Williams - $29.99

A stunning prediction you can take with you anywhere. While some say the best magic happens in the spectator's minds, others say the best magic...