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Ultra Green Playing Cards Deck of cards
Ultra Green Playing Cards
Deck of cards by - $13.00

LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. Ultra is an eye-catching deck of playing cards featuring a unique "Ultra" painting by Toomas Pintson on the back of the cards and the tuck. Ultra Green edition features green and purple colorway throughout the deck. Limited...

PCTC Productions Presents ABRA Trick (pre-order)
PCTC Productions Presents ABRA
Trick (pre-order) by PCTC Production - $29.95

Every time you have a party, every time you have a drink with friends, you have someone asking for a trick since your super friend sells you as "the craziest magician you've ever seen..." Now with ABRA, you will be able to perform a super quick and visual effect anytime, anywhere that...

Sandwich Change Trick
Sandwich Change
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - $29.95

If you ask a spectator what the most magical thing they've seen with a deck of cards is, they're likely to say a card change. And as performers, we know that the best magic happens in spectators' hands. Sandwich Change incorporates both elements to give your audience a visual shocker. Imagine your...

The Vault - Perfect Sense Magic download (video)
The Vault - Perfect Sense
Magic download (video) by Skymember Presents - $9.95

With this routine, you have the SUPERHUMAN ABILITY to sense the IDENTITY of individual cards from a SHUFFLED DECK left in the spectator's hands! Say hello to Perfect Sense by Daniel Hiew. A color sense card trick inspired by Asi Wind's Red and Black. You start by SHUFFLING the cards or have your...

Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download) Magic download (video)
Art of Presenting Magic to Teenagers (Download)
Magic download (video) by Danny Orleans - $75.00

Teenagers! They are so obnoxious and skeptical! Right? Not necessarily! Danny Orleans is an expert in presenting magic to preteen and teenage audiences. In this download, he shares over 35 years of experience performing more than 2000 shows at junior highs, high schools and private parties...

Neo Dice Magic download (video)
Neo Dice
Magic download (video) by Esya Bagja Gumelar - $9.95

An insanely visual transformation! With Neo Dice, your spectator selects and memorizes a card. You then fairly show them a die and place it inside your card box. With just a quick snap of your fingers, the die magically changes into the selected card. You pour out the card and show the box to be...

Murphy's Magic One Shot - Verbl Magic download (video)
Murphy's Magic One Shot - Verbl
Magic download (video) by Murphy's Magic Supplies Inc. - $6.00

An incredibly visual and impromptu borrowed “ring-on-band” that ends with an impossible souvenir! From the creative mind of Kyle Purnell, Verbl is a remarkably clean, visual and fun routine to perform. Kyle has studied countless ring-on-band routines and combined the best components of each into...

Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven Trick
Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven
Trick by Max Maven and Penguin Magic - $39.95

For the first time in 40 years, legendary mentalist Max Maven’s reputation-maker is available to you! This sold out instantly at Blackpool and our limited stock won’t last long. Pocket Nightmare is an amazingly visual card trick that is perfect for any close-up magic situation, and can even be...

Traveling Point Magic download (video)
Traveling Point
Magic download (video) by Christophe Cusumano - $17.99

A highly visual card trick built for any close-up magic situation. Your spectator selects and signs a card. You then draw a black circle or symbol on the card that magically disappears and jumps to another part of the card. This needs to be seen to be believed. Check out the demo video! Traveling...

Double Lift System: One Handed Magic download (video)
Double Lift System: One Handed
Magic download (video) by SaysevenT - $5.95

Discover a variety of methods for executing a double lift using just one hand with this third release in the Double Lift System. You’ll learn 4 special moves including: Memoria DL Radja DL Sanjaka DL Nusantara DL You’ll learn how to start the double lift from the top AND the bottom as well as an...

Size Does Matter 2.0 Trick
Size Does Matter 2.0
Trick by Juan Pablo Ibañez - $33.00

3 incredibly visual and impossible changes with just 1 gimmick! Juan Pablo has dedicated decades of his life to uncovering ways to not only change the value of a bill, but the size as well. Now, he has discovered how to combine multiple changes into one gimmick and the result is the incredible Size...

Ambitious Card Omnibus Book
Ambitious Card Omnibus
Book by Stephen Minch and Daryl - $60.00

Here's a welcome surprise! The Ambitious Card Omnibus by Stephen Minch was a slim but dense volume dedicated to all the best phases of the Ambitious Card plot. There are standard handlings as well unusual phases that have been largely forgotten since its 1987 publication. The book is written by...

UNOrthodox Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Alakazam Magic and Antonio Martinez - $38.95

One of the strongest close-up magic effects in the world is now even better with UNOrthodox! With this innovative new take on the Ultra Mental Deck, your spectator’s card will not only be the only face down card in the deck—it will be the ONLY CARD IN THE ENTIRE DECK! This mind reading miracle...

The Vault - Dropped Magic download (video)
The Vault - Dropped
Magic download (video) by Madison Hagler and Rich Piccone - $10.00

Invisibly switch a folded playing card (or bill or billet) right in front of your spectator’s eyes. The Vault is open again, and this time we are exploring an incredibly useful utility gimmick from Madison Hagler and Rich Piccone. Place your card box on the table and insert a folded card slightly...

Dealing With It Season 3 DVD or download
Dealing With It Season 3
DVD or download by John Bannon - $20.00

John Bannon is the absolute MASTER of easy to do, but eye-poppingly powerful card tricks. His incredible construction and routining mean you only ever need the most basic sleights to accomplish miracles. On Dealing With It Season III Bannon teaches all six of the killer routines from his acclaimed...

Spark - Self Lighting Candle Trick (pre-order)
Spark - Self Lighting Candle
Trick (pre-order) by The Orange Tree Magic - $175.00

Spark is the world’s first remote controlled self lighting candle designed exclusively for close-up magic. This candle looks and feels exactly like a real candle—to the point where you can actually place it on your spectator’s hands. Yet, with just the quick push of a button, you can make a flame...

Coin to Wallet Trick
Coin to Wallet
Trick by Rodrigo Romano - $30.00 NOW $22.80 (SAVE $7.20)

Would you like to perform a powerful, direct and amazing effect? Well, now you can -- with our new effect, COIN TO WALLET. The creator of Odyssey and Osmosis presents a new, unexplained mystery: COIN TO WALLET. When you see it, you won't believe it -- a signed coin disappears from the magician's...

Karl Hein Download Bundle (Special Offer) Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Karl Hein Download Bundle (Special Offer)
Magic download (video) by Karl Hein - $300.00 NOW $99.00 (SAVE $201.00)

Karl Hein is one of the most prolific creators in the magic world. His magic is innovative, diverse and really fooling. He is that rare case: an amazing performer, who is technically stunning, and performs almost solely original creations. This is the most impressive download bundle we have ever...