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The End Book Test Book (pre-order)
The End Book Test
Book (pre-order) by Angelo Carbone - $99.95

Experience a mind-reading revolution with "The End Book Test" by Angelo Carbone. "Angelo has produced a piece of mind magic that...

Jumbo Chinese Coin Super Triple Coin Trick
Jumbo Chinese Coin Super Triple Coin
Trick by Bond Lee - $199.95

Now you can perform super triple coin effects with a jumbo Chinese coin thanks to "Jumbo Chinese Coin Super Triple Coin (JCSTC) - Version...

LS Peas Accessory
LS Peas
Accessory by Leo Smetsers - $12.95

The perfect peas for the Three Shell Game. After many prototypes, Leo Smetsers has cracked the code with "LS Peas". They have the perfect...

Voyager Trick
Trick by Roy Kueppers and Gogo Cuerva - From $89.95

An audience-tested, angle-proof, no shell, multi-phase matrix routine that will leave every audience mesmerized. "Voyager" is a joint...

Letters From Juan - Vol. 3 Book (pre-order)
Letters From Juan - Vol. 3
Book (pre-order) by Juan Tamariz - $24.95

The highly-anticipated third installment in this wonderful 6-part collection from Juan Tamariz has arrived. Join The Maestro as he reflects on 50...

IceBerg Trick
Trick by MindFX and Daniel Dorian Johnson - $34.95

A minimalist approach to the classic ACAAN. Offering various techniques and modifications, "IceBerg" by Daniel Dorian Johnson is an...

Hexology Trick
Trick by Steve Haresign and MindFX - $34.95

Is music powerful enough to control the actions of your participant? Find out with "Hexology" by Steve Haresign. "Hexology" is...

Chronoforce Pro  App
Chronoforce Pro
App by Samy Ali - $39.95

Force any number using your phone's stopwatch with "Chronoforce Pro". This amazing magic app from Samy Ali allows you to perform miracles...

CubeBuster Trick
Trick by Henry Harrius - $169.95

Henry Harrius’ top-secret tool is now available worldwide! “Henry Harrius is a creative genius and has taken the art of cube magic into the future....

Monu Trick
Trick by Alexis De La Fuente - $29.95

A modern and playful take on a powerful ESP effect that replaces the often-unrecognizable ESP symbols with specially-made cards based on the beloved...

The Koran Deck Project Trick
The Koran Deck Project
Trick by Liam Montier and Big Blind Media - $19.95

Easily reveal any card a participant simply looks at with this ingenious gimmicked deck and special project from Liam Montimer and BigBlindMedia....

Enso Trick
Trick by Eric Chien and Luo - $124.95

A stunning, one-of-a-kind-revelation. As ink is dripped on to a card, it slowly starts to move itself into the form of a shape that a spectator is...

Ring to Shoelace Trick
Ring to Shoelace
Trick by Adrián Carratalá - $225.00

From fooling Penn and Teller directly into your working set. This stunning effect had us feeling like kids again and we’re so thrilled to bring it to...

Cardvertisement Trick
Trick by Luca Volpe, Alan Wong and Michel Huot - $149.95

Convince your audience that you can truly influence their thoughts. With "Cardvertisement" a free choice matches a prediction that has been...

Returning Tiger Magic download (video)
Returning Tiger
Magic download (video) by Aurelio Ferreira - $9.95

A torn and restored...can tab. Yes, you read that right. The classic torn and restored effect receives a soda can/beer can makeover with...

ARM: Almost Real Magic Trick
ARM: Almost Real Magic
Trick by Meir Yedid Magic and Obie O'Brien - $19.95

A clever routine filled with surprises that you'll love performing. "Almost Real Magic" by Obie O'Brien and Joe Riding is a fun effect...

The Very Modern Mindreader (10th Anniversary Edition) Book
The Very Modern Mindreader (10th Anniversary Edition)
Book by Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti - $24.95

A special 10th anniversary edition celebrating the first book published by Osterlind Mysteries. Richard Osterlind has improved much of the material...