Magic by Matthew Garrett

Ninja+ Deluxe DVD
Ninja+ Deluxe
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $165.00 NOW $125.40 (SAVE $39.60)

This 3 DVD series explains every move that Matthew uses. The explanations are clear and easy to follow. There are basic moves & a beginner's routine so you can quickly & easily perform this effect. There are also more advanced flourishes, moves & an advanced routine for sleight of hand...

Close Up Linking Rings DVD
Close Up Linking Rings
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $99.95 NOW $75.96 (SAVE $23.99)

These are the nicest rings money can buy. The best ring routines you will see. This set lets you perform a routine joining 4 rings together. DVD Contents: Start Routine The count Follow along Spectator Unlink move Convincers Link/unlink ...

Ring in Bottle & BarBlade Trick
Ring in Bottle & BarBlade
Trick by Matthew Garrett, Michael O'Brien and Tom Brooks - $120.00

Let the audience examine a glass bottle and a ring. The ring clearly will not fit inside the bottle. You show how solid passes through solid by linking the ring on and off of a solid hoop! The spectator still cannot push the ring inside the bottle, BUT with a click of the fingers, either you or the...

Ninja+ Fusion Trick
Ninja+ Fusion
Trick by Brian Caswell and Matthew Garrett - $110.00

Show a silver ball and a solid metal ring. Slowly and visually fuse them together. Let the audience examine this strange object. Professionally presented in a round box, Ninja+ Fusion comes in a black chrome finish and you are provided with all of the props needed, both a DVD and online...

Ninja + Volume 3 DVD
Ninja + Volume 3
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $35.00 NOW $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Volume 3 Chapters: Intro Showcase Crash Linking Other Objects Multiple Rings Polo Mints Polo Crash Palm Link Polo Drop Link Polo Finish Reusing The Broken Polo Impromptu Polos Polo Drop Link Variation Competition Set-Up Polo Demo Switch In Moves Switch Out Move Reversing Switch In Bottle Link With...

Monty the Spiv DVD
Monty the Spiv
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $30.00 NOW $15.00 (SAVE $15.00)

The effect is you open a brand new deck of cards. You show the card in their new deck order. You shuffle and cut the pack and then tell a story using the cards. Despite the shuffles and repeated cutting of the cards throughout the routine all the cards turn up at the correct place in the story....

Ninja+ Deluxe CHROME BLACK Trick
Ninja+ Deluxe CHROME BLACK
Trick by Matthew Garrett - $165.00 NOW $125.40 (SAVE $39.60)

These rings are of the highest quality. The amazing chrome black finish is a color between traditional silver and dark matte black. This chrome black finish is shiny and is our favorite finish. The plating is of the highest quality and does not chip and is very hard wearing. "Holyshoot! Matthew has...

Expansion Set for Linking Rings Close Up Accessory
Expansion Set for Linking Rings Close Up
Accessory by Matthew Garrett - $89.95

These chrome black rings are stunning and accompany The Chrome Black Linking Rings Close Up & Chrome Black Ninja+ and FUSION, and match both in terms of size and color. You receive 4 rings of the highest quality - 3 joined rings and 1 single solid ring. Presented in a velvet bag and with online...

Ninja+ Extreme DVD DVD
Ninja+ Extreme DVD
DVD by Matthew Garrett - $33.00 NOW $25.08 (SAVE $7.92)

Ninja+ Extreme Contents: Matt Le Mottee Presents: Showcase Ninja+ olympics showcase New key ring technique Flying long distance Flying static link Planar Links (1,2,3 & flying) The impossible link Clamped link One handed palm link ...