GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set

Trick by Matthew Garrett
140.00 In stock - very few available.
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GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set

140.00 usd

Trick by Matthew Garrett (140.00)

In stock - very few available.
GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set - magic
GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set


The GiR Ring Set is a professional quality set of close-up linking rings using an innovative new method that allows you link them and then pass them out for examination with NO SWITCH!

"It's a game changer, these rings are incredible." Michael O'Brien

Designed by professional magician and linking ring expert Matthew Garrett (creator of Ninja+ Rings), GiR Close-Up Linking Rings (or Garret's Impossible Rings) are built for true workers. They are incredibly easy to use and can be performed while surrounded and even examined at the end. With a self-reset, these are some of the most practical rings you'll ever find.

Each GiR Close-Up Linking Rings Set includes:

  • 2 special GiR rings in either SILVER, GOLD or BLACK CHROME
  • 4 silver standard close-up linking rings
  • Carrying pouch
  • Online instructions

You'll learn 9 different routines from Matthew Garret, Mike Hill and Brian Hoseth, as well as Matthew Garrett's complete The Linking Rings Close Up.

A GiR Rings Expansion Set is also available for those who want to unlock a whole new level of close-up linking ring magic.

The material is powerful, and your instructions are very clear." Jeff McBride

"These props are wonderful and the ideas are great." Shoot Ogawa

"These rings allow the close-up magician to do the impossible: namely the ability to have the rings be examined before, during and after the routine. Highly recommended" Levent


Customer reviews for GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set



Bought this set of rings because I was hoping to be able to do a ring routine in a walk around setting. I was not disappointed. It took a few days for me to get it right, but I just finished several corporate gigs where I was able to do the routine, and finish with Ninja+. Spectators love it, especially when you can hand out the rings for them to examine. For the first time, you can have a routine that cannot be detected. Highly recommend!



I own the Messado Rings as well as the TCC inexpensive close up set. I really like both sets and think each one is well worth the price. Unfortunately my Messado rings (in black) are pretty chipped up, so I wanted to get a cleaner set anyway. The standard set in the GiR full set handle the best as far as smoothness of link/unlink. I have a bunch of convincers I put in the routine and most people are satisfied with that. However, being able to freely hand the rings out before, during, and after the GiR links is such a game changer. I’m really happy I got these and only regret not doing it sooner.

On top of that, they come with a lot of ideas and clever routines. Recommend for sure.



I Love the Gir rings set im still learning and everytime im getting better at it good quility rings i i give it 20 stars



I have to admit I did not realize what this was when I first received my order! At first sight it looked as if this was just a rather ordinary set of small rings!! BUT...this is why the rings are so deceptive, and now I feel that this is a wonderful innovation in our magic!! I now have an exciting new ring routine, and I just have to say thank you, this is pure genius!! David Schwall NY p.s. Make a large set too!!


Community questions about GiR Close-Up Linking Ring Set

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  • Alonzo asks: how much scrutiny can these rings stand when handing out to be inspected? Is there a switch?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They will stand up to a solid inspection. None.
  • Tommy asks: Will this and the expansion set come out in the Black Chrome of Garrett’s other sets?

    • 1. Dottore answers: There is no news of such at the moment.
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  • Jane asks: I bought the set of GiR Rings with special extension rings at Christmas...delighted with the set: Rings are great. Instructions - Fabulous...but there was no carrying pouch! Not a massive problem, but it was listed as part of the contents of the product on the page. I'm sure this oversight can easily be rectified?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Hi there. Please send out Customer Support Wizards an email and they'll help you out.
  • Stacy asks: Can these be used for any existing linking ring routine to make it more convincing, or is there a specific handling that they have to use for the secret to work?

    • 1. Andrew answers: They are not able to be used for traditional linking rings.
    • 2. Sal answers: The set of rings six rings you receive includes a traditional four ring set that can be used to do any routine you're used to doing. In addition, you receive two special GIR rings. The GIR rings are an addition to your standard routine and the secret is entirely different. Using the GIR rings ALONE, you can't do traditional routines. But you CAN do any traditional routine with the standard set and then add the special GIR rings into your routine for an additional impossible phase.
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  • Len asks: I truly a beginner, never used rings, I am starting with gimmicks that do the work. Will these rings fit the bills of the gimmick doing the work or is there something simpler for me?

    • 1. Jim answers: GiR will take a lot of practice and rehearsal for a beginner.
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  • Sal asks: I own a set in silver and they're superb. I really love them. I'd like a set in gold, too, but have tried a friends set and they don't seem to handle as well as the silver. Is that something you've seen? Or perhaps it's just my perception? They seem to be much tighter and stiffer. Is that typical? Or in general, do all the different color sets perform with the same smoothness and easy handling?

    • 1. Jim answers: They are the same in my limited experience. I would suggest ordering a set, and try them for yourself. Vanishing Inc Magic has a great return policy. If the good rings are different, you can send them back for a store credit.
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  • Kurtis asks: I noticed another set of rings by Matthew Garrett on the VI site for ~ $100, titled "Close Up Linking Rings". Does "GIR Close-Up Linking Ring Set" include everything that the lesser priced "Close Up Linking Rings" has? In other words, are the rings the same (sans the special GIR rings) and is the same DVD included in "Close Up Linking Rings" included in the GIR package?

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