Ninja+ Fusion

Trick by Brian Caswell and Matthew Garrett
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Ninja+ Fusion

110.00 usd

Trick by Brian Caswell and Matthew Garrett (110.00)

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Ninja+ Fusion - magic
Ninja+ Fusion Ninja+ Fusion Ninja+ Fusion

A stunningly visual close up magic miracle. Now available in a new luxurious gold version!

"Ninja+ Fusion" by Matthew Garrett and Brian Caswell is an elegant effect where you display a silver metal ball and a silver metal ring. Visually, you fuse these together to create an impossible object.

Choose between either a dark black, black chrome or luxurious gold finish for your "Ninja+ Fusion" rings.

This amazing effect is great as a standalone piece of close up magic, or can easily be combined with a close up linking rings routine. It's surprisingly easy to learn. Beginner magicians will love it and those with sleight of hand experience will quickly recognize ways to get even more out of these props.

"Ninja+ Fusion" is ideal for close-up magic workers, even if you don't perform any Linking Rings routines. The effect is unique and is easy to carry in a walk around or table hopping situation. You could even perform in certain parlor magic situations.

Comes with all the props needed as well as a DVD and online instructions. The comprehensive tutorial features a variety of routines and appearances from many close up linking rings professionals. This includes Matthew Garrett, Michael O'Brien, Seong Jin Lim, Ollie Ward, Lewis Joss and Tom Brooks.


  • Intro
  • Showreel
  • Props
  • Credits
  • Short Routine 1
  • Short Routine 2
  • Short Routine 3
  • A Basic Routine
  • Flash Products
  • Smoke
  • Extending your Routine
  • Sliding Ball
  • Advanced Routine
  • Advanced Switch
  • Flourishes
  • Audience Participation
  • Flying Link
  • Adv. Routine Explanation
  • Introducing the Ball
  • Spellbound
  • More Switches
  • Crossing The Gaze
  • Centrifugal Switch
  • More Moves & PK Ring
  • Eye Poppers
  • Moves, Tips, Use of Fire
  • Angles
  • Cleaning Props

Runtime: approximately 92 mins

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Customer reviews for Ninja+ Fusion



I love the idea of an impossible object, and also penetration effects.

So...I adore Ninja Fusion!

Despite the simplicity of method, there are actually many ways to handle the props and routine it (Matthew Garrett does a great job in the tutorial).

I've found a way to make it seem as though the loose ball never leaves the audience's sight, right up to the moment of fusion. That slays audiences!

Not cheap, but to get great reactions with good quality props, sometimes you need to pay the price.


Community questions about Ninja+ Fusion

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  • Pavel asks: Hi, Ninja Fusion Are 4 Ninja Rings, 1 special ring and 1 pro 2 Balls in package? I like it. Thanks

    • 1. SGKYDUYEN answers: You can see everything you will receive at the end of the trailer video. It comes with 2 rings (one special ring, one key ring) and two ball
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  • John asks: Just to be sure...the description begins by referring to a silver ring. The options describe black rings. My other Garrett rings are silver. Is silver available? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: At the moment, black seems to be the only available option
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