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Atlas Kit (Red) Trick
Atlas Kit (Red)
Trick by Rocco Silano and RPR Magic Innovations - $45.00

Impossible appearances and disappearances that happen at your fingertips. The Atlas from RPR Magic is the ultimate sponge ball utility device. It...

Comedy Breakaway Scissors Trick
Comedy Breakaway Scissors
Trick by Martin Schwartz - $49.95

A unique alternative to classic breakaway props. This modern take on the beloved gag is perfect for any magician, comedian, clown or prop comic....

Triple Helix Trick (pre-order)
Triple Helix
Trick (pre-order) by Snake, Tumi Magic and John Byng - $39.95

Amazing. Visual. Impossible. This is arguably one of the best deck productions ever made. Make a deck of cards visually appear out of thin air with...

The Amazingest Memory Test Magic download (ebook)
The Amazingest Memory Test
Magic download (ebook) by Sarah Trustman - $20.00

"What Sarah has done with the Memory Test is astounding. Her updates and use of visuals is a refreshing take on how to do this seemingly...

Magic Inside Out Book
Magic Inside Out
Book by Lawrence Hass and Robert Neale - $35.00

Magic Inside Out is a tremendous collection of 12 never-before-revealed routines from Bob Neale. Each mind-bending effect follows his trademark style...

Amnesia Book
Book by Vincent Hedan - $44.95

Can you perform Mnemonica miracles WITHOUT memorizing the stack? Vincent Hedan proves its possible with his amazing book Amnesia. Vincent dedicated...

Pringles Surprise Magic download (video)
Pringles Surprise
Magic download (video) by Juan Gabriel Ayala Duarte - $18.50

A Pringles can visually fills with chips at the snap of your fingers! Great for street magic, stage magic or children's magic. This is a versatile...

Press Button Magic download (video)
Press Button
Magic download (video) by Ebby Tones - $8.00

A visually stunning solid-thru-solid effect where a button is impossibly moved around your shirt! Watch the trailer to see it in action. The audience...

JX-Pocket Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Jeffry Duyung - $15.00

Visually transform an envelope into a credit card! JX-Pocket is perfect visual magic for social media videos, Zoom magic shows or even close-up magic...

Trick by Victor Zatko - $29.95

This extremely versatile hand-crafted gimmick allows you to perform a variety of insanely visual magic with ease! Whether you're performing in...

Magnet-0 Trick (pre-order)
Trick (pre-order) by Henry Harrius and Armando C. - $99.00

Magnet-0 (pronounced Magnet Zero) is, for us, all about the image. The most brilliant part about this terrific effect is the visual you get to create...

Prementaliction Trick
Trick by Vortex Magic - $35.00

"This is the ONE effect I use to open EVERY ONLINE show right now. It doesn't get any better than this. I can't wait to use this in live...

SBAM Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Nicola Lazzarini - $8.99

SBAM is a fun and visual Rubik's Cube solve that doesn't require any complicated algorithms. It's super easy to do. You will learn the moves in less...

Watch This Trick
Watch This
Trick by Rex - $70.00

We see a lot of magic….A LOT OF MAGIC. But, few tricks shock us in ways like Watch This. When we first started seeing this mind-boggling...

Black Art Filter Accessory
Black Art Filter
Accessory by Lemo magic - $49.95

The popularity of Black Art has skyrocketed in the era of virtual magic shows and now you can make it more deceptive then ever with the Black Art...

Carat XST Slip Tuck Case Deck of cards
Carat XST Slip Tuck Case
Deck of cards by Carat Card Cases - $12.00

Introducing the new CARAT XST Slipcase Tuck Box Case, which is slightly larger than the Carat X1, to accommodate for larger 'Slipcase' or...

Carat HB1A Half Brick Box Sleeves Deck of cards
Carat HB1A Half Brick Box Sleeves
Deck of cards by Carat Card Cases - $12.50

Do you collect custom half brick boxes (standard three rows of 2 decks configuration) but find that they are easily torn and damaged in other ways? ...