Magic by Lumos

Flick Whiteboard Trick
Flick Whiteboard
Trick by Tejinaya, Yuji Enei, Syouma and Lumos - 64.95

The massively popular "Flick Pad" gets a versatile whiteboard makeover with "Flick Whiteboard" You draw letters or images on the...

Flick Pad Trick
Flick Pad
Trick by Tejinaya, Syouma, Lumos and Shouma - 85.00

Instantly and visually change a picture or word with a simple Flick! "Flick Pad" is a versatile utility. It's a great way to reveal or...

Flick Wallet (Elastic Replacement) Refill
Flick Wallet (Elastic Replacement)
Refill by Tejinaya, Yuji Enei, Syouma and Lumos - 9.95

Dedicated replacement elastic for the "Flick Wallet". 20m. Elastic thread only. No instructions or wallet included.

Flick Jug Trick
Flick Jug
Trick by Yuji Enei, Lumos and Gatty - 124.95

Visual miracles with just a flick! The "Flick Jug" is your new favorite utility device for one-of-a-kind appearances and changes. There...