The Approach

By Jamie D. Grant
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The Approach

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Book or download by Jamie D. Grant (Book $49.95 or download for $37.50)

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The Approach - magic
The Approach The Approach The Approach The Approach The Approach The Approach

A complete step-by-step guide for becoming a working magician. If you’ve ever wanted to be paid, or to be paid more, for performing magic, then you need to grab a copy of The Approach by Jamie D. Grant—which is now available again after many years of being out of print. Get it as a physical book or ebook (or save big by bundling both).

We all get into magic as a hobby. But, for some of us, there comes a time when we wonder about the possibility of getting paid to share our skills. Whether you’re looking to make a few bucks on the side or want to become a full-time pro, The Approach gives you the practical advice needed to take the next step in your career.

So, why is it a softcover? Well, The Approach is not meant to be a collector's item. It's an interactive workbook filled with a variety of exercises you'll be doing as you go to help put these practical insights into action immediately. Just follow these steps and you’ll come out the other side as a working magician.

“Jamie D. Grant writes with wit, intelligence and brevity – a rare trifecta. In this book, he spills essential information that every walkaround performer needs to know. Sure, you already know some of this, but you don’t know it all. And that makes this a required investment in your performing career.” Ken Weber, author of Maximum Entertainment

The Approach by Jamie D. Grant has long been touted as one of the best resources for any magician looking to understand the real secrets behind the business aspect of show business. Sharing real-world insider knowledge from over two decades of entertaining billionaires and celebrities, Jamie teaches everything you need to go from learning a few tricks to becoming a paid professional.

It doesn’t matter if your magic journey is just getting started or if you have years of experience, this is a complete blueprint for becoming a successful working magician. You’ll learn how to book gigs, how to approach groups, how to connect with clients, how much to charge (including how to charge more!), how many tricks to do per group, how to create a contract, what to do when you get busted, and so much more.

Simply put, The Approach is designed to help you evolve from an amateur into a true professional. It is an investment that will continue to prosper for years to come.

“If you’ve been doing walk-around forever or just bought an invisible deck yesterday - The Approach is the best investment you can make. Jamie’s covered everything based on self-actualized innovation as a worker in the trenches. Two thumb tips up!” Bill Abbott

“P-ss-d that I didn’t have this back in the day.” Steve Valentine

Transform your passion into a profession. Read The Approach...and then read it again.

Contents of The Approach by Jamie D. Grant

  • How Many Tricks You Should Know
  • Who Are You?
  • Developing Your Sets Part 1
  • How to Practice
  • Your Magic Fridays
  • Business Cards
  • Websites
  • How Do You Look?
  • What to Wear
  • Funny or Serious
  • Are You Any Good Yet?
  • Starting Conversations
  • Touching People
  • How Much to Charge
  • The Cocktail Party
  • Getting Started
  • Volunteer Gigs & Charities
  • What to Say in Emails
  • The Telephone Call
  • Getting There
  • Developing Your Sets Part 2
  • Silence
  • What Does My Contract Look Like?
  • Transitions
  • Conquering Nerves
  • How to Get Gigs
  • Getting Ready for the First One
  • Fingernail Care
  • How Much Time to Prepare
  • Pocket Management
  • Your List
  • The Big Secret
  • Your Close-Up Case/Bag
  • Things to Never Forget
  • Hat or No Hat
  • The Handshake
  • What to Put in the Lobby
  • Whom to Approach First
  • My First Effect
  • What Rubber Bands to Use
  • Moving Through a Room
  • The First Words I Say
  • Highs and Lows
  • Getting Applause
  • More Transitions
  • Saying Goodbye to Your Group
  • Tables versus Standing
  • Dealing with the Alpha Male
  • Staying in One Spot
  • Busted!
  • Getting Compliments
  • Letting Spectators Shuffle
  • Reset - Reset
  • The Venue Staff
  • Kids at an Event
  • Burning Through Material
  • How Many Hours?
  • Remembering Names
  • When to Show the Event Planner
  • The Card Force I Always Use
  • Accepting Tips
  • Wallets
  • Handing Out Business Cards
  • What to Never Borrow
  • Someone Wants to Show You a Trick
  • A Regular Deck
  • Weddings
  • Large Tables
  • Joining Them for Dinner
  • Vest versus Jacket
  • The Second Big Secret
  • “Do It Again!”
  • Another Magician Shows Up
  • Gigs Outside
  • When Only Ten People Show Up
  • Do You Need a Stage Show?
  • Dance Floors
  • Checking Back In
  • Dropping Cards
  • Sponge Balls
  • Dealing with Disappointment
  • Hecklers
  • Open versus Closed Body Language
  • One-Handed Spectators
  • Stock Lines
  • Lone Stragglers
  • Journal
  • Leaving Them with Something
  • Custom Decks
  • False Memories
  • Invoices
  • How to Get Testimonials
  • Getting ALL the Money
  • Increasing Rates
  • Busking
  • Repeat Gigs
  • Pictures
  • Social Media
  • Agents
  • Going Full Time
  • Go Get It
  • The Beginning

Softback | 214 Pages

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Community questions about The Approach

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  • Kenneth asks: As an owner (one who frequently refers back to this book) of the original, does the new edition add any further/2024 insights to make updating worth it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is no updates in this book, this is a reprint of the original with a slightly modified layout.
  • David asks: What is the publication year of the original edition of this book?

    • 1. Chris answers: The PDF version I bought directly from Jamie last year shows a copyright date of 2013.
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  • Blake asks: Judging from what I glimpse on the pages shown in the trailer, THE APPROACH seems to be seriously slanted toward close-quarters magic, especially walk-around. Those aren't the gigs I'd be looking for. Would THE APPROACH have significant value if I'm NOT interested in that aspect of the business.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it is mainly dealing with close up, there are other helpful pieces of advice on creating a repertoire, how much to charge and dealing with clients.
  • Diego asks: Either I got a bad copy or there’s an error in this re-run as chapters 4,5 and 6 are printed twice backt-to-back?

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