Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only)

Book by Scott Alexander and Alexander Illusions LLC
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Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only)

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Book by Scott Alexander and Alexander Illusions LLC (149.95 - normally $295.00)

In stock.
Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) - magic
Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only) Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only)

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Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom by Scott Alexander was the first book to ever compile the life, career, and routines of the legendary Denny Haney in one place. It's a 500+ page masterpiece that sold out quickly. Recently though, Scott's widow Jenny unearthed a very limited supply tucked away in their garage. We're eager to ensure these invaluable books find their way into the hands of deserving magicians like you and, since they're NOT signed and numbered, we are able to offer them at a fantastic deal. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity—secure your copy now before they're gone for good!


Scott Alexander was one of Denny Haney's closest friends and he leaves no stone unturned in Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom. This massive undertaking features everything from Denny's remarkable life to detailed explanations of his most beloved effects. Captured through over 40 hours of interviews, it's as if Denny himself is speaking directly to you.

All of Denny's signature illusions are described in full detail with hundreds of photos and complete descriptions of all the moves and the trademark Denny subtleties that made his magic truly special. Across these pages, you'll find everything from close-up magic, to parlor magic, stage magic and manipulation.

You'll also get a one-of-a-kind look behind the scenes at Denny's extraordinary life in a nearly 30-chapter biography section. From his early days at Phil Thomas' Yogi Magic Mart to the trenches of the Vietnam War, every key detail of his career is explored.

His exploits on the road touring colleges are hilarious and sometimes downright scary, and his ascent to the top of the corporate entertainment market in the late 1980s and early 1990s is thrilling. You'll even learn how he got those high-end corporate clients with ease.

And yes, there is also a detailed discussion of his partnership, and eventual breakup, with Lee of Denny & Lee fame. This includes the humble beginnings of the first Denny and Lee Magic Studio on Marlyn Ave., to the opening of the massive Rosedale shop, and the wild and glamorous Las Vegas Studio that opened with a bang, and closed with a thud.

This is a once in a lifetime book available at a once in a lifetime price. Grab yours now!

9in x 12in casebound hardcover | 512 pages | Full color & black and white photos


Customer reviews for Denny Haney: Collected Wisdom (Book Only)


Scott R

I love this book, it is very beautiful, and the history is amazing! The book was made great and worth the money if you are a student of the arts.

VI Monthly


~Quick review~
Quality of book overall - 3/10
Quality of the content - 8/10
Book Rating - Not for the faint of heart.

~Longer Review~
I'm often battling at times when it comes to the cost of something. For example.
Stage by Stage = $60. It is a very well-made book. It's a thick book. Beautiful cover. Just an all-around really good book and the material (IMO) Should be required reading for new (ish) Magicians who want to take the art more seriously.

This book is almost if not $300. The book feels like it is made out of really cheap materials. If I leave the book out, the cover warps. The paper feels like a cheap textbook. But the material. ..... That is where the book shines. But more on that soon.
My point is where is the line when it comes to the cost and the quality? Meaning for a book that is $300(ish) I'm terrified that the book will just fall apart on me. And I keep decent care of my books. But nit-picking and complaining aside let's look at the book.

This book is not for those easily offended! (You've been warned!)
The book is 1/3 biography 3/7ths routines and 1/5th and around 0.03809 is useful thoughts on magic. I don't want to give too much away but If you like magic books that are raw and unfiltered but also contain a lot of great material and thinking. Then this book might be for you. Even if you do not plan to use any of the material in the book, it's a wonderful and thought-provoking read with a lot of good ideas that anyone can use to make themselves better in more ways than one. My only gripe about the book is just the material its made out of. I would have paid a little more for a nice hardcover. This book feels like the bastard child of hard and softcover. Dare I call it FlacidCover? or SemiCover? I could with some effort probably roll the book up into a tube, but I enjoy the book too much to do that.

That being said, this book will go on my "Rare and Favourite" bookshelf. It most definitely will be one of those books that once it's gone, you'll kick yourself for not getting it. (Unless you don't care then I think you'll be fine. Me on the other hand? I love books and strive to always keep learning and growing as a performer)

This review comes from book owner 598/1000


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    • 1. Greg answers: I do see it states casebound which should be sewn in sections and then glued but just wanted to double-check. Thanks
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