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52 by Scott Alexander

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Book by Scott Alexander (From $149.95 - normally $249.95)

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52 by Scott Alexander - magic
52 by Scott Alexander 52 by Scott Alexander

Extremely limited copies of this sold-out book have been uncovered! Don't miss your chance to own this one of a kind collection.

52 by Scott Alexander is a lifetime of work compiled into a massive 400-page book. This limited edition book features 52 of Scott's signature pieces and was released in honor of his 52nd birthday. It was believed to be completely sold out until his widow Jenny discovered a box of extra books while clearing out their garage following his untimely death (fittingly, it was exactly 52 copies). These books are the same as the deluxe version except for the fact that they are NOT signed and numbered. As such, we're able to offer them at an incredible discounted price. These are the final copies of this remarkable book. Don't miss your second, and final, chance to add it to your library!

52 is a comprehensive exploration of how Scott conceived and evolved each effect. You'll find everything from stage effects to platform magic effects and close-up magic effects. His work on shot glass productions, Russian roulette routines, the invisible deck, color monte, the centr tear and so much more is included. You'll never look at some of your favorite classic effects of magic the same way again.

Photographs and explanations are accompanied by funny and interesting stories like how Scott met Denny Haney or the time he fooled Joe Pesci. There will also be a companion video with further material and never-before-seen live performances.

52 by Scott Alexander also features essays discussing:

  • Presentation
  • Self-awareness
  • Creating effects
  • How to be an effective Master of Ceremonies
  • Why you lost the chance to book a gig
  • Standing up on stage
  • and much, much more.

Please Note: Some of the discussed effects are included to share the method and how it evolved. If you would like to perform them, you may need to purchase extra props not included with this book.

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Customer reviews for 52 by Scott Alexander



It is beyond great, just like Scott Alexander. But the typos are more than a thing to niggle about. Using a spelling checker is not enough, you always need an editor. Considering this book's price tag it is puzzling to understand why that didn't happen. Now Scott has gone we will likely never know.
Apart from this production issue everything is just wonderful. Looking for tried and tested entertaining stand up and parlour routines? They are here. Perhaps most importantly Scott shows you (through example) how to construct your own routines. There are no flow charts, no explanation of this, but 52 routines from one of the funniest professionals of the last 3 decades. Thanks Scott RIP


Scott R

This is not only an amazing book, but the content is also so exciting to read and learn so much history and magic! The book is absolutely beautiful!



Happy to get this one. Great book Easy to read. They sure do find some excellent resources for her at Vanishing. I am pleased. Thankyou



~Quick Review.~
Over all book Qulaity - 9/10
Tricks/Routines - 8/10
Stories/Filler - 8/10
Overall Cost 7/10

~Longer Review~
-52 Really high impactful routines taught in detail
-Each routine comes with a full script, music chouices, and thoughts about the routine and its creation
-Enteraining stories from Scotts past are scattered across the book giveing a little break in between the routines.

-Too short.
-Lacking a lot of visual aids for some of the routines.
-Some of the routines are taught in the script. Like in the script, it tells you how the trick is accomplish. And thats it.
-Some Typos.

Lets be clear. I had to stretch to find cons for this book. They typo thing is just a nit pick But I'll talk more about the book here.
It's also kind of hard to review this book. Its expensive for sure. But a lot of the products Scott puts out is in this book. You may have to go out of your way to find some of the props or make them yourself. And it might set you back a pretty penny to do so. But the material taught in the book is pretty A+ I do wish the book was longer and had more pictures. (I have severe ADHD so reading is a hard task. But I manage. Visual aids can help. But I understand why)
There are obviously some routines in the book that I wont perform, but reading about them and reading Scotts point of view on the material is incredibly valuable. There is a lot on Scotts creative process in the book and in each one of the routines he gives a brief overview of where the idea of the routine came from, where he learned parts from etc. Which I find to be incredibly benifical for sure.
This book contains 52 Tricks/routines, Gags, Sleights, Stage, Parlour, Magic to music, Close-up and even illusions. Along with fun and interesting stories from his past. Of course the book will have issues. The book is not for everyone and the price is a bit much, but the content there in (IMO) is worth it. I'm not even all the way through the book yet and have already started adopting and adapting some of the material into my show. A long with some of the performance tips as well.

The material in the book has really given me somethings to strive for in my own work. I hope this review helped someone.

This review comes from book owner 379/500


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  • Damian asks: Is a non-special edition edition planned, or will this offering be the only opportunity to read this book?

    • 1. Scott answers: Hey thanks for mentioning me....Maybe down the line in the future a soft cover edition, but this is it for now.
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