Magic by Martin Braessas

Sand Deck (Download) Magic download (video)
Sand Deck (Download)
Magic download (video) by Martin Braessas - 9.95

Produce a deck of cards from a single playing card. "Sand Deck" by Martin Braessas is your new favorite card magic opener. This super...

3D Advertising (Rubik's Cube) Trick
3D Advertising (Rubik's Cube)
Trick by Henry Evans and Martin Braessas - 49.95

There simply is no better way to open up your Rubik's Cube magic routine than with this amazing effect from FISM World Champion Henry Evans and...

My Poker Collection Trick
My Poker Collection
Trick by Martin Braessas - 14.95

A magical, fun and entertaining packet trick that audiences of all types will enjoy. "Finally a packet trick that makes sense. It's easy,...

Sand Deck (w. Gimmicks) Trick
Sand Deck (w. Gimmicks)
Trick by Martin Braessas - 29.95

A whole deck of cards is produced from a single card. "Sand Deck" by Martin Braessas is the perfect card magic opener! This easy to do...