Magic by Henry Evans

Risky Bet Trick
Risky Bet
Trick by Henry Evans - $35.00

We are completely impressed by this effect! It's the kind of trick that gathers a crowd at a walkaround show. And at Vanishing Inc. Magic, we look for effects that are different, doable, and commercial. This is the sort of thing you will use IMMEDIATELY. And we love the use of the floor to "set...

Opening Doors Trick
Opening Doors
Trick by Henry Evans - $110.00

YES. IT CAN BE EXPLAINED. The (in)famous "Trick that Cannot be Explained" developed by the Master Dai Vernon, is finally explained in details by one of the greatest exponent of our Art, Henry Evans. In these 3 DVD set you will find complete details of the techniques,...

The Other Side Of Illusion Volumes 1 and 2 DVD or download
The Other Side Of Illusion Volumes 1 and 2
DVD or download by Henry Evans - $34.95 each

FISM award-winner Henry Evans is back to take you on a guided tour to the other side of illusion - where the impossible becomes possible and wonderful, surprising and often humorous things happen. If you enjoyed his last critically-acclaimed DVD offering, Something More Than An Illusion,...

No More Robberies Trick
No More Robberies
Trick by Henry Evans - $30.00

No More Robberies is a wonderful creation from the mind of Henry Evans, perfect for walk-around and mix-and-mingle magic and based around the concept of pick pocketing. You have your spectator choose a card from a face up deck as you spread the cards. You then place a small sticker on...

Out of this Century Trick
Out of this Century
Trick by Henry Evans - $25.00

Fans of Oil & Water routines need look no further than this, Out of this Century by the ever-creative mind of Henry Evans. Red and black cards are separated instantly in just with a snap of the fingers. The effect is as follows. You have your spectator riffle shuffle a deck of cards...

Henry Evans Something More Volumes 1 - 3 DVD or download
Henry Evans Something More Volumes 1 - 3
DVD or download by Henry Evans - DVD $29.95 or download for $34.95 each

If it's been a while since you've watched a magician perform and have sat there totally clueless, you've apparently never seen Henry Evans work. And in this, his first ever video outing, Henry generously parts with the secrets that made him a Gold Medal winner at FISM 2000. First,...

3 Card Monte 2000 Trick
3 Card Monte 2000
Trick by Henry Evans - $30.00

Henry Evans is known for two things: creating some amazing magic and sounding like Super Mario.3 Card Monte 2000 is one of his more famous creations. The magician displays one "winner card" along with two others, two Eight of Hearts cards, for example. The magician asks a spectator to try and...

Extreme Intuition Trick
Extreme Intuition
Trick by Henry Evans - $950.00

Perfect for any Casino routine plot. Best quality materials. It looks like a premium wood casino sabot. Effect: The spectator shuffles and deals the cards from the sabot himself. The Magician's intuition helps him to stop the spectator each time he deals a winning...

Smart Pen Trick
Smart Pen
Trick by Henry Evans - $30.00

Are you looking for an amazing feat that happens in the hands of the spectator? One that is incredibly strong and combines two effects? Then Henry Evans has just the thing for you: Tell your audience about your late grandfather, whose spirit is always with you and mysteriously helps you with...

Searching Jokers Trick
Searching Jokers
Trick by Henry Evans - $35.00

Sandwich effects are quite common, but there is nothing as clean as this!A twist of a classic effect -- it's a "sandwich card" without cutting or changing the deck order! A spectator selects a card, which remains face down on the table. Jokers are placed into a second deck, almost at the ends of...

3D Advertising Trick
3D Advertising
Trick by Henry Evans - $35.00

Henry Evans is a FISM winner and has a knack for creating interesting gimmicks. Not only is this great to watch but also fun to play with! A Magician showcases a catalog of different colorued deck of cards. With a little shake of the catalog, a deck of cards falls from the catalog and...

Reflected Deck Trick
Reflected Deck
Trick by Henry Evans - $70.00

A fantastic way to produce two decks from one. It looks surreal and magical. Includes: 1 special box  2 regular boxes  1 magnetic special prop to switch the deck  1 DVD with explanation

Impossible Divination Trick
Impossible Divination
Trick by Henry Evans - $18.00

Henry Evans returns! The FISM Champion and expert creator of neo-classics like "Risky Bet" is back with a whopper. We LOVE this idea. Effect:A magician shows 3 different cards. A spectator thinks of one of these three, and immediately the magician knows which one is the selected card - in...

10 Exact Cuts Trick
10 Exact Cuts
Trick by Henry Evans - $45.00

A spectator shuffles a deck of cards and another spectator simply names any of the four suits. The magician retrieves the pack and then quickly cuts it into 10 piles. Amazingly, the first packet is counted and found to contain just one card! The second packet contains two cards, the third three...

Trusting in Magic Trick
Trusting in Magic
Trick by Henry Evans - $25.00

Sometimes the simplest plots are the most effective. This is a charming effect that is a real fooler! Henry Evans is one of our favorite magicians, and don't be fooled be the simple plot. It's a LOVELY effect that could open or close a close-up set. A card is selected and placed back in the...

Four For Ever Trick
Four For Ever
Trick by Henry Evans - $155.00

Effect: The performer shows four Chinese coins to a spectator. He then explains that the Chinese economy is doing very well lately. To illustrate this fact he takes one of the coins out of his hand, shows both sides, and places it in his pocket. There should be 3 coins left in his hand, but...

Just a Second Trick
Just a Second
Trick by Henry Evans - $40.00

Two cards are selected from a deck and signed (using stickers on their faces). The deck is cut in two packs, the magician fans them out and each card is lost in each fan. These two packs are given to different spectators to be shuffled. All cards are put together in vertical position in a...

Linking Rubber Band trick H. Evans Trick
Linking Rubber Band trick H. Evans
Trick by Henry Evans - $25.00

Close-up Master Henry Evans strikes again with this clever effect that happens right in the spectator's hand! Several rubber bands are dropped into hand of the spectator. The spectator is instructed to close their hand and in an instant the magician has the spectator open the hand to show that all...

Card Expert Trick
Card Expert
Trick by Henry Evans - $35.00

EffectThe magician shows his amazing skills with a deck of cards by performing cuts in the deck to find the cards he desires.

Cards Know DVD
Cards Know
DVD by Henry Evans - $35.00

A spectator selects a card which is left on the table unknown to everybody. The magician says the cards know which one is missing from the deck, and they will tell everyone. The only thing the magician must do is snap his fingers to make them "speak". He proceed to snap his fingers and spread the...

Chinese Economy Trick
Chinese Economy
Trick by Henry Evans - $260.00

The magician displays four jumbo (2 1/4") Chinese coins to the audience and offers to give an example of how well the Chinese economy system works. He clearly places one of the coins into his pocket and closes his hand around the remaining cards. When he opens his hand, he still has four coins!...

Fusion Color Changing Bag Trick
Fusion Color Changing Bag
Trick by Henry Evans - $50.00

A yellow silk is put in a bag and changes to red, this is repeated until the magician says he will explain it: He shows two silks, red and yellow; now they are put both put back in the bag and they change to blue, the same color of the bag's interior, which is now shown to be red and yellow!Comes...

Cutting Ten DVD
Cutting Ten
DVD by Henry Evans - $35.00

Effect: The Magician demonstrates that he can cut to ten every time from a deck of cards. Three different spectators are invited to also cut to ten from the remaining deck. The Magician explains that if everyone cut exactly ten cards from a standard 52 card deck, then there should only be twelve...

Dessert's Prediction Trick
Dessert's Prediction
Trick by Henry Evans - $42.00

Created by Henry EvansMagic in excellent condition!!!It works in the spectator's hands"Everything can be examined from the beginning to the end"You receive:- A plate (1 photo prediction behind it)- 10 small cards printed with different desserts- 1 small special card- Explanation on DVD!!!

Dollar and Quarter Trick
Dollar and Quarter
Trick by Henry Evans - $15.00

EffectThe magician asks an audience member to borrow a dollar and a quarter. Placing the quarter on top of the bill, the performer starts rubbing in a circular motion, as if to rub the quarter through the bill and even the table. The magician stops and removes his fingers from the bill to reveal...

NEW Chinese Miser Dream 2-side Jum Trick
NEW Chinese Miser Dream 2-side Jum
Trick by Henry Evans - $195.00

Great new style! This set can be shown on both sides! yes that's right you can show both sides of the coins as you make them appear! Get them before they disappear.Part 1: The magician shows two chinese coins (regular size) and says that in China "less is more". He puts one of the coins in his...

Sixth Sense BLUE DVD
Sixth Sense BLUE
DVD by Henry Evans - $25.00

First Effect: After a brief introduction speaking about intuition and the possibility of applying it to events of real life, a spectator is asked to shuffle a part of a deck of cards. Then, these cards are dealt in two piles, as if there were two players of a game. The spectator is invited to try...

Sixth Sense DVD
Sixth Sense
DVD by Henry Evans - $25.00

First Effect: After a brief introduction speaking about intuition and the possibility of applying it to events of real life, a spectator is asked to shuffle a part of a deck of cards. Then, these cards are dealt in two piles, as if there were two players of a game. The spectator is invited to try...

Small Card Trick Henry Evans Trick
Small Card Trick Henry Evans
Trick by Henry Evans - $30.00

This deck looks and feels like a regular deck, but it is actually an incredibly useful magic tool. These slightly more diminutive bicycle cards make it easy to perform any effect that requires short or long cards, and in better conditions!Deck Colors My Vary between Red and Blue

Suits Control Trick
Suits Control
Trick by Henry Evans - $35.00

Effect The Magician has a spectator help him shuffle the deck, and make sure that thte deck is well shuffled. Then the magician cuts the deck into four stacks, and infront of the four stacks are four cards laying on the table face down with a question mark face up. From this the magician predicts...

Supermind Trick
Trick by Henry Evans - $25.00

EffectThe magician deals a group of cards to each of seven spectators and ask them to shuffle the cards and think of any of them. Then all cards are put together reassembling the deck. The deck is shuffled and the magician takes it for the first time and starts spreading the cards for himself....

Magnetic Reel Trick
Magnetic Reel
Trick by Henry Evans - $45.00

Magnetic Reel from Henry Evans From World Champion in Cardmagic FISM 2000, Henry Evans, comes a great new reel. A clever magnetic system allows for a cleaner handling. Also, items need not be pre-attached which opens up the possibilities of impromptu effects. In addition, a rubber lock on the...

My Piece of Art DVD
My Piece of Art
DVD by Henry Evans and Marcel - $42.00

With this creative effect, you the magician will be able to take a drawing of an easel and mysteriously place the spectators card on it.  All of this will happen on a piece of paper that the spectator has already signed.

Modern Times Trick
Modern Times
Trick by Henry Evans - $35.00

The magician displays one red and one blue deck of cards, each still in their boxes. One of the decks is chosen by a spectator and with a little shake, the performer makes the box visibly disappear, leaving the loose deck of cards in his hands! The missing box is then removed from his pocket. Next,...

Music for Magic Shows DVD
Music for Magic Shows
DVD by Henry Evans - $18.00

Original music specially composed by Gustavo Baldrati, an Argentinean musician and a fan of magic, with the purpose of being used at magic shows. Every piece of music has been created with a different kind of magic in mind. Includes: Show's Openers and Closers Short pieces for certain moments...

51 Times More Difficult Trick
51 Times More Difficult
Trick by Henry Evans - $25.00

A card is selected and put back in the middle of the deck. The magician says he will make the card magically turn face up, but then he says he has a better idea-to make it 51 times more difficult. So he tosses the deck on the table and instantly all cards are magically face up except for one, the...

Matching Couples Trick
Matching Couples
Trick by Henry Evans - $40.00

A deck of cards is shown to be in no special order. The magician takes all the picture cards from it in a separate stack and starts showing them two by two. They never match, neither in value nor in color. When the magician wants, they all appear to be in matching couples (e.g. Jack of hearts and...

Impossible Card Transposition Trick
Impossible Card Transposition
Trick by Henry Evans - $35.00

Two cars are selected from a blue deck and put face down on the table with a red deck (in its card case) on top of them. The magician lifts up the red deck and drops it back on top of the two cards which magically change into red backs. Then, the red card case is opened and the deck spread on the...

Flipper Card Trick
Flipper Card
Trick by Henry Evans - $25.00

A card is put between two picture cards. Suddenly, it completely vanishes, without any strange moves or covers, leaving just the two original picture cards. Afterwards, you make the card appear in amazing places.

Tribute to Varone Trick
Tribute to Varone
Trick by Henry Evans - $30.00

A poker-sized deck is removed from its card case. In the blink of an eye, the case then magically shrinks to half its previous size! After failing to find the spectator's selected card, it's eventually found inside the miniature card case, folded into quarters! Comes with all the necessary secret...