Risky Bet

Trick by Henry Evans
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Risky Bet

35.00 usd

Trick by Henry Evans (35.00)

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We are completely impressed by this effect! It's the kind of trick that gathers a crowd at a walkaround show. And at Vanishing Inc. Magic, we look for effects that are different, doable, and commercial. This is the sort of thing you will use IMMEDIATELY. And we love the use of the floor to "set the stage." It's a close-up trick, yet it plays big.

In effect, the magician has a spectator select a card from the deck. Without letting the magician see, the spectator can look at and show the selection to the audience. Then the card is placed into the center of the deck and the spectator shuffles it. The magician then claims that with in 2 attempts, he can find the selected card. In fact, the magician is so confident that he bets $5 if the card is not found.

Placing his wager of a $5 bill under his shoe, where it is safe and visible, the magician fans the deck and takes his first attempt to find the card. The revealed card is not the spectator's selection! One more incorrect guess and the spectator wins the bet! The magician using his last and final attempt pulls from the deck...a folded $5 bill! Since the magician's wager ended up where the selected card was in the deck, then the selected card should be where the bill was. Sure enough, there is now a face down card under the magician's shoe. Picking it up and turning it over reveals the spectator's selected card and the magician wins the bet!

Includes a US bill based gimmick (you can also choose a Euro option when you add to cart) and video instructions on a Video CD (VCD). Some customers have reported that the VCD does not play on all home DVD players. However, the video on this disc can be accessed on computers with either DVD or CD ROM drives.

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Customer reviews for Risky Bet



Risky Bet is a great trick, I have had loads of good reactions and the quality is great! However I think it is overpriced for the gimmick itself, it is overpriced. I still enjoy this trick, and so do my spectators ;) I really recommend it, because even though it's fairly expensive for what it is, people will remember you for this



This trick is amazing, and gets so many good reactions. However, the gimmick is expensive for what it actually is, but other than that the trick is great. The quality isn’t too bad, and I think the gimmick will last a long time! The effect is easy to do, involves little sleight of hand, and is just amazing.


Community questions about Risky Bet

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  • Joel asks: Can I use it with Canadian money ???

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately there is not an option for Canadian currency, if you wanted to perform it with Canadian money you would need to adapt the gimmick.
  • Eduardo asks: Can I do it with a signed card?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
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