Magic by Christian Engblom

At The Table - June 2017  Live lecture
At The Table - June 2017
Live lecture by Christian Engblom and Paul Romhany - $9.95

This June, join us for a pair of amazing lectures At The Table! First up is one of the most prolific thinkers and creators in magic today! We're proud to welcome Paul Romhany for an At The Table lecture like no other! A writer of over 60 books, the editor for Vanish Magazine, and the...

Anti-Faro (download) Magic download (video)
Anti-Faro (download)
Magic download (video) by Christian Engblom - $15.00

To perfectly interweave a deck, that is shuffle the cards one-for-one, is by far one of the more challenging feats of our craft. Known as a faro, this form of perfect shuffle has many applications for the magician. However, if one were able to unmix the cards, that is separate them one-for-one,...

Pieces Trick
Trick by Christian Engblom - $30.00

Finland's Christian Englbom certainly caught everyone's attention with this Triumph routine at the Genii convention. It was created after a challenge from Juan Tamariz to create the cleanest, most natural looking Triumph effect possible and we think he solved that in spades! One moment he spreads...

Triple C Trick
Triple C
Trick by Christian Engblom - $30.00

Christian Engblom is a fantastic creator of amazing and clever magic. "Triple C" is his latest project and it is FANTASTIC. Imagine this... you have a card selected and returned back into the deck by the spectator. They then shuffle as much as the like. You then turn to their friend and ask...

Oil Over Troubled Water DVD
Oil Over Troubled Water
DVD by Christian Engblom and Kim Wist - $40.00

"This trick is as close to perfection as you can get and it will fool literally everybody." Roberto Giobbi This is a show-stopping performance piece suitable for both extreme close-up and TV appearances. The visual quality of this trick and the dramatic build make it ideal for...

Christian Engblom Live Lecture  Live lecture or download
Christian Engblom Live Lecture
Live lecture or download by Christian Engblom - DVD $9.95 or download for $7.95

One third of the world-famous Fat Brothers and a student of Juan Tamariz, Christian Engblom is nothing short of a miracle worker when it comes to card magic. You may know this virtuoso for his work on Anti-Faro, The Cooler, or Pieces, but now he's bringing that brilliance for a session with us....

Anti-Faro DVD
DVD by Christian Engblom - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

The Anti-Faro, a concept devised by Christian Engblom, accomplishes exactly what its name implies: a way of undoing a Faro shuffle. The Anti-Faro is a groundbreaking discovery and a singular leap forward into the design and construction of effects utilizing the faro. To perfectly interweave a...

Fat Brothers DVD
Fat Brothers
DVD by Dani DaOrtiz, Christian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea - $60.00 $45.60 (SAVE $14.40)

Three great (big) magicians! The Fat Brothers are Miguel Angel Gea, Christian Engblom, and Danny DaOrtiz and this DVD set shows a collection of their material. It's a lot of fun and we promise you'll be fooled ... alot! Eng-Blom Control Near Perfect circle Take Out coins ...

Cooler Accessory
Accessory by Christian Engblom - $50.00

Best. Deck Switch. Ever. "The Cooler" will change the way you do card magic. Christian Engblom's "The Cooler" is about to change the way you do card magic. The testimonials speak for themselves: David Blaine, Paul Wilson, Rene Levand, Dani DaOrtiz, and on and on and on. They use...

Refill for Triple C Trick
Refill for Triple C
Trick by Christian Engblom - $12.00

Been having fun melting spectator minds with Triple C? But now that awesome gaff is starting to show some wear? Get a REFILL for TRIPLE C!!! Don't buy a whole new deck. Now you can get a refill for a new lower price.  So get yours now and get back to doing what you do best:...

Fat Brothers 2 DVD
Fat Brothers 2
DVD by Dani DaOrtiz, Christian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea - $60.00

Our fat friends, Dani DaOrtiz, Christian Engblom and Miguel Angel Gea, are on a new adventure as they visit The Magic Castle in Hollywood, the famous Escorial convention in Spain, Magic SEI of Madrid, Las Vegas and more, where they perform and explain 12 new tricks on this new two-DVD set. ...