Magic by Katto Koga

Wonder Cutter Accessory
Wonder Cutter
Accessory by Katto Koga - 39.95

Have you ever wanted to make your own gaff cards, but it's too hard to make them quickly and reproducibly? Well, Wonder Cutter is here to solve...

Steel Replica Silver Morgan Dollar (Single Coin) Accessory
Steel Replica Silver Morgan Dollar (Single Coin)
Accessory by Katto Koga - 6.00

Includes one steel Morgan Dollar replica. Note: Instructions are not included. Ungimmicked coin for coin magic routines.

Wonder Igniter Battery Trick
Wonder Igniter Battery
Trick by Katto Koga - 2.25

Recommended 9-volt alkaline replacement battery for Wonder Igniter.

Wonder Igniter Trick
Wonder Igniter
Trick by Katto Koga - 49.99

Imagine being able ignite flash paper, flash cotton, or any other flash product at a distance by remote control... Or produce a flash of fire at your...

Palming Coin - Morgan Dollar (Replica) Gimmicked coin
Palming Coin - Morgan Dollar (Replica)
Gimmicked coin by Katto Koga - 25.00

If you perform coin magic, you will be thrilled with these Palming Morgan Dollar coins. Compared to a real Dollar coin, the Palming Morgan Dollar...

Wonder Floating Balloon Trick
Wonder Floating Balloon
Trick by Ryota and Katto Koga - 50.00

The Real-Magic that is performed in various Japanese TV programs and dinner and floor shows by Real-Magician RYOTA has finally arrived! ...

Penetration Impossible 2.0 Trick
Penetration Impossible 2.0
Trick by Katto Koga - 29.95

This is a lovely, visual moment, perfect for social media magic, on camera, or to show friends.A coin penetrates a fully transparent, closed...

Wonder Block Trick
Wonder Block
Trick by Katto Koga - 30.00

The Box with Japanese Ancestral Wisdom shows an Impossible Penetration!Guess how many people can open this amazing box? You will see how difficult it...

Wonder Box 3X Trick
Wonder Box 3X
Trick by Katto Koga - 65.00

WONDER BOX is a drawing card case that you've never seen before. Not only just the deck case's color change, but you can perform the transformation...

WonderPad Trick
Trick by Katto Koga - 49.95

This is the mat for all close-up magicians.Finally bigger Wonder Pad has arrived!Wonder Pad Large is a folding mat which fits in your bag.Wonder Pad...

Melty Link Trick
Melty Link
Trick by Katto Koga - 29.95

A penetration effect that looks similar, but is so different. You start by showing two different colored rubber bands.The rubber bands are...

Portable ATM Trick
Portable ATM
Trick by Katto Koga - 19.95

Here's the effect: you roll a bill and place it into the prop, the "Portable ATM." Inside this magical machine, the bill grows and then vanishes,...

Wonder Block 2.0 Trick
Wonder Block 2.0
Trick by Katto Koga - 39.95

Consider this a hybrid of magic trick and puzzle. It's a beautiful Japanese box that is a puzzle, but also does something wonderfully impossible....

Wonder Pass Case Trick
Wonder Pass Case
Trick by Katto Koga - 34.95

An empty case is shown on both sides and is placed down in front of the spectator. The chosen card is then signed and placed back into the deck. With...

Immortal Dharma Trick
Immortal Dharma
Trick by Katto Koga - 35.00

A unique magic effect that uses the traditional Japanese toy, "Daruma-otoshi". The magical Daruma jumps to avoid a hammer. When it's...

Magicians Buddy Trick
Magicians Buddy
Trick by Katto Koga - 49.95

Magician's Buddy (Skeleton figure) makes an outstanding performance.Charming skeleton figure finds the spectator's card in various ways and makes two...

Wonder ATR Trick
Wonder ATR
Trick by Katto Koga - 39.95

Wonder ATR changes everything, enabling you to demonstrate your psychic effects anytime, anywhere! You can perform amazing levitation effects or...

Refill for Melty Link Refill
Refill for Melty Link
Refill by Katto Koga and RYOTA & Jekyll - 11.00

This is a Refill for Melty Link. 10 rubber band gimmicks 4 regular rubber bands This is a refill only. We assume you already know the effect, and...

Perfect Nail Bend Set Trick
Perfect Nail Bend Set
Trick by Katto Koga - 60.00

Just a sample of the possible effects with Perfect Nail Bend Set... Effect 1Imagine, you show a normal metal nail. You prove it really is normal by...