Magic by Ryota

Wonder Floating Balloon Trick
Wonder Floating Balloon
Trick by Ryota and Katto Koga - $50.00 $38.00 (SAVE $12.00)

The Real-Magic that is performed in various Japanese TV programs and dinner and floor shows by Real-Magician RYOTA has finally arrived! The balloon which is blown up with a mouth begins to float in the air as falling under a spell. After it's wandering in the air for a while, it goes...

Wonder Silk in Balloon Trick
Wonder Silk in Balloon
Trick by Ryota - $60.00

If you were going to do this with real magic powers, this is what it would look like!Effect: The magician begins to blow up one clear balloon. Nothing is inside. The neck of the balloon is tied.  A handkerchief is visually pushed through the balloon, little by little until the whole...

Routines with Wonder Sealer DVD
Routines with Wonder Sealer
DVD by Ryota - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

This DVD is the collected work of Wonder Sealer. Wonder Sealer is not merely the tool which only pretends to set up the deck in mint condition. You'll understand the meaning if you watch this. All of the effects in this DVD are so visual and very practical. Please enjoy the world of Wonder...

Cube: Impossible Trick
Cube: Impossible
Trick by Ryota and Cegchi - $69.95 $53.16 (SAVE $16.79)

Real Magicians RYOTA and CEGCHI have teamed up and created new cube magic! A small mixed Rubik's Cube is shown to the spectator. Then the magician magically starts to solve it right in front of their eyes without touching it! This is Cube: Impossible! "An impossible situation and an...