Wonder Block 2.0

Trick by Katto Koga
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Wonder Block 2.0

39.95 usd

Trick by Katto Koga ($39.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
Wonder Block 2.0 - magic

Consider this a hybrid of magic trick and puzzle. It's a beautiful Japanese box that is a puzzle, but also does something wonderfully impossible. This would be a wonderful item to put on your desk or mantle. 

The Box with Japanese Ancestral Wisdom enables you to perform an Impossible Penetration!

Guess how many people can open this amazing box? You will see how difficult it is to figure out the answer if you try with your hands. Wonder Block is assembled especially for coin magic. It uses the traditional method of Japanese interlocking wooden building blocks.

Wonder Block has a hole on the top with a small space inside. Small enough that your spectator will not be able to put a quarter through the hole. Yet, a magician does it easily!

The Wonder Block is an impossible penetration!

  • Can be examined by spectators before and after performance.
  • The spectator can actually see and examine the signed coin from the top of the Block.
  • Can insert or remove a coin within a few seconds under cover (behind your back, under a table or cloth, etc.)
  • Can be presented as a puzzle.
  • Made of high quality wood and extremely impressive in presentation.
Wonder Block has become more difficult to open due to a revolutionary change in method.

Even people who own the previous version will not be able to open the new Wonder Block!

Purchase Wonder Block now and be blown away with its new method!

The Wonder Block unit comes with an online video tutorial. In the video, you will learn tricks, how to use the unit, and more!

You can easily carry Wonder Block to amaze your friends and family at anytime, anywhere!


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A curiosity. More "impossible object" than magic trick, Wonder Block is beautifully made and a bargain at the price asked. Though the description suggests that Wonder Block can be used as a "challenge" effect (I can get the coin through the opening and you can't), that really isn't the case. As an "impossible location," Wonder Block makes its appearance only after the coin has been loaded, unlike, say, the Kennedy box. The explanatory online video is entirely in Japanese and only partially subtitled, but this really isn't a problem as the workings are evident from images alone. However, the provided link to the video was full of errors, including the password necessary for access! Though this problem may have been fixed by the time you get your Wonder Block, I found that substituting a "w" for the first letter of the given password did the trick.