Magic by MS Magic

Waken Trick
Trick by Bond Lee, Lee Jah Bond, MS Magic and Hawin - 99.95

A hauntingly visual card trick in which you find a selected and signed playing cards with the power of shadow. Unlock the true power of the Haunted...

Rubik's Wall Trick
Rubik's Wall
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Happy - From $350.00

An impossible, jaw-dropping closer for your Rubik’s Cube magic routine. This is the ultimate closer! Members of your audience shuffle any, or all,...

SHINE (with remote) Trick
SHINE (with remote)
Trick by MS Magic - 55.00

Shine Get ready to light up a room with Shine! The effect is straightforward yet elegant. The performer is able to cause the bulb to light up without...

Red Pill Blue Pill Trick
Red Pill Blue Pill
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - 35.00

Red pill or blue pill, what is your choice? An original and unique piece of magic. The magician displays a bottle of pills, and has a spectator hold...

Ash Trick
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - 34.95

A scorching revelation that appears in the ashes of a paper as it burns. "Ash" by MS Magic is an exciting way to reveal anything from a...

Rainbow Pro Trick
Rainbow Pro
Trick by MS Magic and Mirko Callaci - 129.00

Looking to perform with bubbles and smoke? The answer is here! Produced by FISM Winner Mirko Callaci, a professional who has worked with bubbles for...

Treasure Accessory
Accessory by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Pen - From $34.95

Produce up to 10 coins at your fingertips like real magic with this incredible tool. Brought to you by Pen, Bond Lee & MS Magic,...

Y-Wand Trick
Trick by Mr. Y and MS Magic - 39.95

An exciting color-changing wand effect and more from magic champion, Mr. Y. The "Y-Wand" is a special magic wand with a variety of...

Appearing Cubes Trick
Appearing Cubes
Trick by Bond Lee and MS Magic - 69.95

A perfect stage magic effect for beginner magicians and professional magicians alike. Use the "Appearing Cubes" to accomplish a variety of...

Rocket Card Fountain Trick
Rocket Card Fountain
Trick by MS Magic and Xian Yafei - 299.95

The “Rocket Card Fountain” is the ultimate handheld card fountain. This super practical and compact card fountain device was designed to be easily...

Super Wand Trick
Super Wand
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and HZ Wang - 110.00

Tranpositions, shapeshifting, levitating. All these miracles are packed into one magic wand with "Super Wand" by HZ Wang. "Super...

Prophet's Deck Trick
Prophet's Deck
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Pen - 99.95

A packs, small plays huge, multi-part prediction system that is super easy to use. Brought to you by MS Magic, "Prophet's Deck" by Pen and...

Silk Flag Production Set Trick
Silk Flag Production Set
Trick by Yan Yan Ma and MS Magic - 150.00

Produced by FISM winner Yan Yan Ma, the complete Silk Flag Production Set is now available! One of the best silk flags that you can find. Hold...

Aero Trick
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and ZF Magic - 74.95

The world's lightest dancing cane. "Aero" by Bond Lee and ZF Magic is a beautiful, perfectly balanced dancing cane that is a true joy to...

Anything (Bond Lee) Trick
Anything (Bond Lee)
Trick by Bond Lee, MS Magic and Iarvel Magic - 249.95

Harness the power to alter reality with "Anything" by Bond Lee, Alen L., and MS Magic. "Anything" allows you to perform stunning...

Tomato at the Edge Playing Cards Deck of cards
Tomato at the Edge Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Lee Jah Bond and MS Magic - 11.50

Renowned graffiti artist VCONE has partnered with Tomato Studio to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the creative agency. Produced by MS Magic,...