Rocket Card Fountain

Trick by MS Magic and Xian Yafei
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Rocket Card Fountain

299.95 usd

Trick by MS Magic and Xian Yafei (299.95)

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Rocket Card Fountain - magic
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The “Rocket Card Fountain” is the ultimate handheld card fountain.

This super practical and compact card fountain device was designed to be easily palmed or placed anywhere. Don’t let its small size fool you. A high-power motor and 12v battery allow you to send an explosion of playing cards up to 3 meters in the air at a moment’s notice.

“Rocket Card Fountain” is perfect for any stage magic or parlor magic performance, and can also be easily integrated into certain close-up magic scenarios as well. This joint project between FISM Asia Champion and Card Manipulation Master Xian Yafei and MS Magic has been carefully designed to ensure it is a practical and reliable tool for any performance situation.

This amazing handheld card fountain immediately enhances any performance and can be used as part of:

  • Playing card manipulation acts
  • Card stab routines
  • A killer opener for your card magic set
  • A safe alternative to pyro effects or other special effects
  • And so much more…

2 Control Methods

To ensure this is the most practical card fountain on the market, the MS Magic team has incorporated two distinct control methods into the “Rocket Card Fountation”.

Direct Control
A button on the side of the device allows you to easily activate the “Rocket” with just a push of your thumb. Both a right-hand and left-hand version are available to make it even more comfortable to hold and easier to activate.

Remote Control
The “Rocket Card Fountain” can also be controlled from up to 30 meters away with the included remote control. Easily hide the control in a convenient location on stage or give it to an accomplice to help activate it as needed.

Ultimate Versatility

The new compact design makes the “Rocket Card Fountatin” quite possibly one of the most versatile card shooting devices on the market. While it’s designed to be held in your bare hands, you’ll also learn a variety of other ways it can be mounted for different situations, including in or on a:

  • Card box
  • Card fan
  • Glove
  • Top hat
  • Table

Each “Rocket Card Fountain” set comes with:

  • "Rocket Card Fountain" device
  • Charger (100-240v)
  • Remote
  • Backup wheel

IMPORTANT WARRANTY INFORMATION: There is a 1-year warranty (shipping not included) on all “Rocket Handheld Card Fountains.” This warranty is managed by MS Magic and cannot be authorized by Vanishing Inc. Any questions about the warranty or warranty claims must be sent directly to MS Magic.

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Customer reviews for Rocket Card Fountain



Have had two units now. The first the remote did not work and the second the device did not charge. Two from two faulty devices is disgraceful. Also I found the fountain did not shoot the cards particularly high or in a straight vertical manner. I used to have a cheap card fountain that lasted me for years which was far more robust and extremely good at shooting the cards. MS magic obviously need to up their game significantly and I can not believe such an item cost the amount it does.
I now hope VanishingInc will be a bit quicker with dealing with this item than they were last time (and without the need of me having to send in a video of prove it doesn’t work…customer service?)
All in all a complete waste of money.
I forgot I also had to buy an adapter plug as it comes with an American one.


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  • Ian asks: Dimensions?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is around 9 x 9.5 inches
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