Magic Tricks At Penguin Magic Shop

Our friends over at Penguin Magic continue to release some of the coolest magic tricks. We love so many of them, we’re selling them right here. This page contains four of our favourite magic tricks from Penguin Magic, but just click here to see every magic trick by Penguin Magic that we carry.

Pocket Nightmare

Pocket Nightmare by Max Maven

For decades, the amazing mentalist Max Maven has been reading minds and influencing the thoughts of the world. Now you can do the same! You explain that you’re going to do a trick one-handed and place one hand in your pocket. A playing card is peeked by your spectator and you devince the card they are thinking of. But there’s more. Handing them the deck, you invite them to spread through to find their card is missing. You explain you said the trick would be done one-handed - you just didn’t specify which hand. You remove the hand from your pocket showing it is holding the card they were thinking of. Pure Max, pure reputation making mental magic at it’s finest.

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The Raven Starter Kit

Raven Starter Kit If you overlooked this when it was released, or are lucky enough to be too young to be around when it was, this is very much worthy of your consideration. It’s a very versatile gimmick that will allow you to change and vanish small objects. You can even use it with your sleeves rolled up. It really does look like the sort of camera shenanigans you see on social media, but this can be done live! It will take a little practise to get down, but when you do, you’ll have an incredible secret weapon at your disposal. It’s out of stock until the end of November, but put your email address in at the top of the page and we’ll send you an email as soon as we get them back in!

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Charge Card

Charge Card Magic Trick Originally sold by Michael Weber at magic conventions, “Charge Card” is a modern miracle. Noticing your phone is low on battery, you remove a credit card-size “Charge Card” from your wallet and fill your phone up in seconds. Impossible? Yes, but a video of this went viral and has had millions of views with people convinced such technology exists. The fact it is almost plausible makes the oddity of it even more magical. It’s your turn to be Michael Carbonaro.

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NFW One of the best card tricks you can do! Four jokers are shown face up. You count the cards, one Joker has turned face down, then all of the Jokers turn face down, and then you turn the cards over to show the four Aces. And then you understand how this packet trick got its name. This requires no sleight-of-hand and is suitable for anyone. Yup, this is a great magic trick for a beginner to learn. After a beginner has mastered it, send them over to this link to learn other magic tricks with cards!

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