Magic by Joel Dickinson

instaCAAN Trick
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 30.00

"Incredible thinking and a genius solution to the CAAN!" Michael Murray InstaCAAN takes the "Card at Any Number" plot to...

Picture Consequences Trick
Picture Consequences
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 39.95

When a game becomes a miracle. "Picture Consequences" is a fun, vibrant and engaging routine for all ages that will leave everyone baffled....

Head Tricks Book
Head Tricks
Book by Joel Dickinson - 60.00

Head Tricks is an incredible book from Joel Dickinson filled with a variety of hard-hitting effects that are super simple to perform, yet astound...

Flip Out Trick
Flip Out
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 29.95

Read someone's mind, predict their actions, and leave them in awe with "Flip Out", the innovative packet trick that's taking the magic...

Sole Snatcher Trick
Sole Snatcher
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 39.95

Transform your shoe into a walking mystery box. "Sole Snatcher" is a signed card to shoe that gives new meaning to the "takes up no...

Mind's Eye Book
Mind's Eye
Book by Joel Dickinson - 29.95

After multiple sold out limited print runs, Mind's Eye by Joel Dickinson is finally available worldwide. Three strong, practical, professional...

Warp Zag Trick
Warp Zag
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 34.95

An innovative new multi-phase Carp Warp style routine from the creative mind of Joel Dickinson. First, the face of a signed card reverse from front...

Force Anything Board (FAB Board) Trick
Force Anything Board (FAB Board)
Trick by Joel Dickinson and Andrew Dean - From $85.00

The F.A.B. Board is a powerful utility device that allows you to force anything from a list of written words. It is completely inconspicuous....

Tricking the Brain Book
Tricking the Brain
Book by Joel Dickinson - 65.00

A masterful collection of close-up and stage mentalism that has been featured in professional performers acts and has been performed on television. ...

Mythic Trick
Trick by Joel Dickinson and Real Workers - 49.95

"Mythic" is an unbelievable index that offers you access to an remarkable 24 outs at a moment's notice. This powerful utility is a...

The Vault - The Trix Magic download (video)
The Vault - The Trix
Magic download (video) by Joel Dickinson - 12.00

Joel has been perfecting these mind-blowing tricks over many professional performances. The effects are well thought out and are pure eye...

Wallet Hacker Trick
Wallet Hacker
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 40.00

Instantly transform any standard wallet into a Card to Wallet with Wallet Hacker! This ingenious gimmick allows you to take your own wallet or EVEN...

Volition Blue Chip 2.0 Trick
Volition Blue Chip 2.0
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 39.95

Make your audience rethink their free will with this amazing, powerful five-minute routine that fits in your pocket. "Volition 2.0" by...

Nostradamus Trick
Trick by Joel Dickinson - 59.95

A pocket-sized prediction system you'll love. "Nostradamus is both clever and practical, and has a delicious premise"David Regal This is...