Sole Snatcher

Trick by Joel Dickinson
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Sole Snatcher

39.95 usd

Trick by Joel Dickinson (39.95)

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Sole Snatcher - magic
Sole Snatcher Sole Snatcher

Transform your shoe into a walking mystery box. "Sole Snatcher" is a signed card to shoe that gives new meaning to the "takes up no pocket space" hype.

This amazing tool allows you to make signed playing cards, bills, business cards or other paper items appear in your shoe. You can even perform crazy changes like having a signed bill disappear, reappear as monopoly money in your shoe, and then visually change back into the signed bill. This makes "Sole Snatcher" great for predictions and billets too.

Close up magic, strolling magic, street magic, parlor magic, stand up magic. There is almost no situation in which "Sole Snatcher" can't be used.

Each set comes with the "Sole Snatcher" gimmick. You can easily add in your own playing cards or whatever paper object you'd like. The tutorial video also discusses various handlings and other performance ideas, this includes FISM Close Up Magic Champion Joe Givan's variation of Card to Shoe.

"I really love the signed card to impossible location plot and what Joel has done with his new release is outstanding. It's going in my repertoire! It's perfect for close up, parlor or even stage. Check it and enjoy it!" Adrian Vega

"I can't imagine how a signed card to shoe could possibly look any better than this! It's incredibly clean, hard hitting and very fooling." David Jonathan


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Community questions about Sole Snatcher

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  • Justin asks: How does the method of the “gimmick” compare to the “Shoe’t” gimmick released many years ago? I understand the mercury folded card, billet, business, card, et al is different than the “flat card to shoe” but similar concept and workings?

    • 1. Jim answers: Since I don't know Shoe’t, I can't compare them. I can say that Sole Snatcher is a solid method, and that it is practical.
    • 2. Joel answers: I can help. It handles completely differently. Sole Snatcher is under your control . The moment you want the card to drop down from the top of your shoe you just tip it down. You can shake the folded card around as it sits in the shoe on display and then, whenever you want to switch the card, just remove it. I hope that helps.
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  • Rick asks: How quick is the reset? And as I would probably want to put my shoe back on immediately after the performance, before moving on to my next effect, can the reset be done openly & easily in front of the spectators (or will I need to go reset in private)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The reset takes 5 seconds and you can do it as you put your shoe back on your foot.
  • George asks: Is it an easy transfer it from shoe to a different pair?

    • 1. Jim answers: It isn't too difficult, but it will take some DIY work.
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