Transparent Matrix

Trick by TCC Presents and Chen Hui
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Transparent Matrix

34.95 usd

Trick by TCC Presents and Chen Hui (34.95)

In stock - very few available.
Transparent Matrix - magic
Transparent Matrix Transparent Matrix Transparent Matrix Transparent Matrix Transparent Matrix Transparent Matrix

TCC and Chen Hui present a bold and innovative new approach to the coin matrix plot.

Offering a multitude of amazing transformations and teleportations, coin matrix effects are wildly popular among magicians. While many variations have been created in the past, Richard Mo really changed the game in 2003 when he replaced playing cards with transparent cards. This simple, yet powerful, change created an exponentially more visual and magical experience for the audience.

With "Transparent Matrix", Chen Hui introduces the next evolution in the clear-card matrix. You can now have the coins examined before and after the routine, and even perform it in close-up settings while surrounded. Even better, it's surprisingly easy to perform and works in various lighting conditions.

Chen Hui has meticulously refined every aspect of this routine over countless performances. It's not just a sequence of tricks, but rather a complete routine that takes your audience on a visual journey.

The gimmicked half dollar coin used in this effect is crafted with the same expert craftsmanship and quality control as TCC's Artisan Coin series. This allows you to secretly introduce it into the routine with complete confidence. It's essentially impossible for the audience to discern any difference between it and the regular coins.

  • A stunningly visual new take on a classic coin magic trick
  • No difficult sleight of hand required
  • Works even in close-up situations where you're surrounded
  • Coins can be examined before and after
  • Expertly-crafted gimmicked coin is snuck in and out without suspicion

You'll receive the gimmicked coin, five premium transparent cards, an elegant wallet to store everything, and full video instructions.

NOTE: Four additional regular half dollars are required and do not come with your set. As the gimmicked half dollar was created from a 2022 half dollar, it's suggested that you use half dollars minted after 2019.


Customer reviews for Transparent Matrix



I was pretty sure how this works, and I was right but also wrong in other ways. Bravo simply bravo gents! This is a great new view on old classic in magic, I see me adding this with out a doubt to my coin magic routine. The video instructions are easy to follow and easy to understand, the video was shot I believe in hi rez cause my old eyes could see it very well with out my glasses! Even if your not a coin kinda person I would still suggest you get this and add it to your collection. Very clever indeed, indeed!

Magic Jim,
Gospel Magician Las Vegas


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  • Ben asks: Nothing mentioned in video or copy, but will this require a black mat (or similar)?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We can’t discuss method here, please contact us at and we can explain this to you
  • James asks: Looks amazing will I need to buy anything special extra for it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You would need to add your own coins
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