Where to Find Magic Tricks for Sale

When you watch The Carbonaro Effect on TruTV or Magic for Humans on Netflix, you probably recognize that Michael Carbonaro and Justin Willman (supposedly) weren’t born performing magic tricks. So, how did they learn magic tricks?

Unfortunately, the answer is not as mysterious as you’d hope. For the most part, learning magic requires you to be a self-starter. Besides our friends at The College of Magic in South Africa and Jeff McBride’s Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, there really isn’t any school, college or secret society where magicians can learn how to become magicians.

professional magician Daniel Garcia performs a funny comedy magic trick on stage at a magic convention

Most magicians, even famous professional magicians like David Blaine, Dynamo or David Copperfield, start their magic journey in section 793.8 of their local library. Here, you can often find many of the best magic books for beginners filled with a variety of card tricks, coin tricks, rope magic tricks, mentalism tricks and so much more.

The incredible magic secrets revealed in these books offer you everything you need to start impressing friends and family with nothing more than an ordinary deck of Bicycle playing cards and a few other common items. Once you get bit by the magic bug though, and see how amazing it is to astound an audience with a cool magic trick, you’ll want to start shopping at a magic shop.

Why We Sell Magic Tricks

Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay cofounders and owners of vanishing inc online magic shop Vanishing Inc. is one of the largest online magic shops in the world. Today, we serve 1,000s of magicians all around the globe. But, it wasn’t always that way. A little over a decade ago, Vanishing Inc. was simply a small passion project between two best friends that wanted to change how magic tricks were learned.

For magicians, the closest thing to a real-life Harry Potter and Hogwarts is a brick & mortar magic shop. Yet, the sad reality is that, outside of major cities like New York or Chicago, physical magic shops are borderline extinct.

The amazing magic shops that still exist, like Tannen’s Magic Shop in New York City, Magic Inc. in Chicago, Abbot’s Magic in Michigan and Misdirections Magic Shop in San Francisco, are places that every magician must visit when in town. However, not all magic shops are the same.

A good magic shop offers a wide array of quality magic tricks, magic books and other props. More than that though, they build a sense of community among local magicians. Many professional magicians will often share stories of the endless hours they spent at their local magic shop just soaking in the invaluable advice shared by their peers and mentors.

The problem now though is that most magic shops are run by people who are focused more on the business side of magic than the artistic side. While this mindset might make sense to most normal business owners, it simply does not work in the one-of-a-kind world of magic.

This greedy mindset often leads some physical magic shop owners to always push the latest magic tricks regardless of their quality. Promoting cheap material not only devalues the art, but has discouraged many magicians from continuing to learn magic. The fact that many magicians feel like they can’t trust a magic shop to have their best interests in mind anymore has likely played a major role in the downfall of brick and mortar magic shops.

Fed up with the way the magic industry was trending, Professional Magicians Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay, who first met as children on Lance Burton’s Young Magician’s Showcase, decided to start Vanishing Inc. Magic. This online magic shop had one simple goal: help magicians become the best version of themselves.

Why Vanishing Inc. is the Best Place to Buy Magic Tricks

Before developing Vanishing Inc., Andi and Josh wrote down everything they thought a good online magic shop should have. This simple exercise helped Vanishing Inc. become the best place to find magic tricks for sale and the most trusted magic shop by everyone from beginner magicians to professional magicians.

magician michel huot shows off his best-selling close-up magic trick socks at the MAGIC live magic convention in Las Vegas

Massive Selection of Products
As they aren’t limited by the four walls of a physical building, a good online magic shop should have a wide variety of products for all different types of magician. Vanishing Inc. offers 1,000s of high-quality products from magic books, magic tricks and magic downloads to playing cards, invisible thread, flash paper or anything else a magician might need. Whether you’re a street magician, close-up magician, stage magician, children’s magician, mentalist, or anything in-between, we’ve got you covered.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Dozens of new magic tricks are released everyday and most other magic shops just add them to their inventory without much care. At Vanishing Inc, we do the complete opposite, carefully reviewing and curating every magic trick we stock.

While offering every single one of the newest magic tricks gives the illusion of more choice, at the end of the day, it’s actually a disservice to customers. Instead, we want you to shop with confidence knowing that Vanishing Inc. only stocks the best magic tricks from the best magicians in the world.

This is why we’re also the only magic dealer with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. While other online magic shops have tons of restrictions and stipulations about their returns, Vanishing Inc.’s return policy is simple. If you’re not totally satisfied with your purchase, contact our Support Wizard customer service team. They will quickly review the situation and give you either a store credit or even a full refund.

Fast and Reliable Global Shipping
Shipping can make or break an online store. That’s why we’ve worked hard to offer the fastest shipping in the magic industry, as well as the lowest minimum thresholds for free shipping (if you’re a member of VI+, there’s actually no threshold at all). With fast, reliable, and trackable shipping, you can get the magic you need, when you need it.

The Lowest Prices
Vanishing Inc. carefully monitors the entire magic industry to ensure we always have the lowest prices available. If you do happen to find a product selling for a lower price somewhere else, contact us right away to take advantage of our price match policy.

Expert Customer Service Available 24/7
One of the coolest things about Vanishing Inc. is that every member of our team is a magician. Whether you’ve looking for magic trick recommendations, tips for fixing a broken gimmick, help understanding instructions, or just want to chat about magic, there is a Support Wizard available to help you 24 hours a day.

We Love Magic
Our unwavering passion and love for the art of magic is built into everything we do. We’ve worked nonstop to build an online version of the sense of community that was so beloved at physical magic shops. This has ultimately played a huge role in our continued success.

Get Started In Magic for Free

Beyond being a great hobby for children and adults, magic offers a variety of social and mental health benefits, and can even be a fun career option. But, everyone needs to start somewhere.

So, before you check out our magic tricks for sale, here are some magic tricks for beginners that you can learn for free. Get ready to discover everything from card magic basics and how to do magic with cards to fun magic tricks to try on your friend, sleight of hand moves and much more.

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